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March 27, 2019



Why do so many women have thyroid disease?


thyroid disease 甲状腺疾患

In my 10 years in medical practice, 1 in 5 of the women I treated had thyroid dysfunction of some kind. Each woman had a slightly different case, different history, and varied blood results. However, what did every single one of them have in common? Their inner self talk was merciless. Every. Single. Woman. They each exhibited the spiritual cause of thyroid disease.


thyroid dysfunction 甲状腺機能障害
inner self talk 内なる独り言

After several years of observing this pattern, it became more and more clear.


You may have heard that thoughts become things and that everything is energy. Your thyroid gland is a bit delicate and therefore prone to imbalance. Its physical needs include a combination of minerals like iodine, zinc, copper, and selenium. Your thyroid can be sensitive to toxins, stress, and other hormones. But, there is another, more personal side to your thyroid story.


If you have something off about your thyroid, whether that be hypo (low) thyroid, hyper (high) thyroid, or Hashimoto’s (autoimmune thyroid disease), there is something important that you need to know.


First, you are not just your body. The function of your thyroid is a symptom of a deeper problem. Your thyroid (an indeed your entire physical being) is not the enemy. Start by asking yourself this question: Have you been cursing or mentally attacking your body for not working the way that you think that it should?


The reason that this question is so important is that Thyroid disease appears to be a “Shoulds Disease”. This the nickname I applied to thyroid disease after treating hundreds of patients for a thyroid problem, because that is what doctors do, when my higher self knew that the real problem was a case of the “shoulds”.

この質問の理由が重要であることは、「甲状腺疾患は“すべき病” あるように思われるということです。」これは私が甲状腺疾患のために何百人もの患者を治療した後に私が甲状腺疾患に適用したニックネームで、なぜならば、それは、私のハイヤーセルフが本当の問題はあるすべき病の症例であることを知った時に、医師が何をするかです。

Shoulds disease means exactly this: when your mind is constantly full of what you should do, what you should want to do, what you should feel, what you should not feel…you get the idea…you will develop a physical problem.


physical problem 身体機能障害

Why do you do that? Because you subconsciously think that you are trying to be good. All of those shoulds in your head are a form of trying to get you to conform, to perform higher, to give more, to need less, to fit in, to please others, to not be you.
あなたは何故そうするのですか? あなたが潜在的にあなたは良いことを目指していると思っているからです。あなたの頭のなかのこれらのすべき全ては、あなたを順応させ、より高いパフォーマンスをさせ、多くを与え、必要な物は少なく、適合し、他人を喜ばせ、あなたではないようにさせるある形です。

Translation: your true self has taken a back seat to the opinions of the rest of the world and that feels like a burden.
When this is your mental pattern, it indicates that you have a subconscious belief that you are not enough, that your thoughts and opinions are somehow wrong, and that letting others have all the power is the safe way to go. This creates massive amounts of stress hormones to be released into the body.


On a biochemical level, this will result in increased cortisol levels. Cortisol is your major stress hormone, which cause weight gain, sugar cravings, anxiety, decreased thyroid function, and low progesterone. In its more extreme manifestation, your body may become so inflamed that you also produce antibodies to your thyroid, which can be measured, resulting in a diagnosis of Hashimotos. In fact, on a spiritual level, Hashimoto’s is merely a tribute to your prowess in self-attack. You are probably internally attacking yourself on a regular basis.

生化学的レベルでは、このことは結果的にコルチゾールレベルが上昇します。コルチゾールは体重増加、砂糖中毒、不安、甲状腺機能低下、および低プロゲステロンを引き起こす主要なストレスホルモンです。より極端な症状では、あなたの身体は炎症を起こして、甲状腺に対して抗体も産生し、結果的に橋本病と診断されます。実際、スピリチュアルのレベルでは、橋本病は単に自己攻撃におけるあなたの才能への贈り物に過ぎません。 あなたはおそらく内面的にあなた自身を定期的に攻撃しています。

sugar cravings 砂糖中毒
self-attack 自己攻撃
antibodies 抗体


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