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1994年の6月、the Medical University of Berlin, Germany, and Vienna, Austriaが、セスキテルペンが血液脳関門を超えることができると発表した。

An investigation of the ability of elemene to pass through the blood-brain barrier and its effect on brain carcinomas.


blood-brain barrier 血液脳関門
elemene エレメン・セスキテルペン


J Pharm Pharmacol. 2009 Dec;61(12):1653-6. doi: 10.1211/jpp/61.12.0010.

carcinomas 癌腫
Wu XS1, Xie T, Lin J, Fan HZ, Huang-Fu HJ, Ni LF, Yan HF.
Author information
Center for Biomedicine and Health, Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, China.

biomedicine 生物医学
Hangzhou Normal University 杭州師範大学




Elemene is a chemical extracted from plants. It has demonstrated anti-tumour capability. Although widely studied, there has been little reported regarding its tissue distribution. Our aim was to rectify this.



The tissue distribution of elemene was studied after intragastric or intravenous administration in rats. The effectiveness of elemene in treating brain tumours was studied using the G-422 tumour cell model in mice.

エレメンの組織分布は、ラットにおける胃内投与または静脈内投与後に研究された。脳腫瘍治療におけるエレメンの効果は、マウスのG-422 腫よう細胞モデルを用いて研究された。

intragastric administration胃内投与
intravenous administration静脈内投与
G-422 tumour cell mode:G-422 腫よう細胞モデル



Elemene had a higher concentration in the lungs, spleen and livers than other tissues of normal rats after intragastric and intravenous administration, while the concentration in the gastrointestinal tract was greater after intragastric administration. Elemene molecules were also detected in the rats' brain tissue. Elemene had a therapeutic effect on mice inoculated with G-422 cells both intracranially and subcutaneously. The best life-extending rate and the best tumour-inhibiting rate of elemene were 64.43% and 34.46%, respectively, when 80 mg/kg elemene was used for treatment.

エレメンは、胃内投与または静脈内投与後、正常ラットの他の組織よりも肺、脾臓および肝臓に高濃度を有していて、一方、消化管の濃度は胃内投与後に高かった。エレメン分子は、ラットの脳組織でも検出された。エレメンは、頭蓋内および皮下の両方でG-422 腫よう細胞を接種されたマウスに治療効果有していた。治療のために80 mg/kgのエレメンが使用されたときに、エレメンの最高の延命率および腫瘍抑制率は、それぞれ64.43%と34.46%でした。

gastrointestinal tract 消化管
intracranial 頭蓋内
subcutaneously 皮下に
life-extending rate 延命率
tumour-inhibitin 腫瘍抑制



The results from the tissue distribution study showed that elemene can pass through the blood-brain barrier. The therapeutic experiments showed that elemene is effective in treating cerebral malignancy.


cerebral malignancy 悪性脳腫瘍




血液脳関門(けつえきのうかんもん、英語: blood-brain barrier, BBB)とは、血液と脳(そして脊髄を含む中枢神経系)の組織液との間の物質交換を制限する機構である。これは実質的に「血液と脳脊髄液との間の物質交換を制限する機構」=血液脳髄液関門 (blood-CSF barrier, BCSFB) でもあることになる。ただし、血液脳関門は脳室周囲器官(松果体、脳下垂体、最後野など)には存在しない[1]。これは、これらの組織が分泌するホルモンなどの物質を全身に運ぶ必要があるためである。







August 29, 2019


Third Eye In Ancient Egypt



Richard Cassaro, a specialist on esoteric symbolism, is currently active as an author and speaker. He has worked as a U.S. correspondent for major Italian media outlets and as a magazine editor in New York City. Cassaro holds degrees from Pace University, where he studied Journalism and Philosophy.

秘教的象徴主義のスペシャリストであるリチャード・カッサーロは、現在作家兼講演者として活躍しています。 彼は、イタリア主要メディアの米国支局の特派員として、またニューヨークの雑誌編集者として働いてきました。 カッサーロは、ニューヨーク市にある私立ペース大学でジャーナリズムと哲学を学んだ学位を取得しています。

esoteric 秘教的
symbolism 象徴的意義
media outlets メディアの支局

The spiritual act of “Awakening The Third Eye”—still taught in Eastern traditions like Hinduism—was the central doctrine of the ancient Egyptian religion for thousands of years. I have been presenting and explaining Third Eye symbolism in Egypt online for many years; you can learn more about my perspective in my 2011 book, Written In Stone. This article is an abridged version of a chapter from Written In Stone.

ヒンズー教のような東洋の伝統においてまだ教えられている「第三の目の覚醒」というスピリチャル的行為は、何千年もの間古代エジプトの宗教の中心的な教義でした。 私は何年もの間エジプトで第三の目の象徴性をオンラインで提示して説明してきました。 あなたは私の2011年の本、Written In Stoneで私の見方についてもっと学ぶことができます。 この記事は、”石に書かれた”の章の要約版です。

spiritual act スピリチャル的行為

Third Eye In Ancient Egypt

We’ve been told that the Egyptian culture was a culture of fear and death—the Mummy’s Curse, the forced enslavement of the Hebrews, serpents, plagues, and the egotistical Pharaoh. But my lifelong study of Egypt has convinced me that there is a much sunnier side to Egyptian culture. The Egyptians were a people of life, not death. Most Egyptologists aren’t aware of it, but there’s a crucial “missing piece” that they’re not recognizing when it comes to the ancient Egyptian religion, and it played a central role in the artwork, culture and history of ancient Egypt for thousands of years.

エジプトの文化は恐怖と死の文化であると言われました - ミイラの呪い、ヘブライ人の強制奴隷化、蛇、ペスト、そしてエゴスティックなファラオ。 しかし、私の生涯にわたるエジプトの研究は、エジプト文化にはもっと明るい側面があることを私に確信させました。 エジプト人は死ではなく生の人々でした。 ほとんどのエジプト学者はそれに気付いていませんが、古代エジプトの宗教に関しては認識していないという重要な「欠けている部分」があり、それは何千年もの古代エジプトの芸術作品、文化そして歴史において中心的役割を果たしました 。

Mummy’s Curse ミイラの呪い
enslavement 奴隷化
serpents へび
plagues ペスト

This missing piece is visible and present in the world’s oldest living religious tradition, the Hinduism of India, which was contemporary with ancient Egypt. It’s called the Third Eye, which has been a main subject of my work for more than fifteen years.

