April 24, 2023

英語版書評:身体はトラウマを記録する : 脳・心・体のつながりと回復のための手法


Book Review: The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma


Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is defined as a psychiatric disorder in an individual who has experienced or witnessed a devastatingly traumatic event (Bufka et al., 2020). These patients persistently experience overwhelming stress responses beyond the traumatic period.
Fear and stress are triggered predominantly in response to a dangerous event followed by a series of bodily changes, including increased blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing due to the release of adrenaline. This biochemical reaction is termed as the “fight-or-flight” mechanism, which temporarily protects people against danger (Kozlowska et al., 2015). It has been well-recognized that PTSD significantly impacts social functioning, physical well-being, and occupational ability (Watkins et al., 2018).

心的外傷後ストレス障害(PTSD)は、衝撃的な外傷性出来事を経験または目撃した個人の精神障害として定義されます(Bufka et al.、2020)。これらの患者は、トラウマの期間を超えて圧倒的なストレス反応を持続的に経験します。恐怖とストレスは、アドレナリンの放出による血圧、心拍数、呼吸の増加を含む一連の身体的変化に応答して主に危険な出来事に対して引き起こされます。この生化学反応は「闘争または逃走」メカニズムと呼ばれ、一時的に人々を危険から保護します(Kozlowska et al.、2015)。PTSDが社会的機能、身体的幸福、および職業能力に大きな影響を与えることはよく認識されています(Watkins et al.、2018)。

Bessel revisits his clinical experience and reconfirms the impact of PTSD on his patients. People with PTSD experience various symptoms, including personality changes, depression, social disconnection, poor sleep hygiene, flashbacks, and nightmares. Facing recurrent episodes of disturbing symptoms, PTSD patients are prone to develop risky behaviors, including alcoholism, substance abuse, or self-injury. PTSD has many negative impacts on patients' quality of life (QoL), and poses a potential health burden to society if no prompt assessment and support is guaranteed (Lewis et al., 2019).


In his work “The body keeps the score,” Bessel highlights that traumatic stress is at the root of neuroscience. Traumatic stress is associated with functional and chemical changes in the emotional part of the brain?the limbic area and brain stem. Knowing the functions of the amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex, as the primary stress responders in the brain, can provide a new therapeutic direction for PTSD management. The hyperactive status of the amygdala triggers the release of stress hormones (Badura-Brack et al., 2018) and impairs the functioning of the hippocampus, causing traumatic memories to remain vivid.


In addition, the deactivation of the prefrontal cortex function and the failure to maintain a balanced stress hormone system, causes panic, agitation, and hypervigilance responses in PTSD patients (Koenigs and Grafman, 2009). This hyperactive aroused emotional status can be evidenced by hyperactive brain waves over the fear center of the right temporal lobe of the brain, with suppression of electric activity over the frontal area.

さらに、前頭前野の機能の非活性化やストレスホルモン系のバランスの崩壊は、PTSD患者に恐慌、興奮、そして過度の警戒反応を引き起こします(Koenigs and Grafman、2009)。この過剰に興奮した情動状態は、脳の右側頭葉の恐怖中枢に対する高活性の脳波と、前頭領域の電気活動の抑制によって示されることがあります。

Pharmacotherapy is the first-line of treatment for PTSD. Antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, and tranquilizers have been widely used to improve the QoL of PTSD patients over the past few decades. As some patients developed morbid obesity and diabetes from the medication as well as experienced drug overdoses, it alarmed the book author and pushed him to consider a much safer and natural approach to assist PTSD patients in dealing with their symptoms and responses using a self-regulation strategy. Bessel further suggests that medication cannot 'cure' trauma; it can only mediate the disruptive behavior of the sufferers.


