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October 31, 2012


Why Some Genes Are Silenced: Researchers Find Clue as to How Notes Are Played On the 'Genetic Piano'


Japanese and U.S. scientists in the young field of epigenetics have reported a rationale as to how specific genes are silenced and others are not. Because this effect can be reversed, it may be possible to devise therapies for cancer and other diseases using this information



The NOVA U.S. public television program described epigenetics as "The Ghost In Your Genes." It is the study of changes in gene expression that occur without changes in DNA sequence. Like keys on a piano, DNA is the static blueprint for all the proteins that cells produce. Epigenetic information provides additional dynamic or flexible instructions as to how, where and when the blueprint will be used. "It corresponds to a pianist playing a piece of music," said Kohzoh Mitsuya, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow in the School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio.

公共TVプログラムで米国のノバ・バイオメディカル株式会社は“あなたの遺伝子のおばけ”としてエピジェネティクスを説明した。それはDNA配列の変化なしで発生する遺伝子発現の変化を研究する学問である。ピアノのキーと同様に、DNAは細胞が産生する全てのたんぱく質に対する静的青写真であります。エピジェネティクス・情報は、何時および何処かで青写真を使用するかについて追加の動的または柔軟な指図を提供します。それは、ある楽曲を演奏するピアニストに対応していると、テキサス大学、サンアントニオ健康科学センターの博士研究員・Kohzoh Mitsuya, Ph.Dは述べた。

Article in Science


The study by Dr. Mitsuya and colleagues is outlined in the May 13 issue of the journal Science. The team found that a small RNA pathway is required to establish an epigenetic modification -- called DNA methylation -- at a gene that codes for mammalian proteins. DNA methylation adds chemical tags called methyl groups to specific genes, usually silencing their expression.

Dr. Mitsuya博士らによる研究は雑誌サイエンス5月13日号に概説されています。小分子RNA 経路は哺乳類タンパク質をコードかする遺伝子で、DNAメチル化と呼ばれる・エピジェネティック修飾を確立するために必要なことを研究チームは解明した。DNAメチル化が特定遺伝子にメチル基と呼ばれる

"DNA methylation marks are reversible, so there is great interest in devising therapeutic strategies, for instance in cancer biology, to epigenetically reactivate silenced tumor-suppressor genes or inactivate specific oncogenes in human cancer cells," Dr. Mitsuya, the Science paper's third author, said. The lead author is Toshiaki Watanabe, Ph.D., of the National Institute of Genetics in Japan and Yale University.

DNAメチル化マークは可逆的であるため、治療的戦略の考案委に大きな関心が集まって、例ええば、がん生物学では、後成的に ヒトがん細胞におけるサイレンスされた腫瘍抑制遺伝子の再賦活化または特定発がん遺伝子の不活性化ですと、サイエンス論文の第三著者のDr. Mitsuya,博士は述べた。筆頭著者は、日本の国立遺伝学研究所およびイェール大学のToshiaki Watanabe, Ph.D.,です。

a small RNA pathway 小分子RNA 経路
mammalian proteins 哺乳類タンパク質
methyl groups メチル基

Environment and cancer


Beyond being reversible, DNA methylation is susceptible to environmental influences. Many cancer biologists now agree that changes in DNA methylation might be as important as genetic mutations in causing cancer. There are far more epigenetic changes than genetic changes found in the majority of cancers, and research into epigenetics is proving to be important to understanding cancer biology.


"It is critical to identify the entire complement of factors that affect gene silencing," Dr. Mitsuya said. "This was the rationale behind this study examining DNA methylation in mice that I began in 2004. The study adds information about one set of factors."