この欠落した部分は、古代エジプトと同時代の世界最古の生きている宗教的伝統、インドのヒンズー教に現れていて存在しています。 それは第三の目と呼ばれ、15年以上にわたって私の仕事の主要な課題でした。

Third Eye In Ancient Egypt

Egypt’s solar Aten symbol, centered between two eyes, forms the Third Eye. This is identical to Hinduism’s Third Eye “forehead dot.”

2つの目の間にあるエジプト太陽神アテンのシンボルは、第三の目を形成します。 これはヒンズー教の第三の目「額の丸い印」と同じです。

Aten アテン

forehead dot 額の丸い印


The overwhelming majority of Egyptologists seem to not be familiar with the details of the age-old Hindu tradition surrounding the Third Eye. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that they seem largely unaware of the Third Eye’s central importance in the Egyptian religion.


Egyptologists エジプト学者
age-old 大昔からの,古来の

The Third Eye is a key concept in Hinduism’s Kundalini Yoga, which teaches initiates to “balance” or “unify” our lunar ida left-bodily side with our solar pingala right-bodily side.


Kundalini Yogaクンダリーニヨガ

This “balance” or “unity” of our twin opposing natures makes us whole again—just as the balance or unity of China’s twin opposing Yin and Yang halves completes the perfect circle.




Kundalini ascending through the seven chakras, by “balancing” the “pairs of opposites,” symbolized by the sun and moon in equilibrium.



While many ancient cultures were still in their infancy, the Egyptians had already been creating mysterious images of a single Eye—the Third Eye—for centuries, if not millennia.

古代文化の多くはまだ初期の段階にありましたが、エジプト人は千年でないとしても何世紀にもわたってすでに単一の眼 - 第三の眼 - の不可解なイメージを創造していました。

As we see here, the Eye symbol was carved into friezes, engraved on reliefs, sculpted into statues, and etched on papyri:



Egypt’s udjat Eye is identical to Hinduism´s Third Eye and Kundalini Yoga’s ajna chakra, which is still taught in India today.


udjat Eye ウアジェトの目
Ajna chakra アジュナ・チャクラ

The single Eye icon, known to the Egyptians as the udjat, represents one of the greatest mysteries of Egyptology. For years, its meaning perplexed me.

ウアジェトとしてエジプト人に知られている単一の目の像は、エジプト学の最も大きな謎の一つを表しています。 何年もの間、その意味は私を困惑させました。と何年もの間、その意味は私を困惑させました。

Icon 像


クンダリニー(Kundalini, कुण्डलिनी, kuṇḍalinī)とは、ヒンドゥーの伝統において、人体内に存在するとされる根源的な生命エネルギーを意味する言葉[1]。宇宙に遍満する根源的エネルギーとされるプラーナの、人体内における名称であり、シャクティとも呼ばれる[1]。クンダリーニ、クンダリニと表記されることもある。本項の解説は、クンダリニー・ヨーガの立場による。




June 25, 2019





以前ブログで喘息対策(食事・アロマセラピー・代替療法)を書いた時に参照した本にThe Complete Guide to Aromatherapyがあります。お客様に関節炎に関する情報を提供すべく翻訳その一部です。この記事は筋肉・骨格系の章に出ていて他の病気も書いてあります。項目内容は、関節炎、リウマチ関節炎(臨床像、病因論)、一般的に考慮すること、アロマセラピー・トリートメント、他の治療。








ジョンハリソン(2):Harrison,J.., Love Your Disease: It's Keeping You Healthy. Angus and Robertson. Ausutralia







Henry Osiecki(3)によると, 下記の生理的状態が観察された。






Henry Osiecki(3):The Phyician’s Handbook of Clinical Nutrition.












アロマセラピー トリートメント



ナツメグ  10滴
スパイクラベンダー 15滴
カユプテ 20滴
ジュニパーベリー 15滴



リウマチ関節炎の管理で、数多くの違った療法が様々な効果があるので使用されている。様々な人は様々な治療に反応する。温かくてむくみのある関節炎の若い患者では、最も効果的な治療はelimination diet (除去食療法)である。


(4):Placebo-controlled,blind study of dietary manipulation therapy in rheumatoid arthritis



Leung(5): Encyclopedia of common natural ingredients used in food,drugs, and cosmetics.







June 23, 2019









Laurance Johnston, Ph.D.

What is a little-known, pea-sized gland revered by metaphysicians for millennia and nicknamed the third eye or the seat of the soul? It is the pineal gland, located in the middle of the head, occupying a masterful position in regulating human function.


metaphysician 形而上学者

This two-part article discusses this all-important gland and how pineal dysfunction is associated with both cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) and multiple sclerosis (MS). Part 1 will first discuss the pineal gland from scientific and mythological perspectives, and then from an outlook that bridges these seemingly irreconcilable viewpoints.


cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) 頚髄損傷症(SCI)
multiple sclerosis (MS) 多発性硬化症(MS)

Pineal Gland & Melatonin


Named because it resembles a pinecone, the pineal gland is the size of a little finger nail. In spite of its mid-brain location, the gland is not part of the brain and resides outside of the blood-brain barrier. Some believe it develops from fetal tissue associated with the mouth.


pinecone 松ぼっくり
blood brain barrier 血液脳関門
fetal tissue 胎児組織

Until relatively recently, the pineal gland was considered a vestigial organ lacking function, i.e., the brain’s appendix. Then scientists showed it produced melatonin, a hormone that profoundly affects us. The pineal gland converts the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin (a neurotransmitter) and, in turn, melatonin. The melatonin then is released into the bloodstream and cerebrospinal fluid where it is transported throughout the body.


vestigial organ 痕跡器官
cerebrospinal fluid 脳脊髄液

The release is closely correlated to our sleep-wake cycle. Readily available as a sleep-aid for insomniacs, melatonin production is inhibited by light and stimulated by darkness. It peaks in the middle of the night, and more is produced in winter’s darkness. Through complicated neuroanatomical wiring, photosensitive retinal cells detect light and send signals to structures that regulate our 24-hour circadian rhythms. These signals exit the head to the cervical spinal cord (hence, SCI’s potential impact), where are they are routed back to the pineal gland.


sleep-wake cycle 睡眠・覚醒サイクル
neuroanatomical 神経解剖学的
photosensitive 感光性の
retinal cells 網膜細胞
circàdian rhýthm:概日リズム(生物体に本来備わっている,おおむね1日を周期とする )
cervical spinal cord 頚髄

The gland is also sensitive to electromagnetic energy. For example, melatonin production changes in response to the earth’s magnetic field and is closely correlated to geomagnetic latitude (an issue with MS). Researchers have actually found magnetite clusters near the pineal gland. Like homing pigeons, humans have residual ability to orient to geomagnetic directional cues, an ability lost with pineal dysfunction.


electromagnetic energy 電磁エネルギー
earth’s magnetic field 地球磁場
geomagnetic latitude 地磁気緯度
magnetite マグネタイト(磁鉄鉱)
homing pigeon 伝書鳩
residual ability 残存能力.
directional cues 方向の手がかり

In addition to influencing sleep cycles, melatonin exerts numerous other important physiological influences, such as regulating sexual and reproductive function and development.


