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July 06, 2006

VOA Special English:ドライバー激怒症、間歇性爆発性障害

Scientists Say Anger Disorder 'Much More Common' Than Believed科学者は'考えられているよりはるかに蔓延している激怒症を述べています。

I’m Steve Ember with the VOA Special English Health Report.

Lots of people get angry in traffic. But some people get really angry. This hostility can lead to aggressive actions or, in some cases, violence. Angry drivers have been known to pull out a gun or cause a crash. For years people have called it road rage. Now we are hearing a medical name.

多くの人々は渋滞で怒ります。しかし、本当に立腹する人々もいます。 この敵意は攻撃的な行動または、幾つかの場合において、暴力につながることになります。怒りのドライバーは銃を取り出すか、または衝突を引き起こすことが知られています。 長年、人々は、それをロードレージと呼んでいます。 今、私たちは医学名称を聞いています。

Experts say that in some cases, these actions are linked to a deeper problem: intermittent explosive disorder, or I.E.D. It means that from time to time people explode in anger. They may attack others or damage property. Medical experts say this disorder is caused by an imbalance in brain chemicals.


intermittent explosive disorder 間歇性爆発性障害

The National Institute of Mental Health recently paid for a study of intermittent explosive disorder. Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and at the University of Chicago did the work.


The researchers used information from a study of more than nine thousand adults in the United States. They found that intermittent explosive disorder is "much more common" than has been recognized. They say it affects as many as seven percent of adults at some point in their lifetimes, depending on how widely it is defined.

研究者は合衆国での9,000人以上の成人達の研究による情報を使用しました。 間欠爆発性障害は認識されていたより以上に「蔓延していること」がわかりました。 どの範囲で定義するかによるが、生涯のある時点で成人で最大7%に影響すると言っています。

The study suggests that the condition affects up to sixteen million Americans. It generally appears around the age of fourteen, and is more common in men than in women.


Doctors say it usually begins with incidents of extreme anger directed at family members. They say the problem is made worse for some by stress from bad drivers, long travel times, crowded roads and busy lives. They say a small traffic problem can cause the person to become uncontrollably angry.


Mental health specialists say the study is important because not many people know about intermittent explosive disorder. They say the anger can be controlled with medication and therapy. The findings are published in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

メンタルヘルス専門家は、それほど多くない人々が間欠爆発的混乱に関して知っていないためにこの研究が重要であると述べています。 彼らは、薬物療法と療法で怒りを制御することができると述べています。 調査結果はthe Archives of General Psychiatry.で 発表されます。

More than eighty percent of the people with the disorder also had depression, anxiety or problems with drugs or alcohol. But the researchers say less than thirty percent were ever treated for their anger. They suggest that early treatment of anger might prevent some of the other disorders.



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