"それは遺伝子サイレンシングに影響を与える要因の全体の補足物 を識別することが重要です"とDr. Mitsuyaは述べた。"これは私が2004年に始めたマウスでDNAメチル化を調べて、この研究の背後にある理論的根拠であった。この研究がひとつのセットに関する情報を付け加えます。“

A finger on the piano


The researchers compared a group of normal mice with a group lacking the small RNA species. The team found that DNA methylation was markedly reduced at one of four genes tested in the small RNA-deficient mice. "This is the first demonstration that small RNAs can act in this way," Dr. Mitsuya said. "It shows how one note is played on the piano."

研究者は正常マウス郡と小分子RNA種を欠いているマウス郡を比較した。研究チームはDNAメチルが小分子RNA欠損マウスで試験した四つの遺伝子の一つで顕著に減少したことが分かった。"これは、小分子RNA種がこのように作用することになる最初の証明である。“とDr. Mitsuyaが述べた。"それは1つのノートがピアノで演奏されている方法を示しています

RNA species  RNA種

Epigenetic activity is a previously unseen dimension of biology that may enable clearer detection of disease, monitoring of progression and improved treatment, and may provide entirely new biomarkers of disease susceptibility. "The symphony has only just come into view," Dr. Mitsuya said. "We can hear it, but we need to learn how all the parts are being played."

エピジェネティックの活性が、これまでは病気の明確な検知、進行に対する経過観察および治療改善を可能にあるかも知れない生物学の見えない次元であって、完全に罹病性の新しいバイオマーカーを提供するかもしれない。"交響曲はかろうじて視界に入ってきたと、Dr. Mitsuyaは述べた。“"我々はそれを聞くことができますが、我々はすべてのパートが演奏される方法を学ぶ必要があります。”

disease susceptibility 罹病性

Dr. Mitsuya is a member of the Center for Pregnancy and Newborn Research in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, School of Medicine, at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio and is engaged in epigenetic studies of placental function.

Dr. Mitsuya博士は、テキサス大学、サンアントニオ健康科学センター、医学部産婦人科学科の妊娠と新生児研究センターのメンバーであって、胎盤機能のエピジェネティック研究に従事しています。

UT Health Science Center San Antonio テキサス大学、サンアントニオ健康科学センター
placental 胎盤



ルイ―ズ・ヘイのHeal Your Bodyによると思考が病気を作っているので思考を変えることによって病気もよくなると書いてありました。You Can Heal Your Lifeの本に下記の文章があります。

Releasing resentment will dissolve even cancer.












クロモジ(黒文字)とホワイトセージの水蒸気蒸留会 IN 長瀞(11月18日・日)お知らせ


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October 28, 2012

クロモジ(黒文字)とホワイトセージの水蒸気蒸留会 IN 長瀞(11月18日・日)お知らせ










集合場所:長瀞駅前 秩父鉄道



10:00発 熊谷駅(JRから乗り継ぎ時間15分)
10:31発 寄居駅(東武からの乗り継ぎ時間5分)

10:50着 長瀞駅

10:30発 御花畑駅(西武秩父駅乗り継ぎ時間10分)
10:55着 長瀞駅




【時  間】 17時~21時
【場  所】 月の石もみじ公園 (長瀞町長瀞「埼玉県立自然の博物館」そば)



E-mail: phytoaroma@smile.odn.ne.jp
TEL:/FAX: 045-621-2710


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October 26, 2012



The Search for Answers


There is no cancer that has not been survived by someone, regardless of how far advanced it was. If even one person has succeeded in healing his cancer, there must be a mechanism for it, just as there is a mechanism for creating cancer. Every person on the planet has the capacity to do both.


If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you may not be able to change the diagnosis, but it is certainly in your power to alter the destructive consequences that it (the diagnosis) may have on you, just as George did. The way you perceive the cancer and the steps you choose to take following the diagnosis are some of the most powerful determinants of your future wellness, or the lack of it. (Please also see Chapter Three, 'Demystifying Cancer.)