Pineal functioning tends to diminish over time. In adults, melatonin-compromising calcification of the pineal gland is not uncommon, a process in which gritty deposits called brain sand accumulate.


Calcification 石灰化
deposits 沈着物
brain sand 脳砂

Scientists believe that some of this calcification is due to drinking-water fluoridation. Because the gland accumulates fluoride, it contains the body’s highest fluoride concentration. Research shows that this accumulation depresses melatonin synthesis with adverse consequences such as accelerating puberty onset.


fluoridation フッ素添加
fluoride フッ化物
puberty onset 思春期の始まり

This issue may have ramifications for individuals sustaining a SCI. Specifically, animal studies suggest that melatonin is neuroprotective, and reduced pineal production may make one more vulnerable to injury and, in turn, paralysis. Although I’m reluctant to question sacred-cow public-health policies, it is staggering to think that readers might be more paralyzed due to our efforts to fight cavities.




The energy-sensitive pineal gland has a rich metaphysical history. Throughout the ages, it has been assigned a spiritual role that transcends its hormonal function. In Hindu traditions, it’s associated with the extrasensory third eye of which perception of the world is not limited to the physical senses. For example, the God Shiva is portrayed with a third eye in the forehead. The pineal gland is linked with the crown chakra called the Thousand Petaled Lotus, which transforms and downloads energy from the ethers into our consciousness.


At some level, these insights resonate with biological observations noting a light-sensitive, pineal-linked third eye in some animals, such as certain lizards and fish. However, for species further up the evolutionary ladder, the pineal gland has receded deep into the brain.


French philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650) emphasized the pineal gland in his writings, calling it the seat of the soul and “The part of the body in which the soul directly exercises its functions.”


In The Secret Doctrine (1888), Helena Blavatsky, cofounder of the Theosophical movement, described the gland’s role in an evolutionary context, in which mankind evolved over the eons from more energy-based beings to ones of dense physicality. As a result of this physical metamorphosis, the gland’s energy-receiving role receded:


theosophical movement 神智学運動
eon アイオーン、無限に長い期間; 永遠.
Metamorphosis メタモルフォーシス(変容)

· “the third eye acted no longer,” … because man had sunk too deep in the mire of matter.”

Mire :泥沼

*“The third eye …gradually petrified soon disappeared …the eye was drawn deep into the head and is now buried under the hair...”


* “…owing to the gradual disappearance of spirituality and increase in materiality…, it became an atrophied organ.”


*"The third eye is dead…but it has left behind a witness to its existence…the pineal gland.”


Interestingly, there is a correlation between the soul’s emergence in various spiritual traditions and pineal formation. Specifically, the gland first appears in the fetus 49 days after conception. This is the time Tibetan Buddhists believe it takes after death for the soul to finish its sojourn and reincarnate into the next body. This period also approximates the 40 days espoused by early Christians, such as St. Augustine, that it takes for the soul to enter the fetus.


Conception 受胎
Sojourn :滞在

The Spirit Molecule


New paradigms are emerging that may reconcile some of the mythological and scientific viewpoints on the pineal gland.


Based on understandings gained from his federally funded research, Dr. Rick Strassman (New Mexico) wrote DMT The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor’s Evolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences (2001). In this book,
Strassman speculated how the pineal gland has considerable metabolic potential to produce a powerful psychedelic called DMT and that DMT expression may be amplified at “extraordinary times in our lives,” such as death (or near-death), birth, and transcendent mystical experiences. Others suggest that pineal-produced DMT stimulates dreaming.

連邦政府の資金による研究から得られた理解に基づいて、リック・ストラスマン博士(ニューメキシコ州)はジメチルトリプタミン・DMTスピリットの分子: 臨死および神秘的体験の生物学への医師の進化論的研究を書いた(2001)。この本の中で、ストラスマンは松果体がどのようにしてDMTと呼ばれる強力な幻覚剤を生み出すためのかなりの代謝的可能性を持ち、DMT発現が、死(または臨死)、誕生、および超越的な神秘体験などで、“私たちの生活の中でとてつもない時”を拡大することを推測した。他の人は、松果体産生のDMTは夢を刺激することを示唆しています。

dmt dimethyltryptamine: ジメチルトリプタミン
transcendent 超越的な
Near-Death 臨死

Such mystical themes also have been recently highlighted in Spirituality & Health magazine (March-April 2009), and a National Public Radio feature “The God Chemical: Brain Chemistry and Mysticism” (


DMT is structurally similar to melatonin. The biochemical precursor to both molecules is serotonin, a key neurotransmitter whose pathways are involved in mood and targeted in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. DMT also structurally resemblances other psychedelic drugs, such as LSD and psilocybin, and is the active agent in ayahuasca brew Amazon shamans use to provoke out-of-body experiences. Like many mood-controlling pharmaceuticals (e.g., Prozac), these psychedelics act through interacting with serotonin-associated pathways.


biochemical precursor 生化学的前駆体
psychedelic drugs 幻覚剤
out-of-body experiences 体外離脱体験

Trace amounts of DMT have been found in humans, particularly in the lungs, but also in brain. Strassman emphasizes that the pineal gland is theoretically more capable than virtually any other tissue to produce DMT, including possessing prerequisite biochemical precursors and transforming enzymes. However, we do not yet know for certain whether DMT is made by the pineal.


Transforming enzyme 形質転換酵素

Under normal conditions, enzymes will quickly degrade DMT. While we do not know when or under what circumstances DMT rises naturally, it is tempting to hypothesize that when it becomes elevated for some reason, extraordinary experiences may occur.
For example, in the case of dying, Strassman speculates that the physiology that keeps DMT levels in check (e.g., degradative enzymes) during life start to break down, allowing full DMT expression, and, in turn, the out-of-body perceptions reported in near-death experiences.


As part 2 will discuss, pineal dysfunction plays a role in both MS and cervical SCI.



