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November 13, 2006






In an effort to remove accumulations (cell masses, such as a tumor), an herb that is often utilized is curcuma, a member of the ginger family. There are two species commonly used in cancer therapy that, like ginger, have a spicy taste.


Curcuma aromatica is called yujin by the Chinese, after its affect on stagnation (yu means stagnation; jin refers to the golden color and to its ability to treat the lungs, the organ system associated with the metal element, for which gold is a symbol).

Curcuma aromatica鬱金・ウコンは中国語でyujinと呼ばれている。ウコンがうっ帯に影響するからです。(鬱はうっ帯を意味します。金は金色および肺治療の能力があります。この臓器系は金がシンボルである陰陽五行の金に関連しています)。

It contains aromatic volatile oils that help to remove excessive lipids from the blood, reduce aggregation of platelets (sticking of the blood cells to form masses), and reduce inflammation. In addition, the herb's oily components enhance fibrinolysis (the process that breaks down fibrous proteins, such as those that protect tumors from the immune system), and promote secretion of bile, which helps to clear congestion of the liver, promote digestion of fats, and aid intestinal peristalsis (intestinal movements that help evacuation). Thus, these essential oils help to get rid of many types of accumulation.


platelet :血小板
aggregation :集団、集合体、寄せ集め、凝集、集約単位
aggregation of platelets 血漿板の凝集
fibrinolysis :繊維素溶解
fibrous proteins 繊維状タンパク質
intestinal peristalsis: 腸の蠕動運動

The other species is Curcuma zedoaria, known by the Chinese name ezhu (the origin of this name is obscure). It likewise contains volatile oils. When the extract is injected into mice that have tumors, it is found that the tumors shrink. It is believed that the enhanced fibrinolysis and other processes stimulated by the volatile oils allow immune system cells to enter the interior of the tumor and consume and destroy the tumor cells. One of the main clinical uses of zedoaria is to treat cervical cancer, with the oil injected into the tumor mass (which is accessible through the vaginal opening).

他の種は、中国名ezhu(名前の起源不明)によって知られている紫ウコン・ガジュツ、Curcuma zedoariaです。 紫ウコンは同様に精油を含有している。精油は腫瘍があるマウスに投与されると、腫瘍が縮小されることが解明された。芳香精油によって増強された線溶系および刺激されたほかの過程により、免疫細胞が腫瘍内に侵入し、腫瘍細胞を消費して破壊することを可能にすると信じられている。 紫ウコン・ガジュツ精油の主な臨床使用例の1つは、精油を腫瘍の塊(膣口介してアクセス)に投与することで子宮頸癌を治療することである。

線溶系: fibrinolysis
cervical cancer:子宮頸癌
vaginal opening :膣口

These herbs also have low toxicity. Studies of liver enzymes and of kidney function in patients given large doses of the herb did not show abnormalities. In a few individuals, increased bowel movements may occur.
また、これらの薬草は低毒性である。薬草大量投与の患者で肝臓酵素および腎臓機能研究では異常を示さなかった。 幾人かの患者で、腸管蠕動増加が起こることがある。

bowel movements 腸管蠕動

According to Chinese dogma and experience, salty materials help to soften up and dissolve masses that form in the body. One of the popular materials to use for such purposes is oyster shell. These shells contain calcium salts and complex proteins. Calcium has been shown to enhance immune functions; the complex proteins may interact with cell surface receptors and alter the signals that tell cancer cells to continually reproduce.


Seaweeds are used similarly: their effects may rely primarily on sulfated polysaccharides rather than calcium for promoting immune system functions. Kelp (called laminaria) and sea tangle (called sargassum), are examples of seaweeds frequently used for softening masses.


sulfated polysaccharides:硫酸化多糖類
laminaria :コンブ◆コンブ科コンブ属(Laminaria)の総称
kelp : 昆布、コブ
sargassum :ホンダワラ属の海藻
sea tangle:昆布


紫ウコン(ガジュツ)5ml・精油1,890円のご用命はアロマショップ フィトアロマ研究所へ


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