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February 08, 2019





There is a fundamental truth in respect to the health of a human being, that all physical illness stems from the mind previously choosing fear. Some of these fears are ancient, a soul trait, and are therefore held within the Emotional Body of an individual’s soul. That can be one reason why the medical fraternity has difficulty understanding the mental causes for most physical illnesses. The cause of a disease can be literally from mind’s choices made during other lifetimes, with the soul now working through a specific fear in the current incarnation. Therefore, the original cause of why a person is experiencing a physical illness, can be quite elusive. But rest assured that consciousness and the reflective mirror that the physical body provides, is powerfully affected by negative thoughts created on the Mental Plane, where any idea or belief is possible, especially those that are illusory in nature and fear-based.


a soul trait 魂の特性
Emotional Body 情動体
medical fraternity 医師会
reflective mirror 反射鏡

As has been stated many times, doctors tend to ”doctor up” a person’s malady, rather than heal the original mental cause. That is because the effort to control the mind choosing fear is much more involved than just putting a cast on a broken leg, bandaging up a wound, or prescribing a drug like insulin. To really heal the situation, the patient and medical practitioner, need to address the emotional cause stemming from fearful thoughts created on the Mental Plane.

何度も述べたように、医師は元々の心の原因を癒すのではなく、人の病気を“手抜きする” 傾向があります。それは、恐れを選択する心を制御する努力は、単に骨折した足にギプスをすること、創傷の包帯またはインスリンのような薬を処方するよりもっとよりはるかに複雑になるからです。状況を本当に癒すために、患者と開業医はメンタルプレーン上に作られた恐れの思考から生じる情動的原因に取り組む必要があります。

doctor up ;不正をする
cast ギプス

One may say, “My disease is genetic, and therefore, it is out of my control.” This, in a way, is “victim mentality”.For any problematic genetic issue is there as a soul lesson to work through in the physical plane, and not just there as an accidental occurrence, or, “a mistake of nature”. The Universe is not so careless. The One Mind is in charge of reality more than that. Man’s view from his ego’s prospective, often thinks limitedly though.For he often can not imagine a force which plans everything down to the genetic and molecular level throughout the Animal, Plant and Rock Kingdoms. That ultimate level of creative power is beyond his ken.


genetic issue 遺伝的な問題
accidental occurrence偶発事件

What humanity fails to understand yet is that the genetic matrix that is created for each person’s incarnation is a planned sequence of events as well as a blueprint for a unique physical form that the soul wishes to manifest on its earthly journey in order to provide the most challenge to its consciousness. The programmed helix can offer up physical abilities or even certain limitations to test the self. It is these planned life structures and guidelines which are there to take advantage of the incarnation in order to achieve the most growth on the soul level.


Helix 螺旋

The DNA helix is akin to the programming technicians do now with “1’s” and “0’s” in the Computer Age.Biological mechanism, for instance, the human form, is programmed through the genetic matrix by those in the Higher Realms, which includes also input from the soul. The Spiritual Hierarchy has been programming biological entities for billions of years. They are quite adept at creating a multi-dimensional vehicle for the incarnating spirit.


Higher Realms 高次元領域
Spiritual Hierarchy スピリチュアル・ハイアラーキー
biological entities 生命体

A soul is an advanced consciousness that is ancient and wishes to work through certain mental and emotional issues during the human experience. That living unfoldment perfectly set for each person “seems unplanned, because it is all planned.” Within the planning there is of course a person’s free will which is always allowed in order to learn to make life-affirming choices within the prepared environment. And as well, the soul chooses what family or set of circumstances that it feels will challenge its most vulnerable areas in its consciousness.


life-affirming  人生を肯定している

Notice the six pointed star that the human being is standing upon. This ancient glyph, once called in history, the “Star of David”, symbolizes a proper flow of the communication pathways amongst the Mind, Heart and Body of the Higher and Lower Selves. This well-known glyph represents the soul and its physical manifestation, both working together in tandem represented by two triangles overlapping. This state of awareness that the symbol represents is a self-actualized human being.


six pointed star 六芒星
self-actualized 自己実現の

There is also one other truism about physicalization. No one is given a challenge that it cannot face and rise above. For it would be a waste of the soul’s time and energy, if any one life lesson was beyond the Lower Self’s grasp or level of achievement. So like any grade of school, a student is not given a task past its possible understanding.So is the way the loving Universe works, giving each and every conscious being what is its most perfect challenge in order to transcend the Self and the grip of fear.


physicalization 身体的表現
life lesson 人生の教訓
rise above. 〜を突破する

For it is not Heart or feelings which choose fear, the cause of all dis-ease. It is the mind and its mercurial thoughts which can imagine anything, often that which will not come to pass. When mind is in fear, it is immediately taking the consciousness out of what is called the “Eternal Now”. For thoughts of fear grow from often only an imagined future threat. Therefore, mind in fear takes itself out of the present moment and shifts to that which is not happening, a dream of the future that is negative or pessimistic.

Eternal Now 永遠の今

Meditative practices are meant to quiet that part of the mind which was created from thoughts of fear, eons ago on the soul level, the Human Ego. Ego judges things as good or bad, always weighing their value.Furthermore, this mentally separated self, is either choosing to fearfully repress the feminine aspect of feelings, thinking they are shameful, telling each person’s inner Eve to swallow rage, the symbolic red apple.Or, ego controls emotions which will only store a past negative experience, not allowing it to resolve, or free itself from the Emotional Body. Thus, those held emotions are not of the present, locking the consciousness into a state of denial.


eons ago 大昔

Fear of the past or future is time consciousness. Time does not exist. It is simply an illusion of the Mind locked in denial from the past, or imagining either positive or negative reality in the future. The past no longer exists and the future is in a continual flux of change depending upon the free will choices of all Spirits at any one moment. The only thing that really exists is the present moment, not those time period illusions created from the Mental Plane.



六芒星(ろくぼうせい、りくぼうせい)とは、星型多角形の一種で、六本の線分が交差する図形である。六角形の各辺を延長することでできる。六角星、六線星、星型六角形、ヘキサグラム (hexagram) ともいう。また、六芒星中にある六角形を抜いた形を六光星と呼ぶ[要出典]。





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