ジメチルトリプタミン(DMT)あるいは、N,N-ジメチルトリプタミン(N,N-DMT、N,N-dimethyltryptamine)は、トリプタミン類の原型となるアルカロイド物質で、自然界に発生する幻覚剤である。熱帯地域や温帯地域の植物や一部のキノコ、ある種のヒキガエル、ほ乳類、ヒトの脳細胞、血球、尿などに存在する。抽出または化学合成される。形状は室温では透明か、白、黄色がかった結晶。近い物質に、5-メトキシ-N,N-ジメチルトリプタミン (5-MeO-DMT) がある。DMTは向精神薬に関する条約のスケジュールIで、日本の麻薬及び向精神薬取締法の麻薬。


『シークレット・ドクトリン』(The Secret Doctrine)は、ヘレナ・P・ブラヴァツキーの1888年の著作[1]。日本語では「秘密教義」とも表記する

アイオーン(古代ギリシャ語: αἰών, ラテン文字転写: aiōn、 ラテン語: aeonまたはæon、 英語: aeon又はeon)とは、古代ギリシア語である期間の時間を指し、時代や世紀、人の生涯というような意味である。ラテン語の Saeculum やサンスクリットの kalpa(कल्प; 漢訳では「劫波」)がこれに似た意味を持つ。




The historical background of the pineal gland: I. From a spiritual valve to the seat of the soul


松果体に関係する精油: サンダルウッド(白檀)、フランキンセンス、ラベンダー、ブルーロータス






May 30, 2019


Evidence for ancient magnetic sense in humans

人間における古の磁気感覚の証拠 Science dailyより

The human brain can unconsciously respond to changes in Earth's magnetic fields, according to a team of geoscientists and neurobiologists. Reported in eNeuro, this interdisciplinary study revives a research area in neuroscience that has remained dormant for decades.


Earth's magnetic fields 地磁気
geoscientists 地球科学者
interdisciplinary study 学際的研究

Many animals, such as migratory birds and sea turtles, have a geomagnetic sense that supports their biological navigation system. Although magnetoreception has been well-studied in these animals, scientists have not yet been able to determine whether humans share this ability.


migratory birds 渡り鳥
geomagnetic sense 地磁気感覚

Geoscientist Joseph Kirschvink, neuroscientist Shin Shimojo, and their colleagues at Caltech and the University of Tokyo set out to address this long-standing question using electroencephalography to record adult participants' brain activity during magnetic field manipulations. Carefully controlled experiments revealed a decrease in alpha-band brain activity -- an established response to sensory input -- in some participants. The researchers replicated this effect in participants who responded strongly and confirmed these responses were tuned to the magnetic field of the Northern Hemisphere, where the study was conducted.

地球科学者のジョー・カーシュビンク、神経科学者の下條 信輔、およびカリフォルニア工科大学と東京大学の同僚たちは、磁場操作中に成人参加者の脳活動を記録するために脳波を使用して、長年の懸案事項に取り組みました。慎重に行われた対照実験は、何人かの参加者において、アルファ帯域脳活動の減少 – 感覚入力に対する確立された反応 - を明らかにしました。研究者らは、強く反応した参加者にこの影響を再現し、これらの反応は研究が行われた北半球の磁場に同調したことを確認した。

long standing question 長年の懸案
electroencephalography 脳波
magnetic field manipulations 磁場操作
alpha-band アルファ帯域
sensory input 感覚入力

Future studies of magnetoreception in diverse human populations may provide new clues into the evolution and individual variation of this ancient sensory system.



新学術領域「生物ナビゲーションのシステム科学」ニュースレター Vol.1(2017年2月号)








地球は磁場を持つ惑星の一つです。方位磁石のN極が地球表面のどこでもほぼ北を向くのは、 地球内部の外核と呼ばれる領域に流れる電流によって北極がS極、南極がN極となるような磁場が作られているからです(図1)。

電子やイオンなどの電気を帯びた粒子(荷電粒子・プラズマ)は、磁場によって曲げられる性質があります。 そのため、銀河宇宙線やプロトン現象(SEP *1)等に伴う高エネルギーの荷電粒子が、 地球の中低緯度まで入り込みにくくなっています(図2)。すなわち、地球磁場は、宇宙空間の高エネルギー粒子に対するバリアの役割を果たしています。


May 28, 2019

病気にかかりやすい体質は小児期に発達する。Science dailyより


Susceptibility to disease develops during childhood


Traumatized children and children who develop multiple allergies tend to suffer in adulthood from chronic inflammatory diseases and psychiatric disorders. Researchers at the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne have demonstrated this in a study in
which they identified five classes of early immune-system programming


immune-system programming 免疫システムプログラミング

The human immune system forms during childhood: The "hygiene hypothesis" provides a widely regarded perspective on this. It postulates that improved hygiene, changes in agriculture and urbanization have caused our immune systems to come in contact with certain microbes less often or later in life than before. It is presumed that these developments have adversely resulted in an increased incidence of chronic inflammatory diseases, allergies and mental disorders such as depression.

ヒトの免疫システムは小児期に形成されます:「衛生仮説」はこれに関して広く考えられている見方を提供します。 それは、衛生状態の改善、農業の変化、そして都市化によって、私たちの免疫システムが特定の微生物と接触する頻度が少なくなって、あるいは以前よりも遅くなって接触すると主張しています。 これらの進行は、結果的に慢性炎症性疾患、アレルギーおよびうつ病のような精神障害の発生率を増加させることで悪影響を及ぼしたと推定されます。

Taking the hygiene hypothesis as a starting point, an interdisciplinary group of researchers at the Universities of Zurich
and Lausanne analyzed epidemiological data from a cohort of almost 5,000 people who were born in the mid-20th century. They concentrated on the co-incidence of allergies, viral and bacterial diseases, and psychosocial stress in childhood. On the basis of early morbidity patterns, the scientists identified five different groups of people that they characterized by biomarkers (white blood cell counts, inflammatory markers) and, in a further step, by their association patterns with chronic inflammatory diseases and psychiatric disorders during adulthood.


interdisciplinary 学際的研究
epidemiological data 疫学データ
morbidity 罹患率
white blood cell counts,白血球数

One in five people have a very resistant immune system


The main group, which comprised almost 60% of the total cohort analyzed, possessed an ordinary, "neutral" immune system. Their disease burden during childhood was comparatively low. Childhood disease burden was even lower for the second-largest group comprising more than 20% of the total cohort: that group exhibited an especially resistant, "resilient" immune system. Even symptoms of common childhood diseases like measles, mumps or rubella, which were not preventable in the mid-20th century, appeared far less frequently in this group than in the "neutral" group.