The indiscriminate reference to cancer as a killer disease by professionals and lay people alike has turned cancer into a disorder with tragic consequences for the majority of cancer patients and their families. Cancer has become synonymous with extraordinary fear, suffering, and death. This perception continues despite the fact that up to 90-95 percent of all cancers can appear and disappear of their own accord.


Not a day passes without the body making millions of cancer cells. Some people, under severe temporary stress, make more cancer cells than usual. These cancer cells cluster together as tumors that will disappear again once the stress impact has subsided and after a healing response (as indicated by symptoms of illness) has been completed. I will elaborate on the exact, predictable way this occurs in Chapter Three.


I wish to mention at this point that according to medical research, secretions of the DNA's powerful anticancer hormone, Interleukin II, drop under physical and mental duress and increase again when the person becomes relaxed and joyful. Low secretions of Interleukin II increase the incidence of cancer in the body, and normal secretions of this hormone keeps cancer at bay.


Interleukin II インターロイキン-2

However, people are generally not under severe stress all the time. Since the incidence of cancer rises and falls with the experience of severe stress, many cancers vanish without any form of medical intervention and without causing any real harm. Accordingly, right at this moment, millions of people are walking around with cancers in their body without having a clue that they have them. Likewise, millions of people heal their cancers without even knowing it. Overall, there are many more spontaneous remissions of cancer than there are diagnosed and treated cancers.


spontaneous remission:自然退縮




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October 11, 2012



ウォレスがんケア(WALLACE CANCER CARE)のホームページより




Practical and Emotional Support for those affected by cancer.


The diagnosis of cancer is a shocking event in anyone's life, and this when combined with invasive, intensive and challenging treatments, places a huge burden on patients and their families. It can leave you feeling helpless, confused and isolated, and sometimes unable to talk about these feelings with those you.


Few people realise that there are many ways to support yourself or your loved one through this most difficult time, from psychological and emotional support and help with stress reduction, to proven nutritional and lifestyle strategies that, when combined with modern treatments, can improve outcomes and help alleviate side effects of treatment.


Wallace Cancer Care’s drop-in centres are peaceful, calm places where you can explore a varied programme based around self-help, empowerment and mutual support, or where you can simply relax over a cup of tea in a safe, comfortable environment. Our aim is to help you maintain the best possible mental and physical state during treatment, and to live positively afterwards. Services are free.


About us


We provide peaceful and welcoming places where patients and their families can come to relax and find out about how various forms of complementary care can help them to cope with the difficulties of diagnosis, ease some of the side effects of treatment, and enable a confident and healthful return to normal life afterwards. There is evidence that some forms of complementary care can even lead to better clinical outcomes, and all can improve feelings of wellbeing.


We are an award winning charity and our specialist nurses, counsellors, complementary therapists and trained volunteers can help you to arrange a programme of self-help and complementary care alongside your hospital treatment which caters to your individual needs. Coming to our centres can help to reduce feelings of isolation and alienation as you will have that chance to meet other patients and families going through similar experiences, and if you wish join one of the support groups, or attend group courses and workshops with others facing similar challenges.


Wallace Cancer Care’s drop-in centres are peaceful, calm places where you can explore a varied programme based around self-help, empowerment and mutual support, or where you can simply relax over a cup of tea in a safe, comfortable environment. Our aim is to help you maintain the best possible mental and physical state during treatment, and to live positively afterwards. Services are free.


Our centre


Our two drop in centres are warm and welcoming places where information, support and attention to the practical, physical and psychological needs of cancer patients and those who care for them are provided.


The support we offer is all evidence-based and thoughtfully presented by qualified, experienced staff.


Caring for someone with cancer


More people are living with cancer longer, due to earlier diagnoses and better treatment.


This has resulted in a growing number of people who care for someone with cancer. Some carers may be looking after someone who requires a great deal of care. Others may find they mainly need to give assistance with personal care tasks, such as help with dressing and providing meal

Increasing care may be needed if the person with cancer becomes less able to cope unaided with daily tasks


The carer, however, can become a forgotten figure who doesn't get the help and support they need. As a carer, not knowing exactly what you want is understandable, if your attention is focused on someone close to you and not on yourself.