This revolutionary treatment was enlightened by one of Bessel's patients, who could not get rid of his traumatic memory as a minister for many years after returning home from Vietnam. This memory was subconsciously imprinted in his life.Bessel continued working with this patient and explored that yoga can help him regain his sense of control and bodily pleasure. A subsequent experimental study showed that significantly reduced PTSD symptomatology and restore the homeostasis of the autonomic nervous system. With the aid of the mindfulness approach, we can raise awareness of bodily sensations, which can improve control over the flow of emotions by decreasing activity over the amygdala. Hence, individuals can have a reasonable degree of control over themselves, both physically and psychologically (Streeter et al., 2012).

この革命的な治療法は、ベッセルの患者の一人から啓発を受けました。彼はベトナムから帰国して、牧師として長年にわたりトラウマの記憶を払拭することができず、その記憶が彼の生活に潜在的に刻み込まれていました。ベッセルはこの患者と引き続き取り組み、ヨガが彼の身体的な喜びとコントロール感覚を取り戻すのに役立つことを探求しました。その後の実験的な研究では、PTSD症状の有意な改善と自律神経系のホメオスタシスの回復が示されました。マインドフルネスアプローチの支援を得て、身体的な感覚に注意を払うことで、扁桃体の活動を低下させることができ、情動の流れをコントロールする能力を向上させることができます。したがって、個人は身体的および心理的に、ある程度のコントロールを持つことができるようになります(Streeter et al.、2012)。

To restore the emotional part of the brain and repair the limbic system, Bessel explains various psychotherapies related to the brain, mind, and body of PTSD patients. He emphasized on the human body as the means of communicating with oneself and others. Expressive therapies, through language, art, music, and dance, can motivate people orientate themselves and find their own identity and a meaningful purpose in life (Baker et al., 2018). Most importantly, the reconnection of attachment bonding with family and friends can help individuals feel secure in fighting against the threat (Chan et al., 2021a,b).

ベッセルは、脳の情動部分を回復し、大脳辺縁系を修復するために、PTSD患者に関連する様々な心理療法を説明しています。彼は、人間の体が自己と他者とのコミュニケーション手段であることを強調しています。言語、芸術、音楽、ダンスを通じた表現療法は、人々が自己を定位し、自己のアイデンティティや人生に意味を見出すための動機付けとなることができます(Baker et al.、2018)。最も重要なのは、家族や友人とのアタッチメント・ボンディングの再接続によって、個人が脅威に立ち向かうために、安心感を感じることができることです。

Attachment 愛着(アタッチメント);ある特定の対象と形成される愛情のきずな

ボンディング (ぼんでぃんぐ)

“The body keeps the score” attempts to address how PTSD patients experience trauma over the years following a traumatic exposure. From the stories of different victims introduced by the author, Bessel used both scientific and philosophical approaches to explain the complex neurobiology and connection of the human brain-mind-body, and provided useful guides for specialists and the public. An abstract or summary of each chapter can aid readers in capturing the essence of the message. As various approaches that can help people with PTSD are suggested by the author, the book would be more comprehensive if further empirical findings are provided to demonstrate their effectiveness and how readers can integrate them into practice.

「身体はトラウマを記録する」という本は、PTSD患者がトラウマに苦しむ様子を、トラウマにさらされた後の数年間にわたってどのように経験するかを取り上げています。著者が紹介した様々な被害者の物語から、ベッセルは科学的および哲学的なアプローチを使用して、人間の脳-心-体の複雑な神経生物学とつながりを説明し、専門家や一般の人々に役立つガイドを提供しました。 各章の要約や抄録は、読者が本のメッセージの本質を捉えるのに役立ちます。著者が提案したさまざまなPTSDの人々を助けるアプローチについて、その効果と読者が実践に統合する方法を示すために、さらなる実証的な研究結果が提供されれば、本はより包括的になるでしょう。

expressive therapies 表現療法

The expressive therapies are the use of the creative arts as a form of therapy, including the distinct disciplines expressive arts therapy and the creative arts therapies (art therapy, dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, writing therapy, poetry therapy, and psychodrama). The expressive therapies are based on the assumption that people can heal through the various forms of creative expression. Expressive therapists share the belief that through creative expression and the tapping of the imagination, people can examine their body, feelings, emotions, and thought process.
From Wikipedia


From Wikipedia、ウィキペディアから

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Traumaの日本語版本の紹介

べッセル・ヴァン・デア・コーク (著), 柴田 裕之 (翻訳) 紀伊国屋書店

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May 25, 2012


Eating too much of red meat, butter can cause Alzheimer’s


Love to eat red meat and butter? Beware, they may increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease, especially in older women, a new study has claimed.

