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July 05, 2013


How Can My pregnancy & Birth Experience Impact Society?!?



Researchers in the field of epigenetics, a new(er)form of science, are finding that our genes are shaped, at least partly, by how our ancestors lived. This means that environmental conditions and foods consumed, or resources they used, worked with or were exposed to, have inheritable positive and negative effects. In other words, if your great grandparents were exposed to a toxin that effected their biological makeup on some level, it could disrupt the health of their children and children’s children. To boot, it can potentially result in the altering of genetic traits right on down the line. Additionally, research in the field of pre and perinatal psychology also shows how diet, emotions, interactions and beliefs also begin to shape our world even during pregnancy.


biological makeup 生物学的構成
pre and perinatal psychology 出生前・周産期心理学

The following findings, resources and information can be viewed as an opportunity to take a holistic approach to pregnancy, childbirth (and parenting), making it more of a way of life as opposed to confining its concepts to a labor and delivery room. After all, when we prepare for birth we should not assume that our work is over at birth. Birth is the dawning of a new generation, a new time, a new life. Labor and birth are representative of this new beginning for all. We must learn how to heal ourselves so we can pass the good stuff to our children, thus reinforcing what spiritually conscious communities have intuited since time immemorial.


Dr. Thomas Verny, a perinatal psychologist and author of The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, states that life does not begin at birth but at conception. He teaches that, by the end of the second trimester, if not before, an unborn child is a sensitive, feeling, aware and remembering human being. Pre and perinatal psychology is a relatively new science which includes genetics and early human development based on neurobiology and psychology and attempts to explore all aspects of early human development. Studies in this field suggest that fetal development is impacted by everything ingested, inhaled, experienced or thought by a pregnant mom and that a baby, at birth, already comes equipped with his or her own set of experiences.Dr. Verny also explains that there is no separation between mind and body. In the case of a pregnant mom this idea can be extended to include her unborn baby. Everything the mom experiences is experienced by baby and likewise, the things that the baby experiences are also passed to the mom by the way of messenger hormones. This is the dynamic interaction between nature and nurture: we are who we are and become who we become as a result of those interactions.


Second Trimester:妊娠中期
neurobiology 神経生物学
fetal development 胎児発達; 胎児発生; 胎児発育;
unborn baby 胎児

He also discusses the fact that the brain is sensitive to experience throughout life, but the critical periods of pre and post natal life experiences is what actually organizes the brain. In a video entitled Pre and Preinatal Psychology Introduction, (sited below), Dr. Verny quotes B.D. Perry, a leading neuro-biologist in the US, by saying: “Experience is the chief of the brain”

また、彼は脳が一生を通じて経験することに敏感であるという事実を討論しているが、出生前・出生後人生経験の重要な期間は実際に脳を形成することです。出生前・周産期心理学紹介のタイトルのビデオで、著名な神経生物学者・B.D. Perry,が述べていること““経験は脳の主要な設計者である” とバーニー博士は引用しています。


出生前・周産期心理学(2): 出生前および出生後早期の経験が成人期、思春期、または子供時代の健康状態に影響

トマス・バーニー Thomas R. Verny, M.D.:医学博士。胎内環境と出生直後の状況が赤ちゃんの人格形成に与える影響に関する世界的権威。世界的ベストセラーとなった『胎児は見ている:最新医学が証した神秘の胎内生活』(邦訳・祥伝社)の著者であり、「出生前・周産期心理学協会(Association for Pre- & Perinatal Psychology and Health, APPPAH)の創設者でもある。









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