It is difficult to get the support right, because the amount you need depends on how emotionally and physically strong you feel and how well you think you are coping at any particular moment. Finding the right people to support you may not be easy.


We may feel our families should be the ones to give support, but some might find it too difficult to cope with their own feelings. Others may want to rush in and take over, which can cause resentment。


All the services we offer at Wallace Cancer Care are available to carers and family members alike. You may find that our counselling service is particularly useful as might the complementary therapies we offer


How we can help


Wallace Cancer Care is there to meet the needs of cancer patients and their families at a shocking and devastating time of their lives, from the diagnosis of cancer, throughout treatment, and when lives need to be put back together once treatment is over.


We offer help that complements conventional medical treatment, including high quality and reliable information, self help measures to reduce stress or alleviate side effects of treatment, individual complementary therapies, counselling for emotional and psychological support, and peer support though our self-help and support groups.


Our support specialists have considerable experience and training in cancer care and offer a one-to-one assessment in which they will listen to you about your situation and suggest how you might benefit from aspects of the programme and tilor it to your individual needs.


Complementary therapy


All of the therapists working within WCC are fully conversant with the issues surrounding a cancer diagnosis and have sound knowledge of cancer treatments and their potential side effects.


All treatments offered are modified and adapted to incorporate safe practice. The therapist will take your medical details and screen for conditions where precautions are necessary.


Complementary therapies (Reflexology, Hearts, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Massage) are available to both patients and carer.


Each person is entitled to six sessions and these may be accessed over a brief period of time or spread across a few months, according to needs identified by the client and therapist.


Patients and carers are encouraged to define their goals in their initial assessment to obtain maximum benefits from all treatments.


With the exception of Aromasticks and our Taster Exercise Sessions, there is no fee for complementary therapies but donations are welcome to assist with the general running costs of the cent

アロマスティックスおよび病院のTaster Exercise Sessions(太極拳、気功、ピラティス、特定ヨガ)を除いて、補完療法は無料ですが、センターの一般的な運営コストを支援するために寄付金は歓迎しています。



Aromasticks are available for home use. The wick inside the plastic cover is impregnated with essential oils chosen to help alleviate some of the most common physical and emotional side affects of cancer treatment like sleeplessness, nausea, fatigue and anxiety


Our response to particular aromas is unique; therefore, the choice of oils is a collaborative process calling on the expertise of both the therapist and patient.


In cases of anxiety, patients or carers may be shown how to use the aromastick as an ‘anchor’ enabling the user to link inhaling the qualities of the essential oils with a positive memory association.


Psychological and emotional support


Psychological and emotional support can take many forms, from meeting with other patients or families, to sharing experiences in a more formal setting; from having a quiet chat with one of our trained volunteers or a member of staff, to arranging a series of counselling session


All will help to break down feelings of isolation and have been shown to improve feelings of wellbeing and improve outcomes. Wallace Cancer Care provides space where patients and families can meet informally with trained volunteers and others in their situation


Oncology nurses and complementary therapists are available to discuss more specific challenges of treatment and recovery, and for those who feel they need more support Counsellors are available for a course of up to six sessions


A variety of support groups for patients with similar cancers or concerns also meet regularly and welcome new members. Our services are free, and are open to all those affected by a diagnosis of cancer


Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies


On the basis of many years of research into how food choices can prevent cancer, or improve survival once cancer has been diagnosed, scientists at the World Cancer Research Fund estimate that at least a third of cancers could be prevented by making changes in the food we eat, the amount of exercise we take, and by maintaining a healthy weight.