赤身の肉およびバターを摂食するのが好き? 気をつけてください、それらは特に高齢女性でアルツハイマー病の発症リスクを増加させるかもしれないと、新研究は主張した。

Researchers linked to Harvard University have found that older women who ate too much red meat, butter and other foods that contain high levels of saturated fats had worse memories than others.


But, those who ate more monounsaturated fats - found in olive oil, sunflower oil, seeds, nuts and avocados - had better memories, the researchers said.


"When looking at changes in cognitive function, what we found is that the total amount of fat intake did not really matter, but the type of fat did," lead researcher Oliva Okereke was quoted as saying by the Daily Telegraph.

「認知機能の変化を見る場合、私たちが解明したことは、総脂肪摂取量が実際に問題でなかったことですが、脂肪のタイプが問題であった。」研究主任Oliva Okerekeはデイリーテレグラフで語った。

Okereke, who is from the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston which is affiliated to Harvard Medical School, and her fellow researchers made their conclusions after looking at results from 6,000 women aged over 65 years.


Brigham and Women's Hospital:ブリガム・アンド・ウィメンズ病院
Harvard Medical School: ハーバード・メディカル・スクール

In the study, the participants subjected to a series of mental tests over four years and answered questionnaires about diet and lifestyle. "Substituting in the good fat in place of the bad fat is a fairly simple dietary modification that could help prevent decline in memory," he said.










フィトアロマ研究所での購入精油支払でクレジットカード(VISA, Master, JCB)の使用が可能になりました。よろしくお願いもうしあげます。

精油のお求めは アロマショップ フィトアロマ研究所へ





キャリアオイルの脂肪酸のことが学べる三上 杏平著マイキャリアオイル・バイブルがあります。

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March 09, 2012

感情の分子(Molecules of Emotion):オピオイド受容体発見者キャンダス・パート博士著紹介

感情の分子(Molecules of Emotion):オピオイド受容体発見者キャンダス・パート博士著紹介

下記はMolecules of Emotion(感情の分子)の序文Dr. Deepak Chopra(ディーパック・チョプラ博士)のを訳したものです。

I have admired Candance Pert and her work for many years. In fact, I can remember the first time I heard her speak and my delight at realizing: Finaly, here is a Western scientist who has done the work to explain the unity of matter and spirit,body and soul.


In exploring how mind spirit,and emotions are unified with the physical body in one intelligent system, what I call “the field of intelligence”,“Candace has taken a giant step toward shattering some cherished beliefs,Her pioneering research has demonstrated how our internal chemicals, the neuropeptide and their receptors, are the actual biological underpinning of our awareness, manifesting themselves as our emotions, beliefs and expectation , and profoundly influencing how we respond to and experience our world.


biological underpinnings 生物学的基盤

Her research has provided evidence of the biochemical basis for awareness and consciousness, validating what Eastern philosophers,、shaman,,and alternative practioners have known and practiced for centuries.. The body is not a mindless machine,the body and mind are one.


biochemical basis 生化学的基盤

I have lectured and written about the importance role of perception and awareness in health and longevity - how awareness can actually transform matter, create an entirely new body. I also have said that the mind is nonlocal. Now Candace provide us with a vivid scientific picture of these truth. She show us that our biochemical messenger act with intelligence by Communicating information, orchestrating a vast complex of conscious and unconscious activities at any one moment. This information transfer take place over a network linking all of our systems and organs, engaging all of our molecules of emotion, as means of communication.


