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March 01, 2013


Medicine Cards 26 - Squirrel: Gathering


Squirrel リスよ
You have gathered       あなたは取集した
Nuts by the score     スコアーによってナッツを
Exactly predicting 正確に予測して
If you’ll need more.    あなたがもっと必要とするならば

Teach me to take        取集しないことを教えてください
No more than I need.    必要以上のものを
Trusting Great Mystery     大いなる神秘を信頼して
To harvest the seed     種子を収穫するために

Squirrel teaches you to plan ahead for the winter when the trees are bare and the nuts have long since
disappeared. Squirrel medicine can come in many forms, as this furry creature is very diverse in nature.
The erratic behavior of Squirrel has bested many a forlorn hunter, and it thus stands to reason that
there are benefits to being able to circle abranch at lightning speed. This erratic behavior of Squirrel
can so get nerve-wracking ifyou are dealing with persons who have Squirrel medicine. Trying to calm them
down enough to accomplish something may drive you nuts!

リスは木々が葉を落として、木の実はずっと前に消えてしまった冬にそなえて前もって計画することを教える。リス・メディスンは、この毛皮で覆われた生き物は本質的に極めて多種多様です。リスの突飛な行動は多くの孤独なハンターを出し抜いて、そしてそれは目にも留まらぬ速さで ぐるぐる回ることができるメリットがあることは理にかなっている。あなたがリス・メディスンの人となにかをするならば、このリスの一貫性のない行動は非常にいらいらすることになります。頭にくるようなことを達成するためには十分落居着いてください。

erratic behavior:突飛な行動

erratic behavior奇行
at lightning speed 目にも留まらぬ速さで

The gathering power of Squirrel medicine is a great gift. It teaches you how to gather and store your
energy for times of need. It teaches you to reserve something forfuture use, whether it be a judgment,
an opinion, a savings account, candles, or extra food. To put it in a nutshell, Squirrel is the Boy Scout of the animal kingdom - always prepared.

リス・メディスンの収集力は大きな贈り物です。それは必要な時のために如何に集めてエネルギーを保管するかをあなたに教えます。判断、意見、貯蓄口座、または余分な食べ物であろうが、それは将来使うために何かを準備することをあなたに教えます。一言にしてこれを尽くすならば、リスは動物界のボーイスカウトです - 常に準備する。

to put it in a nutshell:せんじ詰めると, 一言にしてこれを尽くすならば

In today's world of changing times and fortunes, it is the wise person who prepares for the future. Our
prophesies have all spoken of the end of the millennium and the changes to come. Squirrel is a friendly medicine to have, in light of possible future rainy days. Its message is to be prepared, but not to go nuts with it. Love yourself enough to gather the goods that will meet your needs in times of scarcity, even if that time never comes.

そのメッセージは準備することであるが、それに夢中になることではない。 自分を愛して、その時が決して来なくても、欠乏の時にあなたのニーズを満たす物を十分集めなさい。

If Squirrel has scurried into your cards today, it may be that you are being told to honor your future by readying yourself for change. The message could be to lighten your load if you have gathered too many "
things" that do not serve you. These "things" can include thoughts, worries, pressures, stresses, or gadgets that have been broken for years. In understanding the balance involved in gathering, you need to look
at the idea of circulating the stock of what you have gathered. Call the nearest thrift store and give
the gadgets to someone who can benefit from them. If something no longer "grows corn" for you, then it is time to let it go.


Squirrel has another lesson which can aid you if you observe what is obvious, and which can prepare you for anything. It has to do with the safe place in which to put your gathering. This safe place is an
untroubled heart and mind, and that which is gathered to put in this place is wisdom and caring. The
energies gathered will set your mind and heart free, so that you will know that all will be taken fare of in its own time. Apply this to your fears about the future and they will vanish.




The contrary medicine of Squirrel is the hoarder: a fearful person who expects the worst and is stuck in waiting. Waiting for something to happen is the trap. No actionequals stagnation, but a little of
Squirrel's erratic energy might get things moving. If Squirrel is hanging upside down on your branch, you may have begun seeing the world through opposites, hoarding your thoughts of abundance so that fear of
scarcity takes hold. You ask yourself:


(1) Have I denied my ability to produce enough space for abundance to enter my life?

(1) 私は、私の人生に入ってくる豊かさための十分なスペースを産生する能力を否定しましたか?

(2) Have I denied my connection to the Earth Mother, from whom all things flow?


(3) In moving too fast, have I taken on the erratic nature of Squirrel without having any focus?


(4) Am I leaking my energy on worry instead of gathering power through being prepared?


Remember, one of the Squirrel family gathered the energy of v and connected
to the Great Spirit... now this Squirrel can fly.


Use time and energy properly. Waste nothing on negativity. Gather the rewards of stewardship.







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