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February 02, 2010



下記の記事はリアノン・ハリス来日セミナー:がんおよび緩和ケアにおけるアドバンス臨床アロマセラピー5月29日(土)〜30日(日)(2日間) のリアノン ハリス女史のホームページEssential Oil Resource Consultants (EORC) からのものです。

Bonjour! We are Bob and Rhiannon Harris of Essential Oil Resource Consultants

こんにちは!私たちは Essential Oil Resource Consultantsのボブとリアノン ハリスです。

Our main aims are to promote the professional and safe use of essential oils and aromatic products through our in-class training, publications and distance learning material. We lecture in many countries and in addition, hold classes for individual colleges and essential oil tours in the mountainous regions surrounding our home. Aromatherapists from all over the world attend our EORC Aromatic Adventures that run through the summer months in Provence


We currently live in a tranquil village in the mountains of the Haut Var region of Provence. Here, we have access to modern and spacious teaching facilities and are within easy reach of the perfume capital of Grasse and Nice Côte d’Azur international airport. The locality supports many wild aromatic plant species and we are only a short distance from the famous cultivated lavender and lavandin fields.

現在、私たちはプロバンスHaut Var地方ののどかな山岳地帯の村に住んでいます。ここでは、現代的で広々とした教育施設の利用ができて、香水の都・グラースおよびニース・コート ダジュール国際空港に容易に行ける所です。地域の人々は多くの野生芳香植物種を支援していて、私たちは有名なラベンダーおよびラバンディンの栽培畑からの至近距離にいます。

As a team, we travel widely, holding educational seminars and courses in countries such as the UK, Finland, Israel, Japan, Canada and the United States. Our unique approach combines traditional holistic aromatherapy with French medical doctrines.


Bob, as author and compiler of The Essential Oil Resource, ensures that the information presented in class is current and as accurate as possible, drawing upon research as the foundation of class lecture material.

The Essential Oil Resource(精油情報源)の著者および編集者としてのボブは、授業で提示される情報が最新のものであってできる限り正確で、授業の講義教材の基礎として研究に利用できることを確実にしています。

Rhiannon is an experienced lecturer in the field of aromatherapy and essential oils and is known for her effective teaching style. She incorporates Bob's research-based information within a logical and practitioner-orientated approach that ensures that the classes are both enjoyable and informative.


We also contribute regular research-based articles to international journals of aromatherapy and complementary medicine.

また、私たちはinternational journals of aromatherapy and complementary medicineに定期的調査研究に基づく記事を寄稿しています。

In 1997, we moved our base to France to study and work with physicians and pharmacists involved in medical aromatherapy. Here we extended our therapeutic experience of medical aromatherapy and gained a broad, yet precise understanding of the full clinical potential of essential oils

1997年に、メディカル アロマセラピーに関与する医師と薬剤師と研究およびワークをするためにフランスに拠点を移しました。ここで、メディカル アロマセラピーの私たちの治療的経験を広げて、精油全ての臨床的可能性のこれからの正確な理解を獲得した。

Our professional involvement in the field of aromatherapy and essential oils began in 1989. At this time Rhiannon, formerly a senior nurse, qualified in the UK and and became a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists. She worked as a clinical aromatherapist for six years, operating three busy practices in close association with local doctors.


Over the years, she has taught both holistic and clinical aromatherapy courses for leading colleges both in the UK and abroad and has extended her qualifications to include other complementary therapies. She has undertaken further advanced studies in essential oils at Purdue University, Indiana and has also gained a teaching qualification.


Her first book, 'Becoming an Aromatherapist' is now in its second edition.




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