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October 27, 2006


Why do patients with rheumatoid arthritis use complementary therapies?


rheumatoid arthritis:関節リウマチ


1: Musculoskeletal Care. 2006 Jun;4(2):101-15

musculoskeletal :筋骨格の

Rose G.

Rheumatology Department, Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK.


Objectives: (1) to develop an understanding as to how the use of complementary therapy (CT) affects a patient's perspective of health and well-being, (2) to offer the rheumatology professional insight and understanding as to why a patient chooses to use a CT, and (3) to raise awareness as to the forms of CT most commonly used by patients with rheumatoid arthritis.



Methods: This qualitative study was based on phenomenological principles applied through focused inquiry to develop an understanding of the lived experience of the study participants. The inclusion criteria of an established diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and known use of CT were applied to a convenience sample of patients attending a rheumatology outpatient department clinic on two consecutive days.

この質的研究は、本研究参加者の体験された経験の理解を深めるための焦点をあてた質問を通して適用された現象学の原理に基づきました。 関節リウマチの確定診断の組み入れ基準および知られている補完療法使用は、連続2日間リウマチ外来クリニックに通院する患者の簡易サンプリング

qualitative study:質的研究
phenomenological 現象学の
lived experience:体験された経験
inclusion criteria:組み入れ規準
established diagnosis 確定診断
convenience sampling:簡易サンプリング

Of the 15 eligible patients identified, five were randomly selected for inclusion in the study. Narrative data were collected through analysis of transcripts taken from audiotape recordings of unstructured interviews with study participants. A manual indexing system was used to develop four significant categorisation themes to reflect the findings:


Narrative data:談話データ
unstructured interviews 非構成的面接法

(1) incentives to use CT,


(2) perceived benefits of CT use,


(3) the choice of CT used, and


(4)perceived disadvantages and risks of CT use.


Results: Incentives to use CT included dissatisfaction with conventional treatment, often in the form of side effects, and drug ineffectiveness. Social factors, such as loss of employment and social activities, were also indicated, as were psychological changes in the form of depression, hopelessness and fear. Perceived benefits were categorised as either physical or psychological with associated aspects of choice and control viewed as important elements of personal empowerment.


conventional treatment 従来の治療
personal empowerment:個人エンパワーメント

The choice of CT used fell into three categories; physical, spiritual and herbal. The most commonly used of these were herbal remedies and supplements, closely followed by aromatherapy massage. Disadvantages and risks were identified as physical (pain and discomfort), psychological (fear and uncertainty), and/or material (cost).

使用されている補完療法の選択は3つのカテゴリになりました; 身体的、スピリチュアル的および薬草になります。これならの中で最も日常的に使用されているのは、薬草療法およびサプリメントで、次に関係があるのはアロマセラピーマッサージです。弱点およびリスクは、身体的(痛みおよび不快)、心理的(不安および不確実性)、および/または物質的(費用)として確認された。

Conclusions: This study suggests that regular use of CT by patients with rheumatoid arthritis offers holistic benefits. Compared to conventional treatments, CT is seen to have advantages in terms of a lower incidence of adverse reactions, greater patient choice, psychological comfort and an increased quality of the patient/therapist relationship. The use of CT by patients with rheumatoid arthritis indicates a need for evidence-based information about its use and safety in order to direct practice within a rheumatology department. PMID: 17042021 [PubMed - in process]


adverse reaction :副作用{ふくさよう
実証に基づいた医科学情報(Evidence-Based Information

精油・植物油のお求めは、アロマショップ フィトアロマ研究所へ


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