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January 15, 2022

“低周波電磁場の生体影響”太陽の黒点と新型コロナウイルス感染症(COVID 19)より

What sunspots are whispering about covid-19?


新型コロナウイルス感染症(COVID 19)について太陽の黒点は何をささやいている?


Published online 2021 Jan 7.


Published online 2021 Jan 7.

Biological effects of ELF electromagnetic fields


Modern life is not conceived without electricity with its power lines and appliances, without telecommunication devices. A byproduct of this technical revolution is an ever-growing number of sources of artificial electromagnetic fields, both in ELF and radio frequency range, and this circumstance, as already mentioned, elicits public health concerns [15].


power lines 送電線
radio-frequency range 無線周波数帯域

The scope of interactions of electromagnetic fields (EMF) with living matter is rich and diverse, requiring simultaneously an unbiased, open-minded, careful and cautious approach when studying the influence of EMF on biological processes.


Electromagnetic Field, EMF :電磁場EMF

Despite a large body of literature devoted to biological effects of ELF magnetic fields (in contrast to ELF electric fields, magnetic fields easily can penetrate biological tissues), no coherent picture has emerged so far regarding the plausibility of such effects, or regarding the interaction mechanisms.


ELF magnetic fields 超低周波磁場

Epidemiological studies that have focused on the potential health hazards of EMFs are largely controversial. About half of the studies found such effects, but the other half failed to find them [19]. The reason for these conflicting results is unclear.

電磁場EMFの潜在的な健康被害に焦点を当てた疫学的研究は、主に議論の余地があります。研究の約半分はそのような効果を発見したが、残りの半分はそれらを見つけることができませんでした [19].これらの矛盾する結果の理由は不明です。

Nonetheless, ample and compelling evidence had been accumulated indicating that ELF electromagnetic fields has important effects on cell functioning [20], [21], [22], [23], [17], [24], [25]. The nature of these effects is not entirely clear. The problem is that such effects are observed for very weak magnetic fields, so weak that any such effect is expected to be masked by thermal noise [26].

それにもかかわらず、超低周波ELF電磁場が細胞機能に重要な影響を及ぼすことを示す十分かつ説得力のある証拠が蓄積されていた [20], [21], [22], [23], [17], [24], [25]. これらの効果の性質は完全には明らかにされていない。問題は、このような効果が非常に弱い磁場に対して観測されることであり、そのような効果は熱雑音によって隠されてと予想されるほど弱いのである[26]。

compelling evidence:説得力のある証拠
very weak magnetic fields 微弱磁場
thermal noise 熱雑音

熱雑音(ねつざつおん、英: thermal noise)は、抵抗体内の自由電子の不規則な熱振動(ブラウン運動[1])によって生じる雑音のことをいう。ウィキペディアより

Perhaps, the extreme sensitivity of living organisms to weak electromagnetic fields is not completely unexpected from the point of view of evolutionary biology,
since life arose and evolved on Earth with the constant presence of natural ELF electromagnetic fields, especially Schumann resonances [27], [28].

おそらく、自然な超低周波ELF電磁場、特にシューマン共振が常時存在する地球上に生命が誕生して、進化したのだから、弱電磁場に対する生物の極端な感受性は進化生物学の観点から完全に予期しなかったわけではない[27], [28]。

Remarkably, there is a striking similarity between natural ELF signals and human brain electroencephalograms [29]. Amazingly, many species exhibit, irrespective of the size and complexity of their brain, essentially similar lowfrequency electrical activity [30], and it is possible that the dominant frequencies of brain waves may be an evolutionary result of the presence and influence of the resonant ELF electromagnetic background of Schumann [31].


electroencephalogram 脳波
lowfrequency 低周波

An interesting hypothesis is that ELF background fields played an important role in the evolution of biological systems and are used by them as a means of stochastic synchronization for various biorhythms [28]. The Schumann resonance frequencies are mainly controlled by the Earth’s radius, which has remained constant over billions of years. Therefore, these frequencies can play a special role for the regulatory pathways of living organisms, the Schumann resonances providing a synchronization reference signal, a Zeitgeber (time giver) [12].


