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July 06, 2013

出生前・周産期心理学(2): 出生前および出生後早期の経験が成人期、思春期、または子供時代の健康状態に影響

How Can My pregnancy & Birth Experience Impact Society?!?



Through Dr. Verny’s work and strides being made in the fields of epigenetics and perinatal psychology, it is becoming evident that prenatal & early postnatal experiences contribute to a large percent of our biological & psychological makeup-which includes predisposition to many medical conditions including heart disease, autoimmune issues, etc., which are all due to, at least in part, to stressors introduced early on in our development. Verny discusses how our ability to relate to other people and to love and be loved are determined in prenatal and early postnatal life. He says this information gives us new insight as to primary prevention of medical and psychological disorders during pregnancy (or even before conception).


biological makeup 生物学的構成
psychological makeup精神構造
early on早い時期に, 初期のころ

Dr. Verny concludes that a child’s secure relationship with 1-2 primary caregivers maximizes emotional and intellectual capacities. On the flip side, if that relationship is lacking it can also create an insecure emotional state and negative consequences for the development of the child later in life.


caregivers 養育者

A quote from Daniel Siegel, a foremost psychologist in the US, backs up this theory by saying: “It is the human connections which connect the neuro connections from which the mind emerges” The Developing Mind, New York, Guildford Press. Dr. Verny concurs by stating that human relationships are what shape the neuro-connections in our brains which help to shape a healthy outlook and personality (paraphrased).

米国で有数な心理学者、ダニエル・シーゲル博士の引用は、下記のことを述べることによってこの理論をバックアップします。“それは心が生まれることから神経接続に接続する人間関係であります”心の発達、ニューヨーク、Guildford Press。バーニー博士は、人間関係は健全な見通しやパーソナリティの形成に役立つ脳内の神経接続を形作ることになることを述べることに一致します。

human connections 人間関係
interpersonal neurobiology 人間関係の神経生物学

Retired doctor, author and proponent of natural childbirth and water birth, Michel Odent, also promotes the belief that our health is to a great extent shaped in the womb. (Such data are compiled in the Primal Health Research Data Bank-reference below).


Some of the studies (sited below) draw “correlations between a state of health in adulthood, adolescence, or childhood, and what happened when the mother was pregnant……..In terms of public health, it appears today that nothing is more important than the health and well being of pregnant women. In terms of research nothing is more important than to study the factors influencing fetal growth and fetal development.” http://www.wombecology.com/?pg=mainsources


Odent also says that the “emotional state of a mother during pregnancy has more long-term effects on the child than during the year following birth. Therefore, our priority, as a society, has to become: to re-discover the basic needs of women in labor and newborn babies.”


He says that “the need for synthetic oxytocin (such as Pitocin) is a symptom of an inappropriate hormonal balance” And that, “At a time when most women rely on intravenous oxytocin, because they cannot release their natural oxytocin (and other love hormones), new questions must be raised in terms of civilization.”

合成オキシトシン(ピトシンなど)の必要性は不適切なホルモンバランスの症状である "と彼は述べています。 しかも、女性達はかれら自身の天然のオキシトシンを放出できないために、多くの女性がオキシトシン静脈内投与に頼る時に、新たな問題が文明の観点から提起されなければならない。

synthetic oxytocin 合成オキシトシン
Pitocin ピトシン
intravenous oxytocin オキシトシン静脈内投与

So aside, from all the scientific evidence, we can take the common sense approach and say that how we treat ourselves and our environment not only affects our own health and happiness but potentially that of our future generations.


The good news is that if what we think, feel, eat and what we are exposed to in our environment can have negative implications, so too can there be positive implications for the reverse. We can change our lives for the better with this knowledge and awareness. We can improve the quality of our environment, make healthy choices and support and promote organizations and companies that work at providing options toward better sustainability and balance.


sustainability 持続可能性

It is true that studies also suggest that intense early nurturing may protect against or counteract stress related diseases, depression, substance abuse, suicide, etc.In Mother’s Nurturing:Medicine for Life Vol. 4, No.4 of of May 1999, they found that children who were not nurtured properly, who were emotionally deprived, had very high stress hormone (corisol) levels that interfered with their ability to wind down or cope with stress properly.

また、懸命な幼児期の養育はストレス関連疾患、うつ病、薬物乱用、自殺など対して予防または対抗するかもしれないことが研究で示唆が示唆されている事実である。母親の育児:生活の医学1999年5月号Vol. 4, No.4 で、感情を奪われて、適切に養育されなかった子供は完全にストレスを軽減または対処する能力に干渉する高ストレスホルモン(コルチゾール)を有していたことが解った。

Substance abuse薬物乱用

On the other end, good nurturing has, by the same research, been proven to promote normal serotonin metabolism which is essential to an overall sense of well being. The lack, thereof resulting in an individual being more prone to stress related diseases as mentioned above.In regard to this research, Stephen Suomi said: “If there’s one thing I want to emphasize, it’s that genetic characteristics may be modified by experience.”

もう一方の端では、良好な育児は、同じ研究によると、ウエルビーングの全体的感覚に不可欠である正常なセロトニン代謝を促進することが実証されています。そえゆえ、良好な育児の欠如は、上記に述べたようなストレス関連疾患に各個人がより罹患しやすい傾向をもたらす。この研究に関連して、Stephen Suomiは述べた:私が一つ強調したいことがあるならば、それは遺伝的特性が経験によって変更される可能性があることだ。"

genetic characteristics 遺伝的特性

To summarize, it’s not only what we are exposed to or what we consume, but how we treat and care for each other that ensures proper health, well being, and therefore quality lives. The quality of our relationships and loving, caring behavior has profound implications for ourselves as individuals and the families we raise. Therefore, this revelation and education must begin before or during pregnancy.







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