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April 08, 2014

シューマン共振7.83 Hz・健康のための地球固有振動数

Schumann Resonances


Earth's Natural Vibrations for Health





Ionosphere:電離層(荷電粒子の層) 《成層圏上部; 無線電波が反射される》.
troposphere] 対流圏 《地表から約 10‐20 km の間》
ELF:extremely low frequency 極超長波(ごくちょうちょうは)


What are Schumann Resonances?


In 1952 the physicist Dr. Schumann discovered that the space between the Earth and the Ionosphere created a cavity that resonated like a musical instrument. Electrical energy which is produced by lightning strikes in the earth's atmosphere constantly generate vibrations which bounce off this Earth's Resonant Cavity and generate electromagnetic waves. These energy waves are not caused by anything on Earth, they are produced by electrical activity in the atmosphere bouncing off the Earth. Every second 200 lightning strikes occur somewhere on earth. These lightening strikes energize and vibrate the Earth's resonating cavity. Just like a tuning fork has natural frequencies for sound, the planet Earth has natural frequencies, and they are called "Schumann Resonances".


earth's atmosphere 地球大気圏
electromagnetic waves 電磁波
tuning fork 音叉
natural frequencies 固有振動数

"Everything in life is vibration" - Albert Einstein

生命のあらゆるものは振動である。 アルベルト・アインシュタイン

Schumann discovered that this electromagnetic field oscillates at a resonant frequency of 7 to 10 beats per second. The highest-intensity waves of the Schumann Resonance occur at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. This is the Earth's "heartbeat".How interesting it is that this frequency is identical to the optimal functioning of the human brain waves.

シューマンはこの電磁場が毎秒7〜10拍の共振振動数で振動することを発見した。シューマン共振の高密度波は7.83 Hzの周波数で発生する。これは地球の“ハートビート”であって、この周波数はヒト脳波の最適な機能と同一であることは何と興味深いことである。

electromagnetic field 電磁場
resonant frequency 共振振動数
highest-intensity waves 高密度波

All things in this world have their own natural frequency which they are most comfortable with. When something is subjected to an external force, that object wants to resonate at it's specific frequency - the frequency that is natural to the object. This phenomenon manifests throughout the universe. This natural frequency of that thing or body is known as its "Resonant" frequency, and the phenomenon is known as "Resonance". We humans have many such resonances due to our complex cell makeup.


But recently, unnatural radio waves and electromagnetic waves have been disturbing the Earth's frequency of 7.83Hz. In industrial regions and cities, this natural field is being disturbed, obstructed, is weak, and may even be missing. This impairs the well being of every living creature in that region - people, animals, and vegetation. It is said that the absence of the Schuman resonance will make you ill.

Although popular literature suggests that the Schumann Resonance value is rising and has jumped from 7.83Hz to 11Hz over the past few years, research done at the Northern California Earthquake Data Center proves that the frequency has been and continues to be stable at the 7.8Hz range. The problem is that due to all the man-made interference, it is getting harder to accurately measure this signal, since it can be obscured by electrical noise pollution (EMF).

一般文献は、シューマン共振値は上昇していて、ここ数年間で、7.83Hzから11Hzに飛躍したことを示しているけれども、北カリフォルニア地震データセンター行われた研究では振動数が7.8Hzの範囲で引き続き安定していることを証明しています。問題は、すべての人工干渉のためにで、それは電気雑音公害( EMF)によりはっきりしなくなったために、この信号を正確に測定することは大変難しくなっています。

共振(きょうしん、英: resonance)は、エネルギーを有する系が外部から与えられた刺激により固有振動を起こすことである。特に、外部からの刺激が固有振動数に近い状態を表す。共鳴と同じ原理に基づく現象であるが、電気や固体については「共振」の語がよく用いられる。

ELF:extremely low frequency 極超長波(ごくちょうちょうは)
極超長波(ごくちょうちょうは)とは、周波数が 3Hz - 3kHz の電波である。波長は 100 - 100,000km となる。 地球の持つシューマン共鳴の周波数帯域でもある




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