background field 背景磁場
stochastic synchronization確率共振

確率共鳴(かくりつきょうめい、英語: Stochastic Resonance)とは、信号に雑音(ノイズ)を加えることで、ある確率の下で、信号が強まり、反応が向上する現象。確率共振(かくりつきょうしん)と訳されることもある。

Earth’s radius 地球半径
地球半径(ちきゅうはんけい、英: Earth radius)とは、天文学において地球の赤道における半径を長さの単位として用いる場合の数値である。ウィキペディアより

Zeitgeber 同調因子 (生体の固有リズムを外界に合わせる光などの)

This hypothesis, while attractive, has a serious drawback: it remains a mystery how living cells can detect a Schumann resonance signal that is so weak (the magnetic component is only several pT) compared to the ubiquitous thermal noise.


Ubiquitous :ユビキタス(いたるところに存在する(遍在)という意味)

The clue maybe is provided by spatially and temporally coherent interactions of Schumann resonances with a large ensemble of components of the system [32]. For example, the human body contains about 1014 cells and 1010 cortical neurons.


cortical neuron皮質ニューロン

If the ELF electromagnetic fields, and in particular the Schumann resonances, really play a regulatory role in biological processes, then the effect of solar activity on living organisms will not look so mysterious, since solar activity changes the geomagnetic field and can lead to geomagnetic storms, as well as to changes in the parameters of the ionosphere, and, consequently, to a change in the parameters of Schumann resonances and ELF radiation background.


geomagnetic field 地球磁場
geomagnetic storm磁気嵐

There are some indications that abrupt changes in geomagnetic and solar activity, as well as geomagnetic storms, can act as stressors that alter the regulatory processes of organisms, blood pressure, immune, neurological, cardiac and some other important life-supporting processes in living organisms [33].

There are studies that indicate that geomagnetic disturbances can exacerbate existing diseases, can lead to cardiac arrhythmias, cardiovascular disease, a significant increase in hospitalization rates for mental disorders, depression, suicide attempts, homicide and traffic accidents (see [33] and references therein).


geomagnetic activity 地磁気活動
geomagnetic disturbances :地磁気擾乱.

There are several hypotheses that could explain this strange connection between solar activity and geomagnetic disturbances and mental health.According to the visceral theory of sleep [34], the same cortical neurons that process exteroceptive information in the waking state switch to processing information from various internal organs during sleep. At the same time, a violation of the switching process, when visceral information is mistakenly interpreted by the brain as exteroceptive, can manifest itself as a mental disorder [35].If these hypotheses are correct, and if geomagnetic disturbances can influence the brain’s switching mechanisms, then the unexpected link between solar activity and mental disorders could be explained.

太陽活動や地磁気擾乱.とメンタルヘルスとの間にこの奇妙な関係を説明しうる仮説はいくつかある。睡眠の内臓理論 [34] によれば、覚醒状態で外受容情報を処理するのと同じ皮質ニューロンが、睡眠中に様々な内臓からの情報処理に切り替わる。同時に、内臓情報が外受容情報として間違って脳によって判断されると、スイッチング過程の妨害は精神障害として現れることもある[35]。これらの仮説が正しく、地磁気擾乱が脳のスイッチング機構に影響を与えるとすれば、太陽活動と精神障害との間の予期せぬ関連性を説明することができるだろう。

geomagnetic disturbances 地磁気じょう乱
cortical neuron 皮質ニューロン
exteroceptive 外受容の
visceral theory  内臓理論



「協調と制御」領域 山本 義春 要旨

本研究では、ヒト脳における「確率共振」現象を利用した脳機能活性化、具体的には、 主として視覚認知機能と循環制御機能の向上について検討した。確率共振とは、非線形 システムへのごく微弱な入力に対する信号検出力が適度な強度のノイズ存在下で向上す るというものである。ステレオスコープを用いて一方の眼に信号を、もう一方の眼にノ イズをそれぞれ分離入力した結果、ある程度のノイズ存在下で視覚認知能力が最大とな り、視覚-運動関連対および視覚関連対の位相同期度の向上も脳波において観察された。 また、経皮的な前庭電気刺激によるノイズ印加によって健常成人の起立刺激に対する心 拍数の応答および、自律神経疾患、パーキンソン病患者に対する心拍数、体動応答性の 改善がみられた。




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