分析された全コホートのほぼ60%を占める主要グループは、通常の「中立」免疫系を有していた。子供の頃のそれらの疾病負荷は比較的少なかった。子供の疾病負荷は全コホートの20%以上を占める第2位のグループではさらに低かった。このグループは、特に耐性のある「レジリエンス(回復する力)」免疫システムを示した。 20世紀半ばには予防できなかった、はしか、おたふく風邪、風疹などの一般的な小児疾患の症状でさえ、このグループでは「中立」グループよりもはるかに少ない頻度で出現しました。

disease burden疾病負荷
resilient レジリエンス(回復する力)
measles はしか
mumps おたふくかぜ
rubella 風疹(ふうしん)

The "resilient" group is juxtaposed by three smaller groups. The "atopic" group (7% of total cohort) exhibited incidents of multiple allergic diseases. The roughly same-sized "mixed" group (approximately 9%) was characterized by single allergic disorders such as drug allergies, for example, and by bacterial and rash-inducing childhood diseases like scarlet fever, pertussis or rubella. The smallest of the five groups (approximately 5%) comprised people who were traumatized in childhood. They were more susceptible to allergic diseases, but responded comparatively resiliently to common childhood viral diseases.

「レジリエンス(回復する力)」グループは3つの小グループによって並置されています。 「アトピー」群(全コホートの7%)は、複数のアレルギー性疾患の発生を示しました。ほぼ同じ大きさの「混合」グループ(約9%)は、例えば薬物アレルギーなどの単一アレルギー性疾患、ならびに猩紅熱、百日咳または風疹のような細菌性および発疹を誘発する小児疾患によって特徴付けられた。5つのグループのうち最も小さいグループ(約5%)は子供の頃に精神的外傷を受けた人々で構成されていました。それらはアレルギー性疾患に対してより罹患しやすかったが、一般的小児期のウイルス性疾患に対して比較的回復する力があった。

scarlet fever 猩紅熱(しょうこうねつ)
pertussis 百日咳

Hygiene hypothesis taken a step further


Comparative analyses revealed that the "neutral" and "resilient" groups were larger among people with earlier birth years than they were among individuals with later birth years.The exact opposite was true for the "atopic" group, which increased the later the birth year. "Our study thus corroborates the hygiene hypothesis," lead author Vladeta Ajdacic-Gross from the University of Zurich says, "but at the same time goes beyond it."

「中立」グループと「」レジリエンス(回復する力)」グループは、それらは誕生年が前半の人の間よりも誕生年が後半の人の間で大きいことが明らかになりました。正反対のことが「アトピー性」のグループにも当てはまり、それは誕生年の後半の人に増加した。「私たちの研究はこのように衛生仮説を裏付けるものだが、同時にそれを超えるものである」とチューリッヒ大学の主執筆者であるVladeta Ajdacic-Grossは述べています。

Differences between the groups also manifested themselves in later health. People belonging to the "resilient" group were better protected in adulthood not just against chronic inflammatory diseases, but also against mental disorders. Members of the "atopic" and "mixed" groups, on the other hand, were susceptible to elevated somatic and psychiatric health risks in later age. The "traumatized" group likewise exhibited a greater predisposition to psychiatric illness in adulthood as well as a higher risk of suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases, the latter only among women, however. "The findings of the study indicate that the human immune system acts like a switchboard between somatic and psychic processes," Ajdacic-Gross explains. "They help us understand why many people who do not have a history of psychosocial trauma get afflicted by mental disorders and, conversely, why traumatized people show a predisposition to chronic inflammatory diseases."

グループ間の違いも後年の健康に現れました。 「レジリエンス(回復力)」グループに属する人々は、成人期において慢性炎症性疾患に対してだけでなく精神障害に対してもよりよく保護された。一方、「アトピー性」および「混在性」のグループのメンバーは、後年になると身体的および精神的健康リスクが高まりやすくなりました。 「神的外傷を受けた」グループは同様に成人期において精神疾患に罹りやすい傾向が大きくて、同様に慢性炎症性疾患に罹患するより高い危険性を示したが、後者は女性の間でのみであった。本研究の結果は、ヒト免疫システムは身体的および精神的過程との間の交換台ように作用することを示している」とAjdacic-Grossは説明しています。「心的外傷の既往歴がない多くの人々が精神障害に侵されるのか、そして、精神的外傷を受けた人が慢性炎症疾患に罹りやすい体質を示すのか、それらは私たちが理解するのを助けます。」

predisposition to (病気などにかかりやすい)素質、体質
somatic 身体(上)の,肉体の
ychosocial trauma 心的外傷
mental disorders 精神障害

「衛生仮説」アレルギー疾患の増加は 環境が衛生的になったせいなのか?

いい菌( 常在菌) がたくさん住んでいることによって悪い菌の感染から守られてもいるのです、それを発展させたプロバイオティクス( おなかにいいヨーグルトや整腸剤など) というのは健康サプリメントと並んで流行の分野ですが、一方では感冒( およそ9割が抗生剤は効かないことがはっきりしているウイルス感染症) に対する不必要な抗生剤投与で常在菌を殺してしまうことが、薬剤耐性の他にもいろいろな有害作用を引き起こすことは、いまだ一般に浸透していないようです( むしろ日本では多くの方々が抗生剤が風邪の特効薬だと誤解しているという非常に残念な状況にあります) 。こうしたなかで近年やっと乳幼児に対する抗生剤の投与が腸内細菌叢を乱しアレルギー疾患の発症を増加させるという報告などが注目され、特に小児期の抗生剤の使用はより慎重であるべきと考えられるようになってきました。そもそも基本的には細菌= 有害という概念は多くの人が持ち合わせており、除菌することや抗生剤や抗菌剤で菌を殺すことは当たり前のように思われるかもしれませんが、人間の長い歴史は細菌との戦いである半面、共存の歴史でもあります。「ちょっとバイ菌がついているぐらいのほうが、体が丈夫になっていい」というぐらいが実は良いのかも知れないのです。今日はそんなお話です。




疾病負荷(しっぺいふか、英: disease burden)とは、経済的コスト、死亡率、疾病率で計算される特定の健康問題の指標のことである。疾病負荷は、死亡率や疾病率の両方とも一つの指標に結びつけた質調整生存年[2] (QALYs) または障害調整生命年 (DALYs) の用語で数値化される。疾病負荷は様々なリスク要因や疾病による疾病負荷の比較を容易にする。疾病負荷は健康影響について起こりうるインパクトを予測することもできる。


1. なぜレジリエンスか?


