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December 07, 2022


List of Spiritual Smells & Prophetic Meanings



September 12, 2022 by Healthkura Staff

The spiritual meaning of smell is not just limited to the sense of smell. It can be a very powerful tool for healing and transformation. In this article, we will explore a list of spiritual smells and their meanings, along with a few ways how we can use our sense of smell as a means to connect with our inner self and heal ourselves.


Medically, the term “phantosmia” is when your sense of smell changes and you detect odors that aren’t actually there. These can either be foul or pleasant, depending on the person’s condition. Phantosmias can occur in one or both nostrils and can last from a few minutes to several days.



There are two things you may appear to notice about the scent: It can seem present all the time or it can go in waves.


Sense and Symbolism of Spiritual Smells


Spiritual smells are a concept that is found in many religions. They are believed to have a meaning and significance in different religions.


Some of the most popular spiritual smells include the smell of incense, the smell of burning sage, the smell of frankincense, and the smell of myrrh.


The spiritual smells are used by many people to help them feel more connected to their spirituality or religion. Some people even use them while they meditate or pray.


Heightened Sense of Smell or Clairalience Smell Meanings


Clairalience is the ability to smell that which is not physically present. It’s a heightened sense of smelling in which you can take psychic impressions about people, places, or things.


Clairalience クレアアライエンス

Clairsentience is the power to sense information through the sense of smell. It is said to be one of the miraculous parts of “The Sixth Sense.” With this ability, people can also use it to recall memories, feel emotions or even see future events based on their intuition.

クレアアライエンスとは、嗅覚で情報を感じ取る力です。"第六感 "の奇跡的な部分のひとつと言われています。この能力によって、人は記憶を呼び起こしたり、感情を感じたり、あるいは直感で未来の出来事を見たりすることもできるのです。

People who have a developed sense of smell or Clairalience power are called Clairalient beings or Clairalience psychics. They can detect spiritual scents and understand the hidden messages they carry. These people may simplify the meanings in the scents emitted from other beings and may use this to their advantage in order to better understand others’ behavior or intentions.


List of Spiritual Smells with Prophetic, and Biblical Meanings


There are hundreds of different spiritual smells many people sense every day. Here, we have compiled a list of important spiritual smells that carry significance in human’s day-to-day activities, and life.


Biblical Fragrances or Smells and Their Spiritual Significance


The first chapters of the Bible provide a vivid description of what it must have been like to be in the Garden of Eden with God, separated from nature.


Adam and Eve were two humans who lived during the time of God’s creation. As a result, they experienced joy and peace every day soaking in the world’s natural aromas


In the last verses, Nathaniel’s memories of what Joseph did to his body come to the surface. There is a reference to embalming his body which was traditionally done with essential oils and vegetable oil.



Frankincense and myrrh are two essential oils that are often mentioned in the Bible as they are very common ingredients in a lot of natural remedies.


Myrrh has an intense, distinctive aroma and is the most used in the Bible. It can be found in Genesis on 37:25 and Revelation 18:13 as well.


Myrrh is one of the oils that the Magi brought from the East and was a special gift for baby Jesus. Its use in ancient times to prevent umbilical cord infections still rings true today; myrrh is highly sought after for its medicinal uses.


The body of Jesus, upon his death, was prepared with myrrh and sandalwood before embarking on his journey. Myrrh was an all-purpose healing potion and it accompanied Jesus from his birth to death.


Myrrh is one of the most common ingredients in both ancient and modern times, it has always been known for its medicinal uses. It’s still popular today and provides protection from ailments as well; whether you’re looking to buy it or use it.


Other aromatic plants or flowers mentioned in the bible include incense, cedar, cassia, aromatic calamus, galbano, onycha/styrax, nardo, hyssop, myrtle, and sandalwood.


Most relevant verses in the Bible that speaks about aroma or spiritual smell are Genesis 8:21, Leviticus 1:9, 2:2, 3:5, 4:31, 6:15, 8:21, 23:13, Numbers 15:14, 18:17, 28:2, 29:2, Exodus 30:7-8, 30:22-29, 35:28, 37:29, 40:26-27, Numbers 4:16, among others.

聖書の中で香りや霊的な匂いについて述べている箇所は、創世記8:21、レビ記1:9、2:2、3:5、4:31、6:15、8:21、23:13、民数記15:14、18:17、28:2、29:2、出エジプト記30:7〜8、30:22〜29、35:28、37:29、40:26〜27、民数記 4:16 等があげられます。


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