What we see is an image of a “mobile brain”_one that moves throughout our entire body, located in all places at once and not just in the head. This bodywide information network is ever changing and dynamic, infinitely flexible. It is one gigantic loop, directing and admitting information simultaneously intelligently guiding what we call life.


There is a revolution taking form that is significantly influencing how the Western medical community views health and disease. Candace Pert’s contribution to this revolution is undeniable;and her professional integrity in pursuit of scientific truth, wherever it had to take her, regardless of its personal or professional cost, underscores the feminine, intuitive potential of science at its best.


下記の文章はMolecules of Emotionの本の裏表紙に書かれているものです。

Why do we feel the way we feel? How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health? Are our bodies and minds distinct from each other or do they function together as part of an interconnected system?

我々はなぜ我々が感じる方法を感じるのか? 我々の思考と感情はどのように我々の健康に影響を与えるか? 我々の身体と心はそれぞれに異なっているのか、あるいはそれらが相互接続システムの一部として機能しますか?

In MOLECULES OF EMOTION, neuroscientist Candace Pert provides startling and decisive answers to these long-debated questions, establishing the biomolecular basis for our emotions and explaining these new scientific developments in a clear and accessible way. Her pioneering research on how the chemicals inside us form a dynamic information network, linking mind and body, is not only provocative, it is revolutionary.


MOLECULES OF EMOTION is a landmark work, possessing that rare power to change the way we see the world and ourselves. Pert’s striking conclusion that it is our emotions and their biological components that establish the crucial link between mind and body offers a new scientific understanding of the power of our mind and our feelings to affect our health and well-being.

感情の分子は画期的な研究で、我々が世界および我々自身への見方を変えるまれなパワーを有している。 心と身体との間に決定的なきずなを確立している我々の心とそれらの生物学的成分であるというパート博士のきわだった結論は私たちの健康とウエルビーングに影響する心と感情のパワーについて新たな科学的理解を与えます。

以前、アウエイク・ネーチャー・ハートランド・ジェームズ氏のエックハルト・トール"A New Earth" 読書会&勉強会でUnresolved Emotional Problem(未解決な感情問題)のことを学びました。未解決の感情が心の問題や病気に関係すると学びました。未解決の感情問題にについて知りたくなり、その時に昔、エネルギー療法に興味を持ち購入した本で、Hands of Lifeがあり、改めて読んでみると未解決の感情が身体に記憶されていることを知りました。Hands of Lifeの著者は身体に手をあてることによって患者の感情の問題を読み取ることができました。記憶は脳で行うものだと思っていましたが身体でも記憶しているはなぜかと思いました。Hands of Lifeに記憶について書いてあったがよく理解でいませんでした。そんな時に感情の分子(MOLECULES OF EMOTION)の本を知り購入しました。途中まで読んで止めてしまいましたが改めて読んでいます。もうすぐ終わります。




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January 20, 2012




Tea Polyphenols also show remarkable anti-virus function against flu virus, enterogastritis virus.



A polyphenol rich plant extract, CYSTUS052, exerts anti influenza virus activity in cell culture without toxic side effects or the tendency to induce viral resistance.



Antiviral Res. 2007 Oct;76(1):38-47. Epub 2007 Jun 4.

Ehrhardt C, Hrincius ER, Korte V, Mazur I, Droebner K, Poetter A, Dreschers S, Schmolke M, Planz O, Ludwig S.


Institute of Molecular Virology, ZMBE, Westfaelische-Wilhelms-Universitaet, Von Esmarch-Str. 56, D-48159 Muenster, Germany.

Molecular virology:分子ウイルス学



Infections with influenza A viruses still pose a major threat to humans and several animal species. The occurrence of highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses of the H5N1 subtype capable to infect and kill humans highlights the urgent need for new and efficient countermeasures against this viral disease.


Here we demonstrate that a polyphenol rich extract (CYSTUS052) from the Mediterranean plant Cistus incanus exerts a potent anti-influenza virus activity in A549 or MDCK cell cultures infected with prototype avian and human influenza strains of different subtypes.