April 28, 2019


What If Gluten Intolerance Is Really Glyphosate Poisoning?

グルテン不耐症が本当はグリホサート中毒である場合はどうなりますか? – Gluten has been in wheat since it was first grown. Sure, there have always been folks who have problems digesting wheat or grains with gluten. Today, about 50% of the world have problems with gluten. (1) Something has changed.

初めて栽培されてから小麦にはグルテンが含まれていた。確かに、小麦や穀物のグルテンを消化するのに問題がある人々がいつもいました。今日、世界の約50%がグルテンに問題があります。 (1)何かが変わった。

That “something” is glyphosate.


Glyphosate has only been on this planet since Monsanto patented it as “Roundup” in 1973. This chemical herbicide goes by 32 or more trade names and, now that the patent protection expired in 2000, is made by nine chemical companies — most of whom, not coincidentally, are also in the drug business.


herbicide 除草剤
patent protection特許保護

Over 200 million pounds of it is used all over the world every year. That’s 100,000 tons! Roundup brings in half of Monsanto’s yearly profits. Like vaccines, each manufacturer can add its own extra ingredients called adjuvants or surfactants. Some data suggests that the adjuvants are even more toxic than the glyphosate. (2)


surfactants 界面活性剤

The original use of glyphosate was to prevent weeds. Somewhere along the way, it was discovered that a pre-harvest spraying of glyphosate directly onto the crops made for an easier harvest, as it desiccates the material. Wheat and cane sugar are the two foods most often treated in this manner. What foods have wheat and sugar?

Take a walk down the cereal aisle, the one with the pretty boxes that beckon to your children. See the cookies, crackers, breads, cakes — all those things that have gluten — as well as a double dose of glyphosate.




And I really, really mean “nice.” Etymology: Middle English, foolish, wanton, from Old French, from Latin nescius ignorant, from nescire not to know.


etymology 語源学
wanton むちゃくちゃな...

Monsanto applied for the patent on glyphosate with full knowledge that it worked by blocking the shikimate pathway of plants and certain bacteria. Therefore, since people are not plants or bacteria, glyphosate must be safe, they told the FDA.


What Monsanto did not disclose is that the bacteria in a human gut all have shikimate pathways. This is huge. Without gut bacteria, people become very ill and malnourished, develop antibodies to their own organs, mentally depressed, full of yeast and other pathogenic bacteria, and mineral deficient. Nerve transmission fails and energy is gone.


hogenic bacteria 病原菌
Nerve transmission 神経伝達

The mind cannot focus. Children get labeled at school as having behavior problems. Adults think they are crazy and run to the Prozac. This could only have happened if the scientists at Monsanto and FDA are malevolent and the worst sort of facinorous psychopaths. They are not nice guys, not ignorant of their deeds; let us call them what they are: Murderers.


malevolent 悪意のある

I submit: You do not have gluten intolerance; that is a symptom. You have been poisoned by glyphosate, therefore you have GLYPHOSATE POISONING. The first step to healing is calling something what it is. Using euphemisms and hiding wickedness behind medicalese and nebulous diagnoses does no one any good. The guilty go free and the victims are denied proper treatment and timely justice.

私は提出します:あなたはグルテン不耐症ではなくて、それは症状です。あなたはグリホサートによって毒されているので、それゆえ、あなたは中毒です。癒しへの第一歩はそれが何かである何かと呼ぶことです。婉曲語句を使用して、そして医療俗語や漠然とした診断の背後にある意地悪隠すことは、誰にも良いことではありません。 有罪は解放され、被害者は適切な治療およびタイムリーな正義を拒否されます
euphemism 婉曲語句
wickedness 不正、悪意、意地悪
medicalese 医学俗語


(1)Dr. Ford, a pediatrician in Christchurch, New Zealand and author of The Gluten Syndrome, says he believes the percentage of people who are gluten-sensitive actually could be between 30% and 50%.


(2) “…with respect to glyphosate formulations, experimental studies suggest that the toxicity of the surfactant, polyoxyethyleneamine (POEA), is greater than the toxicity of glyphosate alone and commercial formulations alone.”


For further study:


Monsanto’s Roundup Causes Gluten Intolerance


Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases II: Celiac sprue and gluten intolerance


モンサント (企業)

モンサント(英語: Monsanto Company)は、かつて存在した、アメリカのミズーリ州 クレーブクール[3]に本社のあった多国籍バイオ化学メーカー。2018年6月、バイエルによる買収・吸収が完了し、モンサントの企業名は消滅した[4]。

有名な除草剤であるラウンドアップを開発した企業であり、この除草剤に耐性をもつ種苗(遺伝子組み換え作物)を開発し、除草剤とセットで販売していた。バイオ化学メーカーとしては世界屈指の規模と成長性を誇り、ビジネスウィーク誌が選ぶ2008年の世界で最も影響力がある10社にも選ばれた。 一方、民間療法と有機栽培を強力に推奨し、遺伝子組換え作物を拒否している団体であったNatural Societyは、モンサント社の遺伝子組換え作物やラウンドアップなどが人間の健康と環境の両方を脅かすとし、モンサント社を2011年最悪の企業に認定した[5]。


シキミ酸経路(シキミさんけいろ、英: shikimic acid pathway)は芳香族アミノ酸(チロシン、フェニルアラニンおよびトリプトファン)の生合成反応経路である。間接的にフラボノイドやアルカロイド(モルヒネ(チロシン由来)、キニーネ(トリプトファン由来)等)などの生合成にも必要。微生物や植物の大半は有しているが動物には見られない。



グルテン関連障害(gluten-related disorders)は、グルテンが引き起こす疾患の総称。セリアック病(CD)、非セリアック・グルテン過敏症(NCGS)、グルテン失調症、疱疹状皮膚炎、小麦アレルギーを含む[1]。グルテン関連障害の症状を指すためにグルテン不耐症(gluten intolerance)やグルテン過敏症(gluten sensitivity)が用いられたりするが、不正確なので用いるべきでないという結論が2011年の国際セリアック病シンポジウム等に基づく研究から指摘されている[1]。

ラテン語で「糊」を意味する「gluten」から命名された[2] グルテンは、パン生地が膨らんで形状を保つのを助ける物質として知られる。西洋食の主食として広く見られる。

世界各地でグルテン関連障害の件が増えている。原因として、米を小麦に替えるなどの食の西洋化[3] や、近年に開発されている新種の小麦に細胞毒性のグルテン・ペプチドがより多く含まれていること、生地の発酵時間の減少によってパン等のベーカリー製品のグルテン含有率が高まっていることなどが指摘されている[4]。




April 22, 2019


現在、昨年の1月から月1回の古事記のこころ勉強会 in横浜で小野善一郎先生から古事記を学んでいます.



