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September 11, 2018


What Causes Coincidences?



Coincidences  偶然の一致

I’m interested in coincidences, especially those related to health, such as feeling a pain and then discovering that at the same time, a close friend was injured in that part of the body. Is there any scientific explanation for why this occurs?


Coincidence 偶然の一致

Coincidence is a fascinating topic, and one that has fostered an emerging field of scientific research. You may be interested in a new book on the subject, Connecting with Coincidence:

The New Science for Using Synchronicity and Serendipity in Your Life by Bernard D. Beitman, M.D. Dr. Beitman is the first psychiatrist since Carl Jung to attempt to systematize the study of coincidences.He is a visiting professor at the University of Virginia and former chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri-Columbia

偶然の一致は魅力的な話題であり、科学的研究の新興分野を育んできたものです。あなたは、「偶然との結びつき」:あなたの人生でシンクロニシティおよびセレンディピティを使うための新科学 バーナード・D.ベイオマン・D医学博士著に関しての新しい本に興味があるかもしれない。ベイトマン博士は、カールユングが偶然の一致の研究を体系化しようとして以来の最初の精神科医です。彼は、バージニア大学の客員教授であり、ミズーリ州コロンビア大学精神医学部の前の学科長です。

emerging field 新興分野
Synchronicity シンクロニシティ
Serendipity セレンディピティ

Dr. Beitman is particularly interested in the kind of coincidence you describe – feeling the distress of a loved one at a distance, which he calls “simulpathity.” He has had this experience himself. He describes inexplicably choking at the same time – he learned later – his dying father was choking 2,000 miles away.


pathy: 苦痛・感情・療法
ラテン語 -itatem が由来です。英単語の末尾に付いて、「性質」や「状態」を意味する名詞にするはたらきがあります。
inexplicably 不可解はことだが

He credits events we regard as coincidences as perceptions that emerge from “swirls of information in our minds juxtaposed with swirls of events in our surroundings…The match is often surprising because it seems improbable.” But he proposes that coincidence is more than “the unlikely juxtaposition of similar events”. He contends that “the…events must also be meaningfully connected, and the meaning is personal and intricately linked to the person involved.”


swirls 渦巻き

In his book, Dr. Beitman relates story after story of amazing coincidences – the brother who inexplicably drove to the place his sister sat with a gun in her hand about to commit suicide. The brother had no idea why he got into his car; he didn’t know where he was driving, nor why he was going there or what he was supposed to do when he arrived. Simulpathity coupled with an uncanny knowledge of where to go helped to save his sister from taking her life.


Dr. Beitman acknowledges that the mathematically inclined would say coincidences like this are examples of random chance at work, a view reflecting a fixed belief in the laws of probability.

ベイトマン博士は、数学好きの人は、このような偶然の一致は確率の法則に凝 り固まった信念を反映する見解、仕事での偶然あると言うだろうと認めている。

But he maintains that there are too many similar coincidences to chalk up to random chance. “These coincidences suggest we live in a matrix of unbounded links to one another, especially those we love, especially those with whom intense emotion has forged a bond beyond our current understanding,” he writes.


random chance 偶然
laws of probability 確率の法則

Dr. Beitman’s research has revealed that at least a third of the general population frequently notices weird coincidences. “Twins, family members, friends, therapists and patients are much more connected and entangled with one another than we have previously recognized,” he writes.
“Some people will claim that these stories are romantic fabrications driven by a wish for ethereal energies, but the sheer volume of similar, heartfelt, amazing experiences argues otherwise.”

ベイトマン博士の研究は、少なくとも一般母集団の3分の1以上は頻繁に奇妙な偶然の一致に気が付いていることを明らかにした。“双子、家族、友人、セラピスト、患者はこれまでに認識していたよりもはるかお互いにより結びついていて、からみあっています。と”彼は書いています。「これらの物語は、エーテエル エネルギーを求める願いによって生まれたロマンチックなねつ造であると主張する人もいるだろうが、まったく同じような心のこもった驚くべき体験の膨大な量がそうでないと主張している」

general population 一般母集団
ethereal energies エーテルエネルギー
fabrications ねつ造

His theory of coincidence focuses on simulpathity and a kind of “human GPS.” “Simulpathity tells us we can connect with the experience of others at a distance without knowing how we do it,” Dr. Beitman writes, while human GPS tells us “we can find our way to people, things and ideas without knowing how.”


If you’re curious about coincidences you have personally experienced, this book can help you better appreciate them and their potential to enrich our lives.


Andrew Weil, M.D.




Bernard D. Beitman, M.D., “Connecting with Coincidence: The New Science for Using Synchronicity and Serendipity in Your Life”. Health Communications, Inc. March 2016

バーナードD. ベイトマン,医学博士。、「偶然との結びつき:あなたの人生でシンクロニシティおよびセレンディピティを使うための新科学 」 Health Communications、Inc. 2016年3月






セレンディピティ(英語: serendipity)とは、素敵な偶然に出会ったり、予想外のものを発見すること。また、何かを探しているときに、探しているものとは別の価値があるものを偶然見つけること。平たく言うと、ふとした偶然をきっかけに、幸運をつかみ取ることである






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