Each of us now has the potential to very significantly reduce the risk of developing cancer, or having cancer return after successful treatment


Join our Food For Life workshops to learn about practical steps that you can take to improve your food choices with other cancer patients and carers; or if you are uncertain whether this approach is for you, come to one of the talks by former cancer patients on how changes in diet had a dramatic effect on their prognosis

Food For Life (生きるための食品)のワークショップに参加して、あなたは、他のがん患者および介護者と食品選択の改善ができることになる実践的一歩を学んでください、または、このアプローチがあなたのためになるかどうか不確かならば、如何に食生活の変更が患者の予後に劇的な影響を与えるかについて元患者による話を聞きに来てください。

Excercise can also be of great benefit in increasing your wellbeing and help you to combat cancer. Come to one of our Exercise Taster Sessions to see which exercise you enjoy most

また、体の運動はあなたの健康を高めることに非常に有益であって、がんと闘うのに役立ちます。どの体の運動が最も楽しめるのかを見るために私たちのExercise Taster Sessionsの一つに 来てください。


上記の内容は英国のウォレスがんケア(WALLACE CANCER CARE)のホームページの案内を翻訳したものです。アロマスティックの事を調べていたら見つけた










ジャスミン3ml・精油のお求めはアロマショップ フィトアロマ研究所へ



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October 09, 2012


Mistaken Judgment


We all know that if the foundation of a house is strong, the house can easily withstand external sources of stress, such as a violent storm or even an earthquake. As we shall see, cancer is merely an indication that something has been missing in our body and in our life. Cancer reveals that some aspect of our physical, mental and spiritual life stands on shaky ground and is quite fragile, to say the least.


It would be foolish for a gardener to water the withering leaves of a tree when he knows so well that the real problem is not where it appears to be, namely, on the level of those withered leaves. The dehydration of the leaves is merely a symptom of lacking water in the less apparent part of the plant - its root system.By watering the roots of the plant, the gardener naturally attends to the causative level, and consequently, the whole plant becomes revived and resumes its normal growth.


To the trained eye of a gardener, the symptom of withering leaves is not a dreadful disease. He recognizes that the dehydrated state of these leaves is but a direct consequence of withdrawn nourishment that they need to sustain themselves and the rest of the plant.


Although this example from nature may appear to be a simplistic analogy, it nevertheless offers a basic understanding of some very complex disease processes in the human body. t accurately describes one of the most powerful and fundamental principles controlling all life forms on the planet. However skilled we may have become at manipulating the functions of our body through the tools of allopathic medicine, this basic law of nature cannot be suppressed or violated wthout paying the hefty price of suffering ill-health on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

自然からのこの例は単純な類推のように思われるかも知れないけれど、それは、しかしながら、人体の幾らかの極めて複雑な病気の経過の基本的理解を提供します。それは正確に地球上の全ての生き物を支配する最も強力で基本的原則の一つを説明しています。しかし、私たちはアロパシー医学 の手段を通して私たちの体の機能を操作することに熟練してきたかもしれないけれど、この自然の基本的法則は、身体的、情動的、および霊性レベルの病気に罹患する高価な代償を支払うことなく、抑制または妨害することは出来ないです。

allopathic medicineアロパシー医学

I fervently challenge the statement that cancer is a killer disease. Furthermore, I will demonstrate that cancer is not a disease at all. Many people who received a 'terminal' cancer sentence actually defied the prognosis and experienced complete remission.


remission (痛み・病気などの一時的な)緩解,軽減,緩和,鎮静




ジャスミン3ml・精油のお求めはアロマショップ フィトアロマ研究所へ


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October 06, 2012


Power in the Word


Cancer is the second leading cause of death for Americans. According to the American Cancer Society, a total of 1,529,560 new cancer cases and 569,490 deaths from cancer were estimated to have occurred in the United States in 2010. Among men, the top three cancer diagnoses are prostate cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer. The leading types of cancer among women are breast cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer.

