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December 08, 2022


Smelling the Roses: Rose Miracles and Angel Signs


Scent of Flowers and Odor of Sanctity as Fragrances from God

People who want to focus less on the stress of the daily grind and more on what's important and inspirational often say that they're making time "to smell the roses." That phrase takes on an even deeper meaning when you consider how often roses play a part in miracles and angelic encounters. The scent of roses in the air when no rose flowers are nearby is a sign that an angel may be communicating with you. A rose fragrance may also be a sign of God's presence with you (the odor of sanctity) or accompany the delivery of a blessing from God, such as a miraculously answered prayer.

日々のストレスから解放され、大切なこと、感動的なことに集中したいと願う人は、よく "バラの香りを嗅ぐ時間 "を作ると言います。この言葉は、奇跡や天使の出会いにバラが関わっていることを考えると、さらに深い意味を持つようになります。近くにバラの花がないのにバラの香りがするのは、天使があなたとコミュニケーションをとっているサインかもしれません。また、バラの香りは、神があなたとともにいることのしるし(聖なる香り)であったり、奇跡的に答えられた祈りなど、神からの祝福が届けられるときに添えられることもあります。

The sweet scent of roses after prayer serve as tangible reminders of God's sweet love, helping you sense the reality of something you believe in, but which can sometimes seem abstract. Those moments of supernaturally smelling roses are special blessings that don't occur regularly. So in the midst of your daily grind, you can make time to smell natural roses (both literally and figuratively) as often as possible. When you do, your senses can come alive to miraculous moments in daily life that you may miss otherwise.


Clairalience ESP:超感覚的知覚

Clairalience ("clear smelling") is a form of extrasensory perception (ESP) that involves getting spiritual impressions through your physical sense of smell.


extrasensory perception (ESP):超感覚的知覚(ESP)

You may experience this phenomenon during prayer or meditation when God or one of his messengers -- an angel -- is communicating with you. The most common fragrance that angels send is a sweet one that smells like roses. The message? Simply that you're in the presence of holiness, and you're loved.

天使 - - あなたと通信している神または天使のメッセンジャーのいずれかが祈りや瞑想中にこの現象を経験することがあります。天使が送る最も一般的な香りは、バラのような甘い香りです。メッセージの疑問。単にあなたが神聖さの存在にいること、そしてあなたが愛されている。

Your guardian angel may communicate with you through scents after you spend time praying or meditating -- especially if you ask for a sign to encourage you. If the scent your guardian angel sends is something besides the fragrance of roses, it will be a scent that symbolizes something to you, which relates to the topic you've been discussing with your angel during prayer or meditation.


You may also receive a clairlalient message from a loved one who has died and wants to send you a sign from the afterlife to let you know that he or she is watching you from heaven. Sometimes those messages come in the form of scents that smell like roses or other flowers; sometimes they symbolically represent a certain scent that reminds you of that person, such as a favorite food the person often ate while alive.


Archangel Barachiel, the angel of blessings, often communicates through roses. So if you smell roses or see rose petals inexplicably showing up, it may be a sign of Archangel Barachiel at work in your life.


Archangel Barachiel,  大天使バラキエル

The Odor of Sanctity


The "odor of sanctity" is a phenomenon attributed to a miraculous fragrance coming from a holy person, such as a saint. Christians believe that the scent, which smells like roses, is a sign of holiness. The Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians of the Bible that God "uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere." So the odor of sanctity comes from the Holy Spirit's presence in the situations where people experience it.

「聖なる香り」とは、聖人などの聖なる人物から奇跡的な香りがすることに起因する現象である。キリスト教では、バラのような香りを放つこの香りは、聖なるもののしるしであると考えられている。使徒パウロは、聖書の第二コリント人への手紙で、神は "私たちを用いて、ご自分を知る香りを至る所に広めておられる "と書いている。つまり、聖なる香りは、人々がそれを経験する場面で聖霊が存在することによって生まれるのです。

In her book The Color of Angels: Cosmology, Gender, and the Aesthetic Imagination, Constance Classen writes:


"An odor of sanctity was not the only or even a necessary, sign of sainthood, but it was popularly regarded as one of the most notable. Most commonly, an odor of sanctity is said to occur on or after the death of a saint. ... A supernatural fragrance might also be noted during a saint's lifetime."


Not only does the odor of sanctity send a message that God is at work; it also sometimes serves as a means through which God accomplishes good purposes in people's lives. Sometimes those who smell the odor of sanctity are miraculously healed in some way -- body, mind, or spirit -- as a result.


"As the odor of sanctity indicated the triumph of spiritual virtue over physical corruption, it was often considered able to heal physical ills," Classen writes in The Color of Angels. "... Aside from healing, a variety of wonders are associated with odors of sanctity. ... Along with their physical powers, odors of sanctity have the reputed ability to induce repentance and offer spiritual consolation. ... Odors of sanctity could provide the soul with with a direct infusion of divine joy and grace. The divinely sweet scent of the odor of sanctity was deemed to constitute a foretaste of heaven ... Angels shared the perfumed nature of heaven. [Saint] Lydwine's hand was left penetrated with fragrance after having held the hand of an angel. [Saint] Benoite experienced angels as birds scenting the air with fragrance."

聖なる香りは、肉体の腐敗に対するスピリチュアルな美徳の勝利を示すので、しばしば肉体の病気を癒すことができると考えられていた」とクラッセンは『天使の色』の中で書いている。「癒し以外にも、さまざまな不思議が聖なる香りと関連づけられている。... その物理的な力とともに、聖なる香りは悔い改めを促し、精神的な慰めを与えるという評判がある。... 神聖な匂いは、魂に神聖な喜びと恵みを直接与えることができる。聖なる香りの神々しいまでの甘い香りは、天国の味を予感させると考えられていた。天使は天国の香りを共有していた。[聖人]リドウィンの手は、天使の手を握った後、香りに包まれたままであった。[聖人]ブノワットは天使を、空気に香りを放つ鳥のように体験した。


超感覚的知覚(ちょうかんかくてきちかく、Extrasensory Perception)は、五感や論理的な類推などの通常の知覚手段を用いずに、外界に関する情報を得る能力[1]。ESP(イー・エス・ピー)とも呼ばれる(Extra Sensory Perceptionの省略形[1])。まれに「感覚外知覚[1]」とも。

バラキエル(英語: Barachiel、ヘブライ語: ברכיאל‎「神の祝福」)またはバルビエル(Barbiel)、バルキエル(Barchiel、Barkiel)、バラクィエル(Baraqiel)は、正教会の伝統における七大天使の一人である。







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