ここで、私たちは地中海植物・ムラサキ ゴジアオイからのポリフェノール豊富な抽出物(シスタス052)は異なるサブタイプのプロトタイプ鳥およびヒトインフルエンザ菌種に感染したA549またはMDCKの細胞培養で有力な抗インフルエンザウィルス活性を発揮することを実証します。

Cistus incanus:ムラサキ ゴジアオイ ハンニチバナ科

CYSTUS052 treatment resulted in a reduction of progeny virus titers of up to two logs. At the effective dose of 50 microg/ml the extract did not exhibit apparent harming effects on cell viability, metabolism or proliferation, which is consistent with the fact that these plant extracts are already used in traditional medicine in southern Europe for centuries without any reported complications. Viruses did not develop resistance to CYSTUS052 when compared to amantadine that resulted in the generation of resistant variants after only a few passages.

シスタス052治療は結果的に2倍までの子ウイルス力価の減少になった。50 microg/mlの有効量で、抽出物は細胞生存性、代謝または増殖への明らかな損害作用を示さなかった。そのことは、これらの植物抽出物が報告されたどんな合併症なしで何世紀期間南ヨーロッパにおいてすでに伝統薬剤で使用されている事実と一致する。ほんの少しの病原菌培養後に耐性菌の発性に帰着したアマンタジンに比べるとウイルスはシスタス052に対して耐性ができなかった。
progeny virus 子ウイルス
titers 力価
cell viability:細胞生存性
resistant variants 耐性菌

On a molecular basis the protective effect of CYSTUS052 appears to be mainly due to binding of the polymeric polyphenol components of the extract to the virus surface, thereby inhibiting binding of the hemagglutinin to cellular receptors. Thus, a local application of CYSTUS052 at the viral entry routes may be a promising approach that may help to protect from influenza virus infections.





cellular receptors 細胞受容体



Cistus incanus (CYSTUS052) for treating patients with infection of the upper respiratory tract. A prospective, randomised, placebo-controlled clinical study.









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December 28, 2011


The Depression-Inflammation Connection


The dramatic rise in depression diagnoses over the last two decades is a great challenge to modern medicine. I believe that part of the "depression epidemic" is false -- a creation of aggressive disease-mongering by pharmaceutical companies to promote antidepressant sales. However, it's equally clear that within that trend, there has been a real rise in depression rates.


disease mongering:病気の売り込み、あるいは売り込み行為

The reasons for the increase are complex, but one important theory deserves special consideration, because I believe it offers new possibilities for prevention and treatment. At the center of this theory are cytokines -- proteins made by immune cells that govern responses to foreign antigens and germs.


Cytokines have varied effects. One type -- the interleukins -- controls inflammation and produces fever. Another type governs how red and white blood cells in the bone marrow mature. Because of such powerful effects, some cytokines have proved useful as medical treatments, though they can be quite toxic. In 1980, scientists succeeded in inserting a gene for human interferon into bacteria -- this made it possible to mass-produce and purify these proteins. Since then, synthetic, injectable forms of interferon have been in wide use as treatments for several cancers (skin cancers, some leukemias), chronic viral hepatitis and multiple sclerosis.

サイトカイニンは異なった作用を有しています。 1つのタイプ(インターロイキン)は炎症をコントロールして熱を産生します。別のタイプは、骨髄中の赤血球および白血球がどのように成熟するか制御します。そのような強力な作用のために、それらは全く有毒かもしれませんが、いくつかのサイトカイニンは医療に有用であると分かりました。1980年には、科学者がバクテリアにヒトのインターフェロン用の遺伝子を注入することに成功しました -- これは、これらのタンパク質を大量生産するおよび純粋化することを可能にしました。その時以来、合成、インターフェロンの注射剤型は、いくつかの癌(皮膚癌、いくつかの白血病))、慢性ウイルス性肝炎および多発性硬化症の治療法として広く使用されています。

