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June 17, 2006





Modern medicine attributes most cases of cancer to changes in DNA that reduce or eliminate the normal controls over cellular growth, maturation, and programmed cell death. These changes are more likely to occur in people with certain genetic backgrounds (as illustrated by the finding of genes associated with some cases of cancer and familial prevalence of certain cancers) and in persons infected by chronic viruses (e.g., viral hepatitis may lead to liver cancer; HIV may lead to lymphoma).

現代医療では、最多くの癌の症例はDNAの変化で、細胞の増殖、成熟およびアポトーシスついて正常コントロールの減少または排除であることに帰する。これらの変化はある種の遺伝的背景がある人(癌の幾つかの症例に関連する遺伝子の発見およびある種の家族性癌によって例証されるように)および慢性ビールスによって感染した人(例えば、ウイルス性肝炎は肝臓癌をもたらすかも; HIVはリンパ腫にもたらすかも)に発生することが多いです。

The ultimate cause, regardless of genetic propensity or viruses that may influence the risk of the cancer, is often exposure to carcinogenic chemicals (including those found in nature) and/or to radiation (including natural cosmic and earthly radiation), coupled with a failure of the immune system to eliminate the cancer cells at an early stage in their multiplication. The immunological weakness might arise years after the exposure to chemicals or radiation.


multiplication :増加、増大、増量、増殖、繁殖

In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, which evolved its ideas over many centuries, the genetic propensities and the impact of viruses and radiation could not be known: these are 20th century discoveries. However, the Chinese have understood that something from the environment, some kind of toxin, was a likely contributor to development of the disease.

何世紀にわたって進化してきた考え方の伝統的中医学の分野では、遺伝子的傾向、ウイルスの影響および放射線は知られていなかた。20世紀の発見です。 しかし、中国人は、環境からの何かある種の毒物が病気発症のありそうな要因と理解していた。

Perhaps more importantly for our current concerns, the experience of Chinese doctors points to emotional contributions to the development of cancer. In particular, depression (as in repressed anger), anxiety (worry, fearfulness, and excess circular thinking), and grief (usually because of death of a loved one) are thought to result in stagnation of circulation. If this circulatory disturbance continues, there may be a local accumulation-eventually to become the tumor mass-at the weak point in the body. An underlying weakness in an organ or other body tissue is what allows the problem of stagnancy in circulation to eventually overcome normal patterns of cellular growth. Thus, a tumor, or some other type of excessive cellular activity, occurs.


Stagnation and accumulation, as described in this Chinese model, do not always result in malignancy (one may experience a benign lump), but if the center of stagnancy becomes "toxic," it will produce either an abscess (growth of bacterial cells) or a tumor (growth of one type of body cells). Abscesses and tumors occur by different processes, but there is a frequent overlap in the successful Chinese medical approaches to treating bacterial infections that cause abscesses and in treating tumors.

この中医学モデルで解説されているうっ帯および蓄積はいつの悪性腫瘍(良性のしこりを体験することがある)をもたらすことはないが、もしうっ帯の中心部が「毒物」になるとそれは膿瘍(バクテリア細胞の増殖)または腫瘍(1つのタイプの体細胞の増殖)のどちらかを産生させるでしょう。 膿瘍と腫瘍は異なった過程によって発症しますが、膿瘍を引き起こす感染バクテリアの治療と腫瘍の治療への成功した中医学のアプローチにおいてしばしばオーバーラップします。

benign lump 良性のしこり
abscess :膿瘍

Chinese doctors interviewing patients who have unusual swellings find a high frequency of reports of depression, anxiety, grief, and similar emotional states. Although it might be argued that these conditions arose because of the cancer, Chinese doctors are convinced that they existed prior to development of cancer. This conception follows the underlying principles of Chinese physiology, developed over 2,000 years ago. Modern researchers in America have noted a similar relationship between depression and cardiovascular disease, another type of circulatory disorder.

異常な浮腫の患者を面接した中医師は、うつ病、心配、悲しみおよび同様な感情状態の極めて多くの報告を見つけます。これらの症状が癌のために起こったこと議論されるかもしれませんが、中医師は癌発症前に存在したと確信しています。 この概念は2,000年以上前に明らかにされた中医生理学の基本的な原則に従います。 米国の現代研究者はうつ病とほかのタイプの循環障害の心血管疾患との同様の関係に注目しました。

Diseases caused by emotional conditions are said to be of internal origin and are distinguished from those diseases of external origin, such as epidemic infections. Depression, anxiety, suppressed anger, and other emotional conditions are traditionally treated in China not with anything like the modern Western technique of psychotherapy, but rather, through reliance on the family and society, and guidance towards restoring for the individual the long-held views on how to live (in ways that help unfold the persons true destiny, overcoming the obstruction that causes emotional stagnation and physical disease). In addition, there are herbal remedies that help relieve the physiological correlates (altered patterns of circulation) to the emotional conditions and some that are believed to address the psychological processes directly.


The "toxic" aspect of tumor growth is the aspect that is introduced from the outside. In modern terms, chemicals in the environment (from natural or man-made sources), components of cigarette smoke, and viruses all count as examples of the toxins depicted by traditional Chinese doctors.

腫瘍増殖の局面「毒性」は外部から導入される局面です。 現代の用語で、環境における化学物質(自然または人工の源から)、タバコの煙の成分、およびウイルスは伝統的中医師によって描かれた毒素の例としてすべてみなされます。

In the Oriental context, a toxin is anything that transforms a simple, functional or organic abnormality into a difficult-to-control disease. Long before the formal science of epidemiology, Chinese physicians noted that cancers were more prevalent in some geographical areas than others and attributed this to substances in the environment (e.g., in the drinking water) or to unique characteristics of the local diet.

東洋医学の文脈で、毒素はシンプル、機能的または臓器の以上を制御困難な疾患に変化させるような何かです。 正式な科学的疫学のずっと前に、癌が他の地域よりある地理的地域により多く見られて、これは環境物質に起因(例えば、飲料水)または地域の食事のユニークな特性に起因する。と中医師は述べていた。

We now know that in addition to ingestion of carcinogens, deficiencies of certain nutrients (such as selenium and flavonoids) that affect a cell's carcinogen susceptibility and that are important to the immune system, may have also been behind regional high incidence of cancers.



以前、ネパール原産紫ウコンオイル文献探しでこの論文に出会いました。人々の怒り、不安、心配、などの心の感情が癌の原因であると書いてことに興味を持ちました。前に、紹介したHeal Your Bodyの中には、癌の原因として、深く傷ついたこと、積年の恨み、深い秘密または悲しみが自己を食べつくしてしまう、憎しみをいつも持っている。また、現在読み始めたシュタイナー医学入門なかに、「怒りを表すことができないと、50歳未満の女性の乳ガンと男性の肺ガンの確立が高くなるという研究結果があります。45ぺージ」。





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