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March 06, 2007






We know now that a tumor develops its own blood supply system (as a branch from the normal supply), but it is a poorly developed circulation, with the cancer cells surviving with low oxygen: such cells are less susceptible to the effects of radiation than those cells that have adequate levels of oxygen.


One method of cancer therapy now being investigated is inhibition of angiogenesis (blood vessel formation), which might be accomplished by various cartilage sources, including that from shark and calf, and from compounds of similar structure found in the sea cucumber. Additionally, the blood vessels of surrounding normal tissues are eliminated or displaced by the tumor, thus weakening the surrounding tissues, and making them more susceptible to replacement by tumor mass.


angiogenesis :血管形成
cartilage :軟骨
sea cucumber :ナマコ

There are many other changes in the blood circulation in those with cancer. According to studies in China, about 90% of cancer patients have abnormal microcirculation patterns (this is circulation through capillary beds) and most cancer patients have high fibrinogen levels in the blood and higher than normal coagulability of blood. Tumors are often surrounded by a fibrin coating that prevents immune cells of the blood stream from entering and destroying the tumor.


capillary bed :毛細血管床
fibrinogen :フィブリノゲン、線維素原
coagulability of blood:血液凝固能

Since the combination of viscous blood and fibrin coating hinder the penetration of tumors by antineoplastic drugs and by active immune cells, blood-activating herbs (herbs that restore normal blood conditions and circulation patterns) are usually prescribed to cancer patients in order to promote the positive effects of cancer therapies while limiting their negative impacts.


antineoplastic drugs 抗悪性腫瘍薬
viscous: 粘着性のある
viscous blood 粘着性の血液
fibrin :線維素{せんいそ}
coating :コーティング、塗装、上塗り、塗布

One of the most serious developments for a cancer patient is metastasis from the original site to other body sites, as this process reduces the potential to remove the cancer by surgery or local radiation. For metastatic cancer cells to attach to tissues, so as to develop a new tumor mass, they require the assistance of "sticky" materials from the blood.


metastasis :転移

A group of herbs classified as blood-activating herbs are used to counter all of these problems. Some blood-activating herbs also have direct cancer-inhibiting actions (just as the herbs for removing toxins do) and others promote immune system attack against cancer cells. In addition, blood-activating herbs reduce the tendency to form adhesions and excessive scar tissue following surgery and reduce some of the side effects of chemotherapy, such as hepatitis and pulmonary fibrosis.


scar tissue 瘢痕組織
pulmonary fibrosis 肺線維症

Curcuma and zedoaria, mentioned above because of their mass-reducing quality, are also categorized as herbs for activating blood circulation. Chinese doctors also often rely on two other herbs: salvia and sparganium. Salvia is known to the Chinese as danshen, meaning the cinnabar-colored herb of miraculous effect. This herb is used more than almost any of the other blood-vitalizing herbs for reducing the stickiness of the blood, and increasing circulation to areas where circulation has become restricted.

また、腫瘍塊減少特性のために上記で述べたクルクマおよび紫ウコン(ガジュツ)は血液循環活性のための薬草として分類されます。中医師は、また、ほかの2つの薬草、サルビアおよびミクリに頼ることが多いです。サルビアは中国人に知られています。奇跡的な効果の朱色薬草の意味、danshen, danshenとして中国人に知られています。この薬草は血液粘性減少および循環が制限された部位への循環増強のために血液活性薬草がこのうえなく使用されています。

cinnabar :シナバー、朱、朱色、鮮赤色

Chinese doctors prescribe salvia in the treatment and prevention of heart attack, stroke, and peripheral vascular occlusion. Sparganium is known to the Chinese as sanleng, referring to its appearance as a plant made up of straws (leng), of which there are most often three (san). This herb is frequently combined with zedoaria to treat firm lumps (as opposed to the soft lumps such as found in lipomas).

中医師は心臓発作、脳卒中、およびの治療および予防に処方します。ミクリは最も多くはthree (三)から成り立っている植物の概観を参照して、sanleng(三連)として中国人に知られています。この薬草は硬い塊(脂肪腫で見つけられるような柔らかい塊と対照的に)を治療するために頻繁に紫ウコン(ガジュツ)と併用されます。

lump :塊、
lipoma :脂肪腫
stroke   脳卒中
peripheral vascular occlusion 末梢動脈閉塞
occlusion 閉塞

In the case of a person undergoing radiation therapy, an herb for promoting blood circulation that is relied on to make the cancer more susceptible to destruction is tien-chi ginseng, known by the Chinese name of sanqi, meaning three and seven (referring to the leaf pattern).


Tienchi Ginseng:田七人参(三七人参)ウコギ科、多年生植物で、高麗人参と近い種類です。

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