A commonly-reported side effect of interferon therapy is severe depression; in fact, some patients have committed suicide. Long-term activation of the immune system, as in autoimmune disease, also seems to go along with depression. The reverse is also true: Depression seems to involve changes in various aspects of immunity, particularly those having to do with cytokines. People with rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, systemic lupus (SLE) and other forms of autoimmunity are often depressed. And when proinflammatory cytokines are administered to animals, they elicit "sickness behavior": The animals become listless, lose interest in eating, grooming, socializing and sex, and show increased sensitivity to pain, changes strikingly similar to those in humans with major depression.


scleroderma 強皮症
systemic lupus (SLE) 全身性エリテマトーデス(全身性紅斑性狼瘡)
major depression:大うつ病(単極性うつ病)

Loss of interest in food and ability to take pleasure in eating make sense as a short-term response to infection -- it frees up energy used for digestion and makes it available for immune defense. Once the immune system gains the upper hand, it can turn down the cytokines, allowing brain centers that control appetite and taste to resume normal activity. Malignant tumors, however, even when they are relatively small, often stimulate prolonged cytokine responses that do more harm than good. For example, they permanently suppress appetite. This leads to extreme wasting (cachexia) that all too many cancer patients suffer. Given that dramatic effect on the brain and body, consider the impact of prolonged cytokine responses on parts of the brain associated with thoughts and emotions.



The reason I find the cytokine hypothesis of depression so compelling is that it fits right in with my belief that doing everything we can to contain unnecessary inflammation -- by adhering to an anti-inflammatory diet, for example -- is the best overall strategy for attaining optimum health.


Inflammation is the cornerstone of the body's healing response. It is the process by which the immune system delivers more nourishment and more defensive activity to an area that is injured or under attack. But inflammation is so powerful and so potentially destructive that it must stay where it is supposed to be and end when it is supposed to end; otherwise it damages the body and causes disease. Cytokines are the principal chemical mediators of the inflammatory response. Anything you can do to keep them within their proper bounds will reduce your risks of chronic disease and also, it now appears, protect you from depression.


Cytokines are the principal chemical mediators of the inflammatory response. Anything you can do to keep them within their proper bounds will reduce your risks of chronic disease and also, it now appears, protect you from depression.


chemical mediator:化学伝達物質、化学的媒介物質、化学的メディエーター

How to control inappropriate inflammation is a big subject, but dietary choices are perhaps the most important way to keep excessive cytokine production in check. The anti-inflammatory food pyramid consists of foods that can help control inflammation, as well as provide the vitamins, minerals and fiber required for optimal health. Prudent exercise regimes and stress-reduction techniques can also be helpful.


My new book, "Spontaneous Happiness," from which this article is adapted, provides detailed information about therapies and lifestyle changes that can control inflammation. It also explores other methods to improve mood states. Depression is a serious problem, but as our understanding of the mechanisms behind it improves, I believe we can make significant progress in developing simple, safe, effective therapies to treat it.

この記事に適合している私の新刊書「自発的な幸福"Spontaneous Happiness,」は、炎症を制御できるセラピーおよびライフスタイルの変更に関する詳細情報を提供します。また、それは気分状態を改善するための他の方法を探求しています。うつ病は重篤な病気ですがその裏にあるメカニズムを理解することでうつ病治療のための簡単、安全、効果的治療の開発に大きな進歩を成し遂げると私は信じています。

The anti-inflammatory food pyramid:抗炎症性食品ピラミド

Spontaneous Happiness 自発的な幸福


CBS NEWS VIDEO:アンドルー・ワイル博士



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December 12, 2011


Cytokine-induced changes in mood and behaviour: implications for 'depression due to a general medical condition', immunotherapy and antidepressive treatment.


general medical condition 一般身体疾患
immunotherapy 免疫療法
antidepressive treatment 抗うつ剤治療


Int J Neuropsychopharmacol. 2002 Dec;5(4):389-99.

Pollak Y, Yirmiya R.

Department of Psychology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.



