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November 18, 2006


Energy and aromatherapy


Scientific evidence for aromatherapy


Modern scientific research has shown that there are several reasons why essential oils can improve our health.


After the war, Dr Valnet and his students did further research and found that essential oils have powerful anti-infective capabilities, improve the immune system, and also enhance the delivery of nutrients into the cells.


More recent studies have shown that they have amazingly high antioxidant properties. We are all familiar with the importance of having enough antioxidants
to fight the harmful free-radicals that damage our cells and slowly cause us to age and develop chronic degenerative diseases. We know that fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, and among them, berries have among the highest contents of antioxidants.


chronic degenerative disease:慢性退行性疾患

The free-radical fighting ability of antioxidants are measured in ORAC units (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Broccoli and spinach have ORAC values of 890 and 1,260 respectively. The berries (blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and others) have ORAC scores of between 1,200 and 2,400 (highest in blueberry). But the superstar of berries, which is the Ningxia wolfberry or gou-ji, has ORAC value of over 25,000. It is also very rich in life-force.

抗酸化物の活性酸素戦い能力はORACユニット(活性酸素吸収能力)で測定されます。ブロッコリーとホウレンソウには、それぞれ890と1,260のORAC値があります。ベリー(ブルーベリー、いちご、ラズベリーおよび他のもの)は1,200 から2,400(ブルーベリーでの最高値)の間のORAC値があります。ウルフベリーまたはクコ、ベリーのスパースターは25,000を超えるORAC値があります。

Radical Absorbance Capacity(ORAC) 活性酸素吸収能力(ORAC)
Ningxia wolfberry:ウルフベリー、クコ


But even the best fruits do not come close to the ORAC power of essential oils. The weakest of them have ORAC values above 2,000. Lavender essential oil has ORAC value of nearly 3,700. Lemon essential oil is over 6,000, lemongrass nearly 18,000, cinnamon bark over 100,000 and, hold your breath – clove essential oil has ORAC power of over 10 million! With that kind of capacity to knock out harmful free-radicals, we should not be surprised at all that essential oils can heal.


free-radicals 活性酸素(フリーラジカル)

Essential oils have long been shown to have antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties. These have been validated by recent scientific studies and have given rise to safe, natural alternatives to chemical drugs in the fight against microbes and other infections.


alternative to :代わるもの、代替案{だいたいあん
give rise to :~を(引き)起こす、~を生じさせる

Apart from being able to trap harmful oxygen free-radicals, essential oils have the unique ability to use the oxygen molecules to help transfer nutrients across the cell walls, into the cells, and even into the cell nuclei. Thus it mops up harmful radicals while at the same time enables the cells to feed and become healthier and stronger to withstand any further damage, and to perform their functions well.


But the most fascinating discovery is that essential oils have the highest known bio-electric frequency. Bio-electric and energy studies have shown that the healthy human body has a frequency of about 62-68 Hz. When there is infection or disease, the frequency becomes low. Cancer patients have frequencies around 40Hz. The immune system and disease-fighting ability of the body can be restored by increasing the frequency to higher levels. And amazingly, essential oils are the champions among all natural substances in this aspect. Their high frequencies make their presence incompatible to infections, apart from restoring the health of the body (which can happen quite fast after inhaling the essential oil).


bio-electric frequency:生体電気周波数
bioelectric :生体電気の

And the highest frequency of all known natural substances belongs to the Rose oil, at 320 Hz. Didn’t I tell you that the rose is a special gift from God to us? The next time you get a rose, don’t forget to eat it too!

そして、全ての知られている天然物の中で最も高い周波数は320ヘルツのローズオイルです。私は、バラが神から私たちへの特別な贈り物であるとあなたに言いませんでしたか? 次の機会に、ローズオイルを手に入れて、また、ローズ食べることを忘れないでください。



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