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June 16, 2006


Your Self Worth by Amy Hale, CHt

self-worth :自己価値. 自尊心

How comfortable are you with your self-worth? Self-worth is important to the ultimate happiness you feel in your life because it is deeply tied into your ability to attain your desires.

あなたの自己価値にどれくらい満足していますか? 自己の望み達成能力に深く結びついているため、自己価値は人生で感じる究極の幸福に重要です。

In order to move forward with your desires, you need perseverance. So why do we sometimes give up so easily? Many of us feel that there are not enough hours in the day to pursue our dreams or we live in an environment that seems so far away from what we truly want. Are these just excuses? Who or what do we hide behind in order to stay in our comfort zone? Being comfortable doesn't mean we're happy where we currently are. It could be that we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone because we haven't learned to trust ourselves in creating and allowing our desires to come to fruition. This process may seem difficult at first, but it does get easier as you move into a better state of mind.

自己の望みを前向きに進めるためには忍耐力が必要です。そんなことで簡単に時々あきらめてしまうものですか? 多くの人々は、日々自分の夢を追求する十分な時間、または自分達が実際に欲しい物からかなり離れた環境に生きていると感じています。これらはただの口実ですか? 誰がまたは何が快適なゾーンに留まるために隠れているのですか?快適であることは現在幸福であることを意味しないです。創造することにおいて自己信頼することの学習をしなかったことおよび自己願望が実を結ぶことを許容したかったために、快適なゾーンから脱出することを恐れているかもしれません。最初、この過程は難しく見えるかもしれませんが、より良い心の状態になるにつれて易しくなっていきます。

move forward with ~を進める
perseverance :忍耐(力)、粘り強さ、根気
step out of :~の外へ出る

If your feelings and thoughts are positive, they are very powerful. If your feelings and thoughts are negative, they are also very powerful. We can think of this as an extension to the cause/effect theory, where your thoughts and feelings are the cause and the effect is what happens from them.


cause/effect theory:因果理論

For example, have you ever been unhappy in your job and thought, what if I can't get another job? Or maybe you've experienced atime when you were alone, without a partner. People ask thingslike, "Why can't I find anyone decent?" or "When will I ever find someone with whom I can share my life?" Thoughts like these generate feelings that go directly into your unconscious mind where they create more in the reality of lacking.

たとえば、仕事および思考に不満はなかったですか、もし他の仕事に就業できなかったら?または、多分、パートナーがいなくて、孤独な時間を過ごした。人々は、「私は何故素敵な誰かを人を見つけることが出来ないのか、または、私が人生を共有することができるだれかを見つけるつもりですか?」とことを尋ねます。 これらのような考えは、不足の現実において多く創造する無意識の心に直接入る気分を生み出します。

what if :もし~だったらどうなるか、もし~としたらどうなるだろうか

However, have you noticed when you receive a job offer or find anew partner, often you will receive more job offers and meet more potential partners shortly thereafter? This is because you no longer have the unconscious sense of lack which perpetuates more feelings of lack. This becomes a prevailing cycle unless you begin to change the way you feel about yourself.


perpetuate :~を永続させる、永存させる、
prevailing :行き渡った、広く行き渡っている、広く行われている、

The unconscious mind is very impressionable and communicates by imagery and feelings. So doesn't it make sense to use your creative mind to generate your desires into realization? You can use conscious and rational thoughts to generate images and feelings within you that attract your desires and help make you comfortable with the changes that need to take place on the way.


impressionable :感じやすい、感受性の強い、影響を受けやすい
make sense :表現などが意味をなす、なるほどと思える、うなずける、(

Here are some ways to become more engaged to your own self-worth.


Set time aside each day to daydream about what it is you really want. Be open to how you feel and how your thoughts progress. If anything makes you uncomfortable, focus on that for only a moment and then remove it and begin daydreaming again where you left off. The more comfortable you become with your new desire, the easier it will be to obtain.


Here is a technique that I use when I'm feeling blocked. Imagine that you are approaching a wall. It can be as big and tall as you like. On this wall is written what it is that is blocking a particular desire. Acknowledge what that block is and decide if you are willing to keep it or let it go. When you decide to let it go, find a way around this wall. Climb over it, go around it, find a way through it. On the other side of the wall is what life will be like once the obstacle is gone.


If you are hiding behind a situation or person, imagine what it would be like if they were to step aside and let you have what it is you want. Get comfortable with the idea of making the decision to move forward with your desire and notice what feelings it generates. Common feelings will be fear and nervousness. These are normal. Keep imagining a successful outcome and you will stay motivated to move ahead.

状況または人の後ろに隠れているなら、身を引くことになったらどうなるだろうかとイメージして、あなたが望む何かを手にいれるだろう。自己願望実現前身のため決定の考えに満足して、どんな気分がそれを生み出すのかを気づいてください。普通の気分は不安および緊張感になるでしょう。これらは普通のことです。成功結果をイメージ 続けることで前進するための動機付けられたままになるでしょう。

nervousness :緊張感、神経質
step aside : 脇に寄る、脇へ退く、傍らに寄る、 (人)に譲る、身を引く
be comfortable with :~に満足である

Guided imagery allows us to test an experience we desire. It can help us make changes we want more easily. When you become comfortable with your desire, your conscious and unconscious minds work in unison to put it out to the universe so that you receive it faster.


Guided imagery イメージ誘導法

As you do these things, you will find how much of your self-worth is tied into your reality. Becoming engaged with your self-worth can help you manifest your desires, bringing prosperity into your reality quicker and easier than you ever thought possible. By committing to stepping out from behind other people or negative circumstances, you can employ new strategies to help you have the life that you desire.



勉強のためにカネギーのHow to stop worrying を辞書引きながら読んだ記憶があります。相変わらずこのような文章を読むことがすきです。



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