Several lines of evidence indicate that cytokine-mediated communication pathways between the immune system and the brain are involved in the pathophysiology of depression:


cytokine-mediated communication pathways サイトカイン媒介性通信経路
pathophysiology 病態生理学

(1) Depression is highly prevalent in various medical conditions, including infectious, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases.

(1) うつ病は感染・自己免疫および神経変性の疾患を含む様々な身体疾患においてすごく流行しています。

neurodegenerative diseases 神経変性疾患

This clinical association cannot be attributed solely to psychological distress, and it probably reflects direct activation of illness-induced physiological processes.


psychological distress 精神的苦痛
physiological processes 生理的過程

(2) Experiments in humans and in animals demonstrate that exposure to cytokines induces depressive-like mood and behavioural alterations.

(2) ヒトおよび動物の実験はサイトカイン暴露がうつ病に似た気分および行動の変調を誘発します。

(3) Cytokine immunotherapy in cancer and hepatitis patients elicits a major depressive episode in a large percentage of the patients.

(3) 癌と肝炎患者におけるサイトカイニン免疫療法は患者の大きな割合で大うつ病エピソードを誘発する。

hepatitis 肝炎
major depressive episode:大うつ病エピソード

(4) Several types of depression that are not directly associated with a physical disease (e.g. major depression, melancholia, dysthymia) were also associated with cytokine hypersecretion.

4) 体の疾患(例えば大うつ病、憂鬱症、気分変調症)に直接関係していないいくつかのタイプのうつ病もサイトカイニン分泌過多に関係していました。

melancholia メランコリア
dysthymia 気分変調症
hypersecretion 分泌過多、過分泌

(5) Antidepressant drugs possess anti-inflammatory characteristics, which may partly account for their therapeutic effect. Congruently, antidepressants were found to reverse cytokine-induced major depression in humans and depressive-like behaviours in animals.

(5) 抗うつ剤は抗炎症作用を有していて、それは部分的に抗うつ剤の治療効果を説明するかもしれません。一致して、抗うつ剤は、ヒトでサイトカイン誘発大うつ病および動物でうつ病様行動を逆転することが解った。

anti-inflammatory characteristics 抗炎症作用

(6) Cytokines affect brain systems that were implicated in the aetiology of depression, including the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis and monoaminergic systems.

(6) サイトカイニンは視床下部〜下垂体〜副腎皮質系およびモノアミン作動系を含むうつ病の病因論で意味する脳システムに影響する。

aetiology:病因論, 病因学
hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis 視床下部〜下垂体〜副腎皮質系
monoaminergic systems モノアミン作動系

These conclusions strongly suggest that during medical conditions elevated levels of cytokines directly contribute to the induction of depression.


Therefore, illness-associated depression should not be underestimated (in terms of prevalence and severity), and should be treated with antidepressant drugs, which may act on the specific physiological mechanisms of this disorder.


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February 15, 2011

感情のエネルギー2:Hands of Lifeより







防御                  感情の組み合わせ     メッセージ

憎しみ(Hate)      恐れ(Fear)+怒り(Anger)  触らないで

敵意(Resentment)   怒り(Anger)+愛 (Love)  あなたは私を傷つけた

軽蔑(Contempt)    痛み(Pain)+恐れ(Fear)  私はすべに渡ってあなたより上だから傷つけることはできない

喜び(Joy)               愛(Love)+痛み(Pain)  なにも問題ないからあなたは傷つけることはできない



感情のエネルギー:Hands of Lifeより

リアノン ハリス女史来日セミナー:がん治療と緩和ケアにおけるアドバンス臨床アロマセラピーのセミナー3月25日(金)〜28日(月)(4日間)


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February 14, 2011


Exposure to high levels of male hormone lowers empathy



Exposure to male hormones can significantly lessen up the ability to read other people’s emotions, as per the findings of a new study carried out by researchers from Cambridge and Utrecht universities.


Researchers have discovered that higher levels of male sex hormone testosterone influence the ability to empathise with others.