Edgar Cayce on Human Origins


Human evolutionEdgar Cayce was a near-death experiencer who had more recorded out-of-body journeys than anyone ever recorded and revealed volumes of psychic material much of which was verified to be true to the amazement of doctors and scientists. Cayce discovered at a young age he could go into a self-induced trance and travel while out-of-body to afterlife realms to obtain information on virtually any subject. Cayce claimed anyone could do what he did with the proper training and attunement.

人類の進化、エドガー・ケイシーは誰もが記録したものより体外離脱の旅を多く記録した臨死体験であって, その多くのサイキック資料はその多くの医師や科学者の驚きに忠実である証明されていることを明らかにした。ケイシーは、幼い頃に、彼が自己誘導のトランスに入り、体外離脱して死後の世界を旅行することで、事実上あらゆる問題に関する情報を得ることを発見しました

Human Origins 人類の起源
Human evolution 人類の進化
near-death experiencer 臨死体験
out-of-body journeys 体外離脱の旅
a self-induced 自己誘導

During his out-of-body journeys, Cayce was able to tap into a virtually unlimited amount of information which he referred to as the "Universal Mind". He was able to reveal previously unknown information on a wide range of subjects such as astrology, the afterlife, religion, the future, consciousness, and human origins, just to name a few.


universal mind 宇宙意識

The following information on human origins was revealed to Cayce during his excursions while out of the body and as told in Thomas Sugrue's book, There is a River. Because of the archaic language used in Cayce's description, I have paraphrased it slightly, without losing any of original meaning, to make it easier to read. This may be the most important document concerning Edgar Cayce you will ever read because it answers the "what, where, how, when and why" of human origins.

人間の起源に関する以下の情報は体外離脱中の旅の中でケイシーに明らかにされて、Thomas Sugrueの本で言われるように、川があります。ケイシーの説明で使われている古風な言葉のせいで、私は読みやすくするために、本来の意味を何も失うことなく、少し言い換えました。それは、人間の起源の「何、どこに、どうやって、いつ、そしてなぜ」に答えるので、これは、あなたがこれまでに読もうとしているエドガー・ケイシーに関する最も重要な文書かもしれません。

Table of Contents


1.In the beginning, God...


2.The evolutionary plan for souls


3.The nature of the spirit, soul and ego


4.The divine nature of free will


5.The entanglement of souls with flesh


6.The invisible planetary afterlife dimensions within our solar system


7.God's three-dimensional school of hard knocks on the third planet from the sun


8.The sons of God unite with the daughters of men


9.The evolution of the soul through reincarnation


10.The evolution of the Christ soul from Adam to Jesus to Christhood


11.The law of karma as a lesson for soul evolution


12.The personality as a facet of the soul's individuality


13.The soul's liberation from reincarnation through human-divine unity


14. Quotes from Edgar Cayce about the cosmos and souls


reincarnation 転生
school of hard knocks:人生経験;社会経験;実務経験
Christhood キリスト(救い主)であること

1. In the beginning, God...

Big BangPeople usually demand a beginning, so in the beginning there was a sea of spirit and it filled all of space. The spirit was static, content, and aware of itself. It was a giant resting on the bosom of its thought and contemplating what it is.


big bang ビッグバン(宇宙創成)

Then the spirit moved into action. It withdrew into itself until all of space was empty. In the center, the sparkling mind of the spirit shone. This was the beginning of the individuality of the spirit. This was what the spirit discovered itself to be when it awakened. This spirit was God.


God desired self-expression and desired companionship; therefore, God projected the cosmos and souls. The cosmos was built with music, arithmetic, geometry, harmony, system, and balance. The building blocks were all of the same material - the life essence - God simply changed the wavelength and rate of vibration of these building blocks thereby creating the patterns for multitudes of life forms. This action resulted in the law of diversity which supplied endless patterns. God played on this law of diversity as a pianist plays on a piano - producing melodies and arranging them in a symphony.


arithmetic, 算数、算術
geometry 幾何学
wavelength 波長
law of diversity 多様性の法則


April 19, 2019





そこで、積読していたハロルド・サクストン・バー著 ライフ・フィールド 生命場の科学のことを思い出して拾い読みしました






The Unexplained World


Lunacy, says it all. We all know that the time of the full moon feels strange. Legend has it that the full moon brings out the worst in people: more violence, suicides, accidents, and aggression. The influence of the moon and behavior has been called "The Lunar Effect" or "The Transylvania Effect." The belief that the full moon causes mental disorders and strange behavior was widespread throughout Europe in the middle ages.

間欠性精神病は全てを語っている。満月の時は変な感じがすることをみな知っている。伝説によれば、満月は人々に最悪のことをもたらす。:多くの暴力、自殺、事故、および攻撃である。月の影響と行動は"月効果" または "The Transylvania Effect."と呼ばれてきた。満月が精神障害および奇妙な行動を引き起こすという確信は中世にヨーロッパ中で広まった。

Studies show that more assaults occur around the full moon. More crimes, self and unintentional poisonings and animal bites occur during the full moon cycle as well. There are many problems encountered when trying to study the lunar effect. For example, some studies include "full moon" behaviors that occur a few days before and after the full moon, while other studies include only those behaviors on a single day.


The full moon appears once every 29.53 days. Sometimes there are two full moons in one month. It is possible to have a month without a full moon, but this is rare and can only occur in February. You have to wait until February 2066 for the next month without a full moon. (I guess we are all going to miss that one!)


People remain convinced that the moon must do something. After all, the earth's surface is 80 percent water; the human body is 80 percent water, so a human tidal effect makes sense. Tidal variation in most coastal areas seldom exceeds ten feet. In smaller bodies of water, such as lakes and probably the human body, tides are negligible. Another point is that the tides don't occur just once or twice a month; they occur once or twice a day. What happens at full and new moon is that the earth, moon, and sun are lined up, resulting in higher tides than usual


A new idea arrives in this theorizing from the discovery that positive and negative ions in the atmosphere have an effect on behavior (negative ions usually favourable, positive the opposite). Positive ions are more abundant when the moon is full. However, the effect is slight compared to major sources of positive ions like air conditioning and air pollution.


