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March 16, 2019





Let’s now look at the Mental Plane in more detail. Most people believe their thoughts are created in the brain. That assumption, a belief never having been proven true by Science, would be mistaken. The brain is an analytical transfer point from the Mental Plane into the Physical Plane. Just as a computer transfers the Internet’s information, analyzes its data while passing it to the person using it, so does the brain transfer thoughts created on the Mental Plane by the Higher Self (soul) and Lower Self (human), making it possible for these ethereal thoughtforms to eventually affect the Physical Plane.


ethereal エーテル
thoughtforms 思考形態

In the denser, 3rd dimension, things progress slowly in their formation. Contrastingly, in lighter higher frequency dimensional reality, thoughts instantly grab etheric material and form instantly what one has in mind. In the lighter, Mental Plane, there is no concept of space or time, just existence and awareness. That is precisely why the mind in fear can want things to happen NOW, even though any sensible person would know it will takes some time to manifest. Therefore, Ego in fear is often impatient, not trusting or having faith that what is for the greatest good will occur if it is meant to be. Any individual who is extremely mental in their approach in life, will often be impatient because they exist on a plane of existence where there is no waiting for things to occur if they are simply thought.


higher frequency 高周波
dimensional reality 次元的な現実
etheric materialエーテル素材

Now back to the main point here….all physical illness stems from the Mind, in another dimension, dreaming fear of some kind. Not any one expression of fear is like another. Each have their own specific vibrational frequency. Other than genetic illnesses that are programmed for the individual to go through to experience a very specific reflection of an ancient fear, it is the fear’s frequency that aligns and ultimately adhere’s to the part of the physical body of a similar vibration.


So for instance, if one has diabetes, one needs to understand that fearful and negative thoughts like, the “sweetness of my life is gone”, will eventually position themselves near the pancreas organ which has to do with processing sugars in the blood stream. Thoughts are things, also called “thoughtforms”. If a negative thought is chosen often enough, it will eventually precipitate into the physical plane as a form of dis-ease. To improve this type of physical illness, one needs to balance the fear with positive thoughts such as, “Life is sweet and I find joy in everything I do!”


Each organ and system of the body vibrates at a specific frequency. So do each and every thought. It is this, “like attracts like” that in time can cause physical illness stemming from negative thoughts of fear. Fear slows down vibratory rate. Hence, if a fearful thoughtform adheres to a particular organ or system of the body, it will slow down the rejuvenative process of that area and eventually reduce the body’s functionality.


Like attracts like:似たものは似たものを引き寄せ

Another example can be given. If one is continually thinking, and therefore emotionally feeling, that they are about to be attacked, the skin, the protective wall around the consciousness is negatively impacted. This fear of being attacked can originate from a past life mental pattern, or could be a new fear from the soul’s present physicalization.


To offset, psoriasis, hives, rashes or any other skin irritation, the mental belief that one cannot handle what is coming at them needs to change. A doctor can prescribe a salve which will help protect the skin, but if the chronic fearful view of life keeps occurring, no ointment will heal the skin eruptions completely, and the disease will remain chronic. A true healing must come from a change in the consciousness, a greater awareness of what mind is creating. There needs to be an acknowledgment how one’s health is being negatively affected with fearful, insecure thoughts of not being able to handle what life is offering up.For such skin conditions, an affirmation such as “I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace” will dissipate the negative thoughtforms if brought to mind often enough.


hives じんましん
rash 発疹
skin irritation 皮膚炎
salve 軟膏

Positive thoughts can literally break up the negative thoughtforms that adhere to the Emotional Body which surrounds the Physical Body. Every feeling or emotion not expressed is held and contained within the Emotional Body. That is why someone of a mental polarity, who refuses to admit their internal aspect, later in life will experience a multitude of physical illness. The freer and more cleared the Emotional Body is as one progresses in life, the healthier one will be. It is a direct proportion axiom.Simply stated, if a person acknowledges the fears that he or she holds inside, any fear chosen along the way will have less power over that individual’s health. When love and light is shed on fear, its darkness vanishes,


direct proportion 正比例

There is a woman who recently passed into Spirit. She was a leader in understanding the direct correlation between the mind in fear and how it causes physical illnesses. Louise Hay has many books on the subject, but a quick reference book listing many diseases and their cause can be quite helpful in understanding serious and even minor illnesses that most people experience at some point in their life. The book is entitled, “Heal Your Body – the Mental Causes of Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them.”

最近スピリットに成った女性がいます。彼女は恐れの心とそれが身体的病気を引き起こす方法との直接的相関関係を理解するリーダーでした。ルイーズ・L. ヘイ, Louise L. Hayはこの問題に関する多くの著作がありますが、多くの疾患とそれらの原因をリストしたクイックリファレンスブックは、人生のある時点で多くの人々が経験する重篤または軽い病気でさえも理解するのに非常に役立ちます。本は、「あなたの体を癒す - 身体的な気の精神的な原因とそれらを克服する方法」と題されています。

It is not enough to understand how negative thoughts cause a specific disease.One needs to learn to balance those thoughts will positivity. Hay provides positive affirmations which are most powerful in melting the stored negative feelings from their locked positions in the Physical Body.

ネガティブな思考がどのように特定疾患を引き起こすかを理解することでは十分ではないです。 人はそれらの思考の意志積極性のバランスをとることを学ぶ必要があります。ヘイは肉体に固定化された位置から保存されたネガティブな感情を和らげることにおいて最も強力である明確なアファメーションを提供します。

It is a shame more doctors are not open to this more enlightened view of how all disease manifests. Then they would be able to call themselves not only “doctors”, but also “healers”, helping patients learn how to take charge of their thoughts to offset the illness caused by their mind in a continual state of fear.


One last important point needs to be made here. On the Earth at the present time, there is much fearful, negative judgment against anyone who may have a mental illness. It almost cannot be spoken of in some circles. Since all disease of the physical body is caused by negative thoughts of fear from the Mental Plane, then one can say truly that anyone who is diseased, is mentally ill to some degree.


When one loses a complete grip on reality, society says the person is mentally ill or insane. However, fear is an illusion of the Mind and never reflects reality. Therefore, anytime a person chooses fear, they are experiencing a form of mental illness, not seeing reality clearly. Once the medical profession and the cultures of the world stop judging mental illness as shameful, worse than physical illness, the sooner mankind will rise above all disease and finally take charge of that ever present, undermining ego. And the sooner mankind accepts the fact that the mind in fear causes illness of any kind, the sooner the great judgment and stigma of being mentally ill will vanish from the human psyche.





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