The researchers believe their findings could lead to new drugs and treatments for conditions like autism.

Is your partner failing on feeling front?


In the latest study, a team of researchers found that boosting the amount of the male sex chemical in women plunges their ability to read other people’s mind.


As part of the study, experts from universities in Cambridge and Utrecht gave women a small dose of testosterone, and found that the exposure to the male sex hormone made them less able to empathise with others.


The research team of British and Dutch scientists included females in their study because they have naturally low levels of the male sex hormone testosterone than men, meaning any effect of raising the amount could be easily spotted, according to Daily Mail.

Daily Mailによると、英国とオランダ人の科学者調査チームは研究に女性を含めた。何故らならば、女性は生まれながらにして男性より低濃度の男性ホルモン・テストステロンを有していて、そのことはテストステロン量増加の

Study details


To reach their findings, researchers from University of Cambridge in the UK and Utrecht University of The Netherlands recruited 16 women and put them on the dosage of the male hormone.


The researchers found that the exposure to testosterone affected one of the key areas linked to autism - the ability to empathise.



The female volunteers then took "mind-reading" test, in which they were asked to look at pictures of faces and try to guess the mood of the person pictured, BBC reported.


It was found that the testosterone exposure caused a significant reduction in this "mindreading"advantage amongst the women.


The women were less able to judge the mood of facial expressions that they were shown.


The findings indicate that exposure to the hormone in the womb may be key behind this reduction.


Index finger length also affects empathy levels


The research also revealed that even the shape of index and the fourth finger plays a pivotal role in determining the empathy levels, according to the Daily Mail.

the Daily Mail.によると、また研究者は人さし指と第四指の形状さえも共感レベルの測定で重要な役割を果たすことを明らかにした。

In men and women, the relative length of the index and fourth finger is different, with the men having the index finger shorter than the ring finger, and the having either both the finger similarly long, or the index finger longer.


These differences are thought to be generated by differing levels of testosterone exposure in the womb.


“Small hormonal differences can have far-reaching effects on empathy,” the Daily Mail quoted Cambridge researcher and autism expert Simon Baron-Cohen as saying.

「少量のホルモンの違いが共感に広範囲な影響を及ぼすことになる」と、the Daily Mailはケンブリッジ研究者と自閉症の専門家サイモン・バロン=コーエンの言葉を引用した。

“We are excited by this finding,” Dutch researcher Professor Jack van Honk said.

「我々はこの研究に刺激される」と、オランダの研究者Jack van 教授は述べた。。

The study findings appear in the 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences' (PNAS) journal.



リアノン ハリス女史来日セミナー:がん治療と緩和ケアにおけるアドバンス臨床アロマセラピーのセミナー3月25日(金)〜28日(月)(4日間)

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January 22, 2011

感情のエネルギー:Hands of Lifeより





リアノン ハリス女史来日セミナー:がん治療と緩和ケアにおけるアドバンス臨床アロマセラピーのセミナー3月25日(金)〜28日(月)(4日間)

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January 20, 2011

新たな健康概念への探求:リアノン・ハリス著Becoming An Aromatherapist(アロマセラピストになろう)より





ホリスティックholistic とホーリズムholismの言葉はアロマセラピーおよび他の補完療法の文献でしばし見られます。あなたが選択したアロマセラピーコースの違いにもかかわらず、訓練中にホリスティック アプローチの何らかの授業を受けるでしょう。このことはホーリズムが個人に対して深い配慮を求めているためです。個々人はただひとつしかない存在であって、栄養を必要とする多くの局面から成り立っていて、存在するための真の健康のためにバランスを保っていることは認められています。アロマセラピーは、身体、精神、感情およびエネルギー・スピリチュアルの全てのこれらのレベルに対して有用であると考えられています。




リアノン ハリス女史来日セミナー:がん治療と緩和ケアにおけるアドバンス臨床アロマセラピーのセミナー3月25日(金)〜28日(月)(4日間)

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