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December 01, 2007


Report says drop weight to cut cancer


What people eat and how fast they grow are both significant causes of cancer, but many people still incorrectly believe that factors such as pesticides on food are bigger causes, experts reported on Wednesday.


Breastfeeding reduces the risk of cancer for mother and child, and tall people have a higher risk of cancer than shorter people, the report found.


"We need to think about cancer as the product of many long-term influences, not as something that 'just happens,'" Dr. Walter Willett, a nutrition expert at the Harvard School of Public Health in Massachusetts, told a news conference.

「何かが丁度起こることでなくて、長期間にわたる影響の産物であるとガンについて考える必要があります。」マサチューセッツ州、ハーバード公衆衛生大学院、栄養学専門家、Dr. Walter Willettは記者会見で述べた。

Harvard School of Public Health ハーバード公衆衛生大学院

The report, released jointly by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research, is the result of five years of study by nine teams of scientists.

世界癌研究基金(World Cancer Research Fund)と米国癌研究財団(American Institute for Cancer Research)との共同で発表された報告書は9つのチーム科学者の5年間の研究結果である。

They reviewed 7,000 studies on diet, exercise, weight and cancer.


Most of what they recommended is in line with what health experts, including governments and the World Health Organization, have long been advising -- that diets based on fruits, vegetables and whole grains and that go easy on red meats, dairy products and fats protect against heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


They found evidence that factors such as hormones that cause the body to grow quickly may be involved in some cancers.


"We found that tallness is also probably linked to increased risk for ovarian, pancreatic and pre-menopausal cancer as well," said Willett. He stressed that tall people are not destined to get cancer but should take care to maintain healthy habits.


ovarian cancer 卵巣がん
pancreatic cancer すい臓がん

The groups make keeping a healthy weight their No. 1 recommendation to reduce the risk of cancer.









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