がんはアメリカ人死亡の第2の主要な原因です。米国がん協会によると1,529,560の新がん症例とがんによる569,490死亡の合計数が2010年に米国で発生したと推定された。男性の中で、トップ3のがん診断は前立腺がん、肺がん および大腸がんです。女性の中で主要なタイプのがんは、乳がん、肺がんおよび大腸がんです。

colorectal cancer 大腸がん

In addition, there are tens of thousands of underprivileged people who have cancer, but will not even receive a diagnosis because they cannot afford health insurance or a visit to the doctor.


Cancer is not just a word, but also a statement that refers to abnormal or unusual behavior of the body's cells. However, in quite a different context, cancer is referred to as a star sign. When someone says you are a 'cancer,' are you going tremble with fear of dying? Such a reaction is unlikely, because your interpretation of being of the cancer sign does not imply that you have cancer, the illness. But if your doctor called you into his office and told you that you had cancer, you would most likely feel shocked, paralyzed, numb, terrified, hopeless, or all of the above.


The word 'cancer' has the potential to play a very disturbing and precarious role in your life, one that is capable of delivering a death sentence, and as you will discover in this book, actually execute it. Although being a cancer patient seems to start with the diagnosis of cancer, its causes may have been present for many years prior to the patient feeling ill. Yet within a brief moment, the word 'cancer' can turn someone's entire world upside down.


Who or what in this world has bestowed this simple word or statement with such great power that it can preside over life and death? Or does it really possess this power? Could our collective, social conviction that cancer is a killer disease, along with the trauma-generating, aggressive treatments that follow diagnosis, actually be mainly responsible for the current dramatic escalation of cancer in the Western hemisphere? Such a thought is too far-fetched, you might reply! In this book, however, I will make the convincing point that cancer can have no power or control over you, unless the beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, thoughts, and feelings you have, allow it.

この世界で誰または何が生と死を支配することができるそのような偉大なパワーをもつこの単純な言葉または言説を授けたのか?また、それは事実ですか? がんは致死的病気であるとの私たちの集団的、社会的な信念、加えて、診断による侵襲的治療が西半球における現在のがんの劇的な拡大に大きく現実に関与していることだろうか?あなたはかなりこじつけだと言うかもしれません! しかし、本書で、私たちの持っている信念、認識、態度、思考、感情、および私たちがする人生の選択に応じてそのことが生じることを私たちが無意識に認めなければ、がんが私たちに対する支配力やコントロールを持つことができないことを私は主張します。

killer disease 致死的病気
farfetchedこじつけの, 不自然な

Would you be as afraid of cancer if you knew what caused it or at least understood what its underlying purpose was? Unlikely so! If the truth were told, you would probably do everything you could to remove the causes of the cancer and thereby lay the ground for the body to heal itself.


A little knowledge, which I also call ignorance, is in fact, a dangerous thing. Almost everyone, at least in the industrialized world, knows that drinking water from a filthy pond or polluted lake can cause life-threatening diarrhea. Yet, relatively few people realize that holding on to resentment, anger, and fear, avoiding exposure to the sun which causes vitamin D deficiency, not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, holding a cell phone to your head for an hour each day, being regularly exposed to X-rays, mammograms or CATS scans, or eating junk foods, chemical additives, and artificial sweeteners is no less dangerous than drinking polluted water.

知識のないこと(それは無知と呼ばれることです)は、事実、危険なことです。工業世界で、すくなくとも、ほとんどだれもが汚い池または汚染された湖からの飲料水が生死にかかわる下痢を引き起こすことになること知っています。さらに、恨み、怒りおよび恐れを持ち続けること、ビタミン D欠乏症を引き起す太陽への暴露を避けること、定期的に十分な睡眠取らないとこ、毎日1時間携帯電話使用、X線、マンモグラフィまたはCATSスキャンへの定期的暴露、またはジャンク・フード、化学添加物の摂取、および人工甘味料が汚染水を飲むことと同様に危険であることを認識している方は比較的少ないです。



