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April 20, 2022

体内の嗅覚受容体は病気を嗅ぎ分けるのに役立つかもしれない。Science dailyより

Smell receptors in the body could help sniff out disease



Olfactory cells found throughout the body may help or harm depending on location


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A review of more than 200 studies reveals that olfactory receptors -- proteins that bind to odors that aid the sense of smell -- perform a wide range of mostly unknown functions outside the nose. The function of extra-nasal olfactory receptors has the potential to be used in the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions such as cancer. The article is published in the July issue of Physiological Reviews.


Olfactory, or smell, receptors were originally thought to be only in the sensory nerve cells (neurons) of nasal cavity tissues. However, more recent and extensive study suggests that the receptors "occur in nearly the entire human body, [and] they appear to be substantially more functionally important than previously suggested," researchers from Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany wrote. In addition to the receptors playing a major role in the sense of smell, "several essential physiological and pathophysiological processes have been described as targeted by human [olfactory receptors], including path finding, cell growth, [cell death], migration and secretion."


The research team summarized the location and purpose of certain types of olfactory receptors, including those that may be beneficial to general health:

研究チームは 総合的な健康状態に有益と思われるものを含む、ある種の嗅覚受容体の位置と目的についてまとめています。

*Receptors present in heart muscle cells may be a metabolic regulator of heart function.


metabolic regulator 代謝因子

*Receptors activated in the immune system have been seen to promote the death of certain types of leukemia cells.


*Smell receptors in the liver reduce the spread of liver cancer cells.


*Receptors in the skin increase the regeneration of skin cells and help speed wound healing.


The review also reveals ways in which olfactory receptors may affect the development of disease, including:


*Receptors concentrated in the prostate tissue, especially in men with prostate cancer, contribute to the reduction or progression of the disease.


*Receptors in the colon may reduce the growth of colon cancer cells.


*Receptors in the digestive tract may cause chronic diarrhea or constipation but may


The existence of olfactory receptors outside the nose -- either positive or negative -- plays an important role in disease progression and physiological function but is not yet fully understood. Their role as a possible biomarker for disease requires more research, the authors said. Study "must be expanded to develop promising clinical strategies in the future," the researchers wrote.



嗅覚受容体は、(ポジティブまたはネガティブ)の存在のことを読んで、Medicine Hands Massage Therapy for People with Cancerに出てくるがん遺伝子のことを思い出し紹介します。


*Proto-oncogene がん原遺伝子

Proto-oncogene、which control growth and tissue repair. The defective version of these genes are known as oncogenes. Their expression results in excessive cell proliferationMutation within control genes also cause failure of cell’s regulatory system that induce apoptosis (programed cell death) when cell senses it cannot repair damage to its own DNA


oncogene がん遺伝子

*Tumor suppress genes がん抑制遺伝子

Tumor suppress genes normally regulate cell growth in an measured fashion; they stifle tumor growth acting a braking system that halts inappropriate growth. When they are inactivated by mutation, uncontrolled cell cell proliferation is allowed to go unchecked.



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