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January 21, 2023


Plant Healing and Shamanism in the Deep Amazon, by Jorges Hachumak with David L. Carroll



Inside an Ayahuasca ceremony


The following passages from an unpublished manuscript by a respected Peruvian shaman describe how he works with the controversial Ayahuasca and other plants to bring spiritual healing to his patients.

The Editors



Working with the Sacred Plants


The sacred plants are always willing to guide human beings. It is part of their mission.
They want to help. All they ask for in return is the joy of healing. Though as a rule they are generous and forgiving, when the shamanic ceremony is done incorrectly or maliciously or when the plants are not treated with the proper etiquette they will definitely not be pleased and trouble consequences can result. When dealing with the sacred plants it is best to assume they know things we do not, to do as they say, and to treat them with a corresponding respect.


The Master Plants


In Peru vision-inducing herbs and vines are not only known as sacred plants but also “Master Plants.” Master because they teach us about the sacred, transforming you and me and everyone who takes them in three fundamental ways.


vision-inducing plants 幻視誘発薬草

First, working with each individual’s personal story and using the language of vision and metaphor, the plants invite us to observe, sense, and even smell and taste our own dark side, showing us the masses of self-destructive energy we carry with us in our everyday life. These emotional hobgoblins and boogeymen condemn us to repeating the same mistakes over and over again, keeping us perpetually trapped in a loop of our own Suffering Consciousness.1 The plants help us see them for what they really are.


Metaphor :メタフォー (暗喩、隠喩)
hobgoblin ホブゴブリン(変化、妖精、魔物、お化け)
boogeymen ブギーマン(小鬼)

Second, the plants clean out this bad emotional energy, purging many of the angers, fears, and hatreds that have caused us discord and pain throughout our lives. We ourselves are responsible for some of this negativity. In other cases it has been imposed on us. In both cases we are healed of these afflictions by the power of the plants and by the shaman who performs the ceremonies, removing dead or rotten residues from a person’s heart and mind in the way that a surgeon removes necrotic material from a patient.


Third, the plants show us our particular gifts and talents, even those we may know nothing about. They then give us an infusion of strength and will that helps us use these talents to make our life better and more meaningful in future days.


Types of Sacred Plants


When mixing the medicine I usually include several other plants along with the Ayahuasca, depending on the needs of the people I’m working with. There are herbs like Chiric Sanango for emotional healing and Bobinsana for promoting forgiveness and love. Brugmansia, the “Tree of the Evil Eagle,” is sometimes used for making contact with long dead ancestors. Ayahuasca is commonly cooked with a plant called Chacruna that heightens a patient’s insights and visions.


*Chiric Sanango :チリクサナンゴ  和名ニオイバンマツリ
学名:Brunfelsia australis、ナス科  バンマツリ属

*Bobinsana:ボビンサーナ ネムの木に似ている
学名:Calliandra angustifolia マメ科ネムノキ亜科ベニゴウカン属(カリアンドラ属

*Brugmansia :ブルグマンシア 和名:キダチチョウセンアサガオ(エンゼル・トランペット)
学名:Brugmansia arborea、ナス科、ブルグマンシア属

学名:Psychotria viridis、アカネ科、ボチョウジ属



本種の葉は約0.1-0.61パーセントのジメチルトリプタミン (DMT) を含有する[3]。

サイコトリア・ヴィリディス[2]あるいはプシコトリア・ウィリディス[3](Psychotria viridis)は、アカネ


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« アマゾン・シャーマン使用のアヤワスカ(植物由来精神活性剤)は安全か?有害事象を集計した新しい研究Science dailyより | Main