ジャスミン3ml・精油のお求めはアロマショップ フィトアロマ研究所へ


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October 03, 2012



Cancer is not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism (Book Excerpt)


It is a medical fact that every person has cancer cells in the body all the time. These cancer cells remain undetectable through standard tests until they have multiplied to several billion. When doctors announce to their cancer patients that the treatments they prescribed had successfully eliminated all cancer cells, they merely refer to tests that are able to identify the detectable number of cancerous cells. Standard cancer treatments may lower the number of cancer cells to an undetectable level, but this certainly cannot eradicate all cancer cells. As long as the causes of tumor growth remain intact, cancer may redevelop at any time and at any rate.

それは、すべての人が絶えず体にがん細胞を持っているという医学的事実です。 これらのがん細胞が数10億まで増殖するまで標準検査で検知されないままで残っています。医師は彼らが処方した治療が成功裏に全てのがん細胞を除去したとがん患者に告げる場合に、彼らは検出可能ながん細胞の数を特定できる検査を単に照会する。標準がん治療は検出不能なレベルまでがん細胞の数を減少させるかもしれないが、このことは確かに全てのがん細胞を根絶できるというわけではありません。 腫瘍増殖の原因が手つかずのままである限り、がんはいつでも、いずれにせよ再発するかもしれない。

Curing cancer has little to do with getting rid of a group of detectable cancer cells. Treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are certainly capable of poisoning or burning many cancer cells, but they also destroy healthy cells in the bone marrow, gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, etc., which often leads to permanent irreparable damage of entire organs and systems in the body. A real cure of cancer does not occur at the expense of destroying other vital parts of the body.


Each year, hundreds of thousands of people who were once "successfully" treated for cancer die from infections, heart attacks, liver failure, kidney failure and other illnesses because the cancer treatments generate a massive amount of inflammation and destruction in the organs and systems of the body. Of course, these causes of death are not being attributed to cancer.


This statistical omission makes it appear we are making progress in the war against cancer. However, many more people are dying from the treatment of cancer than from cancer. A real cure or cancer is achievable only when the causes of excessive growth of cancer cells have been removed or stopped.





ジャスミン3ml・精油のお求めはアロマショップ フィトアロマ研究所へ


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October 01, 2012




The Royal Marsden Education and Conference Centre is known worldwide for its exciting programme of cancer study days and conferences.


Cancer Study Day Programme 2012

Updates for healthcare professionals involved in cancer and palliative care





The Royal Mardsonの講座募集内容


Essential Oils for Pain Management




The course aims to take a whole-person approach, linking this to a strong evidence base. Delegates will increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in using essential oils safely and effectively with individuals in pain. Specific essential oils with good evidence for their pain-relieving effects will also be profiled.


This class is for all aromatherapists working in the cancer care and/or palliative care environment who are seeking further guidance on using essential oils for pain management.


The course is run by Rhiannon Harris of Essential Oil Resource Consultants who are well-known for their Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy teaching programme.

Essential Oil Resource Consultantsのリアノン・ハリスによって運営されています。

A comprehensive booklet outlining the content of the course and a certificate of attendance will be issued on completion of the course.



Essential Oils in Cancer Care (two-day course)





Essential Oils for Skin Related Challenges




米国Northwestern university health science university


主催の2013Oncology Massage Healing Summit April 19-21, 2013




C. Aromapsychology in Cancer Care: Evidence and Applications


また、POST CONFERENCEで下記のワークショップをします。

Clinical Applications of Essential Oils for Cancer Patients




Massage and aromatherapy



Massage therapy is helpful for cancer patients who are having problems relaxing or getting to sleep.It can help you cope with pain, muscle stiffness, breathlessness, anxiety and fatigue, or if you just feel you need something to lift your mood.


The massage therapist uses gentle movements with the addition of essential oils (aromatherapy) to enhance the effects of the massage. Essential oils are also used in aromasticks and diffusers for additional help with symptom management.




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