The full moon affects many people worldwide causing emotional instability and insecurity. Since the gravitational force of the moon is strong enough to cause the tides, therefore it is possibly changing the gravitational effect on our glands and organs which can affect our moods.


Other effects include the different wavelengths of light coming from the moon, and the full moon's affect on our inner pathogens. The light from the moon is of a different combination of wavelengths and strength of light than what the sun gives us.It is known that different colors of light cause different emotional reactions.


It could be that the moon's silvery colour is at least partially responsible for some people's reactions. Also, we have inner pathogens including yeast, worms, parasites, virus, and bacteria. Perhaps the day to night gravitational change causes a change in the activity of these pathogens, maybe increasing their activity which in turn increases their drain on our nutrients and increases the number of byproducts they excrete into our bloodstream.


Why the full moon affects some people more than others is another question. It may be because some people have borderline glandular functions or some have more pathogens. The most likely pathogen that contributes to the full moon effect is yeast. Too much yeast causes a reaction in people by causing them to feel 'stressed out' because of the loss of normal digestion and increased level of toxicity in the blood.







April 18, 2019






Depression casts a shadow over the lives of 19 million Americans, two-thirds of them women. The precise cause, in many cases, remains a mystery. Genetics, brain chemistry gone bonkers, even environmental depredation have all been mentioned, and documented, as causes of depression.


We suggest that systemic yeast overgrowth is another often-overlooked cause of depression.


systemic yeast overgrowth:全身性酵母菌増殖

In his latest book, The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health, Dr. William Crook says he and his colleagues found a very strong link between Candida albicans yeast overgrowth and depression in patients who had a history of any of the following:

Dr. William Crookの最新の本、イーストコネクションと女性の健康で、彼および同僚は酵母菌カンジダ・アルビカンスと下記のどれかの既往歴を有するうつ病患者との極めて強力な関連がることを発見したと述べています。

•Use of antibiotics, especially long courses of antibiotics

•Use of birth control pills


•Persistent digestive distress


•Recurring vaginal yeast infections


vaginal yeast infections カンジダ膣炎

Dr. Crook made the fascinating discovery that 85 percent of women suffering from depression who had even one of the above elements in their history found relief from depression and a host of other symptoms by following his Anti-Candida Treatment Plan. Why? Let’s look at the cycle of yeast overgrowth in the body and how it affects various body systems, including brain chemistry.

クルック博士は、既往歴で上記の要素の一つでもあるうつ病患者女性の85%が彼の抗カンジダ治療計画に加わることによってうつ病及び多くの他の症状からの緩和を確認したことの素晴らしい発見をした。何故でしょうか? 体内のイースト(酵母菌)増殖のサイクル及び脳化学を含む様々な生体構造へのどのような影響するかを考察しよう。

It starts simply enough--you get sick and you take antibiotics or cortisone-containing drugs to feel better. You get sick again and take medications to treat your symptoms. This happens many times over a period of years. You may also be taking birth control pills. Over time, the natural, healthy balance of yeast and microorganisms in your intestinal tract alters its balance in response to the medications.



Antibiotics (literally meaning anti-life) indiscriminately kill bacteria throughout your system. This is good if you have bacterial pneumonia or an infected wound, because the "bad" bacteria could eventually threaten your life. However, the antibiotics also kill the "good" bacteria, especially those that live in your digestive tract and help digest your food. This upsets the natural balance of bacteria and yeast that usually live in harmony in your digestive tract, since yeast is not affected by antibiotics.

抗生物質(文字通り抗生命を意味する)は、あなたの身体を通じて無差別にバクテリアを殺す。あなたが細菌性肺炎及び感染性創である場合にはこれは良いことである。何故ならば、“悪い”バクテリアは究極的にあなたの生命を脅かすかもしれないからである。しかし、また、抗生物質は特に腸管に住んでいて食べ物の消化を助けるこれらの“良い”バクテリアを殺す。 イースト(酵母菌)は抗生物質の影響を受けないので、通常腸管で調和を保って生きているバクテリアとイースト(酵母菌)の自然なバランスを崩す。

bacterial pneumonia:細菌性肺炎
infected wound 感染創

The more often you take antibiotics or cortisone-containing drugs, the more disturbed your natural balance of intestinal flora. The medical term for this is dysbiosis.


dysbiosis 腸内菌共生バランス失調

As the flora in your intestine becomes increasingly out of balance, two things happen: the lining of your intestines weakens and you develop a craving for sugars and carbohydrates to try to feed the unnaturally large amount of yeast in your intestine.


The more sugar and carbs you eat, the more the yeast grows out of balance and the larger your appetite becomes for even more sugars and carbs. In response, the lining of your intestine weakens due to the unnatural balance of microorganisms and the increasingly weakened immune system.


Toxins and food allergens normally cannot penetrate your intestinal lining. However, under yeast overload conditions yeast change from a budding form to a mycelia form that penetrates the intestinal lining allowing toxins and food allergens to leak into the bloodstream. The more they enter the bloodstream, the weaker your immune system becomes and the more "sick all over" you feel. See Dr. Crook's book, The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health for more detailed descriptions of this cycle known as "leaky gut syndrome" and its effect on chronic health conditions.


budding form 出芽形成
mycelia form:菌糸形
Leaky Gut Syndrome:腸管壁浸漏症候群.
chronic health conditions 慢性疾患

Candida toxins, basically products of their metabolism or toxins released when they die, number in the dozens. In fact, by 1977, 79 different toxins had been identified. Two in particular, are alcohol and acetaldehyde. In some cases of severe intestinal Candida, people have measurable levels of alcohol and acetaldehyde in their blood. And they feel intoxicated just as if they were drinking alcohol. We know about acetaldehyde because it is the major breakdown product of alcohol that is responsible for hangover symptoms.


When acetaldehyde reacts with the neurotransmitter, dopamine, it can cause mental and emotional disturbances such as anxiety, depression, poor concentration, and feeling spaced-out. If you look up the toxicology of acetaldehyde you find that it adversely affects many tissues and organs in the body.


Is it any surprise, then, that depression and fatigue are two of the most common complaints of people suffering from dysbiosis? Is it any wonder that yeast overgrowth plays a role in the symptoms of such a wide variety of chronic health conditions? See for more information about overcoming these conditions and finding relief and health.









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